Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason!

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The online community has just been "unsettled" by the news that Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Chien are starring in Truong Yimou's movie. Many people wonder what will be the fate of the Cbiz star couple?

Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Chien are both famous traffic peaks in the Chinese entertainment industry. Not only do they have beautiful looks suitable for many types of roles, these two stars also have many bold movies in their hands to help secure their names. Recently, the public was shocked when they heard that a beauty named Trieu and a handsome man named Tieu would co-star in a film project.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 1

According to released information, great director Zhang Yimou is preparing to release a new project called "The Main Character". The male and female leads of this film are said to belong to Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Chien. This immediately surprised film enthusiasts, because it is very rare for two top artists to collaborate on a project.

However, the issue that the public is most concerned about is co-starring in the movie "Main Characters", what will be the roles of the pair of stars. Although Trieu Le Dinh's career is older and he became famous earlier, the current traffic and status of handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh are not inferior.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 3

Therefore, many opinions say that if the above information is true, it will definitely be an explosive project but there will also be a lot of "drama". Because Tieu Chien's fans have always been famous for being "bloody fighting", they will not sit still when their idol is disadvantaged.

Currently, Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Chien's office has not given any feedback about participating in Truong Yimou's "Main Character" project. People think that the possibility of these two stars starring in a movie together is quite low, because they are both people who do not like noise and conflict.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 4

The beauty of the Trieu family has had a booming career in recent years and is loved by a large audience. The professional skills and film projects the "mother of one child" participated in also received many positive responses and were highly appreciated by experts.

Since "The Wind Blows Half Summer" aired and ended, Trieu Le Dinh has not had any more works released to the audience. Most of the time the actress is in the film crew, but that does not affect the interest the public has in beauty So Kieu Truyen.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 5

According to the latest records, the hashtag #Trieu Le Dinh on Douyin has officially reached 130 billion views, an impressive number of views that no female Cbiz star in the world has been able to achieve, even though her Douyin account was created quite late. Previously, the "mother of one" was also the first female star to break the 120 billion view mark on Douyin.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 6

As for Tieu Chien, in 2023, he continues to affirm his diverse acting abilities with 3 long-term film projects: The Sea of Dreams, Ngoc Cot Dao and H.ot Sun Beside Me. Thanks to his efforts in each role, Nam Dinh Luu was named in the "Best Actor of the Year" a.ward category with Loi Giai Am and Ma Le at the 2023 Weibo Festival.

The moment handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh ran back and forth to avoid the center position when receiving the a.ward, but two seniors joined forces to "pull" him into the middle, causing him to almost slip and fall right on the stage and climb straight up. reached No.2 h.ot search related to the event.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 7

Appearing at Weibo Festival 2023, Tieu Chien was seen maintaining his fashion style. The actor's first look is with a gentle and gentle appearance in an outfit specifically designed by Gucci based on the Fall-Winter 2024 collection, just released on January 12.

Vuong Nhat Bac's once popular co-star wore shoes from the Tod's brand, which were also custom-made. In particular, he also wears luxury accessories such as a Zenith watch and Boucheron jewelry. Meanwhile, the second look is a quirky geometric suit from Balmain.

Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason! - Photo 8

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