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Ya Suy: the champion of Vietnam Idol is favored by My Tam, the scandal of leaving her c.hild is shocking

Bút Bi15:54:26 08/06/2024
At Vietnam Idol 2012, Yasuy was the winner but caused many mixed opinions of the public. Some people think that without My Tam's support, he would not have been able to win such a high a.ward.

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Thien Minh went to America to serve pho, refused to return to showbiz, and now competes in the game show Anh Tai

Thảo Mai14:33:57 11/04/2024
Recently, the organizers announced the identities of the first characters participating in the program Brother Overcoming Thousands of Thorns 2024. Notably, Thien Minh's return made the public extremely excited.

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Trong Hieu blatantly stole BLACKPINK's hit, the audience reacted violently

Phượng Vũ15:59:31 29/03/2024
During his recent tour, Trong Hieu made the audience unable to take their eyes off with his impressive mashup of BLACKPINK's hit song. Many people also compare him to the 5th member of the group.

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DTAP "saved" the beautiful g.irl who "suffered a visible loss", becoming the best show of the year?

Đình Như14:47:19 19/01/2024
The beautiful lady has almost reached her final stages, with 5 performances under her belt. Besides the attraction of the beautiful ladies and the endless controversies on the sidelines, the songs in the show are still smolderingly climbing up the charts.

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Giana: "Hot g.irl Vietnam Idol" is favored by Huy Tuan, a promising factor of Vpop

Phượng Vũ22:08:48 09/01/2024
Giana is known as a young vocalist coming out of Vietnam Idol 2023, attracting audiences thanks to her eye-catching appearance and signature voice. She is expected to be a potential factor of the Vietnamese music industry in the future.

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Phuong Vy bluntly denounced a female star, the other person's reaction was surprising

Snow10:02:02 29/12/2023
After the hidden post, recently, Phuong Vy Idol suddenly revealed the story of a beautiful sister who often comes late to practice sessions with the team, making the public confused.

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Le Quyen removed Phuong Vy from suspicion of "infidelity" and maintained her attitude towards a female star

Hoa Tuyết13:44:44 28/12/2023
After Le Quyen's hidden post, Phuong Vy continued to confuse people by sharing somewhat harshly on her personal page. Faced with the actions of the two beauties, the public speculated that they were referring to the same person.

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My Tam sacrificed for the arts, practiced to the point of injury to prepare for the show?

Phương Thảo14:42:23 05/12/2023
My Tam's MY SOUL 1981 concert in Ha Long will be held on 9/12. In order to prepare for the concert in the best way, the singer focused all her time to practice the performances in the concert.

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Lohan Duong Thanh Dat: A handsome policeman who 'betrayed' his family, demobilized to follow his passion for singing

Phi Đức16:39:32 02/12/2023
Lohan Duong Thanh Dat used to have 7 years studying and working in the Police. However, with a strong passion for art, he was demobilized and determined to follow the path that his heart tells him.

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After 10 years of only singing, Phuong Vy "rocked" the stage Beautiful Sister kicked the wind and turned the waves with tornado choreography

Yang Mi21:44:39 03/11/2023
In the trailer for episode 2 of the show "Beautiful Sister" has just been released, the beautiful sister Phuong Vy appeared with an impressive outfit, promising to have her first solo performance to impress the audience.

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Quoc Thien regrets being too greedy and 'teaching' his juniors to not be subjective or arrogant.

Ning Jing13:36:15 30/10/2023
Male singer Quoc Thien has just had remarkable shares about his career, after 15 years of artistic activities, with the achievement of w.inning Vietnam Idol 2008. He accused himself of being too greedy and said a message to his juniors. .

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Xuan Dinh KY spoke emotionally about his transformation journey from a rural b.oy to the top 5 Vietnam Idol

Thư Kỳ17:25:56 28/10/2023
Coming from a farm b.oy in Thua Thien Hue, Xuan Dinh KY brought his passion for music to Ho Chi Minh City. Having to drop out of college because his family did not have enough m.oney to pay, Xuan Dinh had to work many jobs.

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Dong Nhi responded to the rumor of being pregnant for the second time, everyone had doubts about her protruding belly, and felt guilty towards her fans after the show.

Phúc Sen17:01:57 26/10/2023
Female singer Dong Nhi has just had some notable shares, revolving around the news that she is pregnant for the second time, after her first daughter Winnie. Although she spoke clearly, the online community still expressed doubts at the image of her protruding belly.

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Jack borrowed G-Dragon's music to "disparage" Son Tung, what was the original Thai Binh singer's reaction?

Snow11:50:17 26/10/2023
Jack is indeed a factor that often creates drama, because the noise of using Messi's image without permission has just subsided and he is said to continue to make enemies with Son Tung M-TP.

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Vu Hien Hellen: Talent "abandoned" by VN Idol, miserable past, selling clothes to make ends meet

Nhật Hân10:49:31 23/10/2023
Even though he did not make it to the final stage of Vietnam Idol, Vu Hien Hellen is still a name loved by the audience because of his rich, warm voice and unlimited changing style.

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Ha Minh: The "chameleon" g.irl struggles to find her place, expected to become the champion of VN Idol

Gia Linh11:18:36 18/10/2023
Not afraid to change his style through each round of competition, 10X vocal instructor - Nguyen Ha Minh is one of the contestants causing a stir with his powerful voice and his ability to master the stage.

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Lam Phuc: Hotboy who once weighed 100kg made My Tam shake, "upgraded version" of Duc Phuc in VN Idol

Gia Linh11:40:58 15/10/2023
It can be said that Lam Phuc always has positive energy that makes people love him. Phuc is also proof of the saying that talent does not wait for age when it made all 3 judges admire.

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Van Mai Huong revealed her shocking illness and severe depression, only confiding in animals, ashamed of herself

Pinky17:01:03 14/10/2023
Female singer Van Mai Huong recently shared a rare story, talking about a dark time in her life, suffering from severe depression and only knowing how to talk to her pet, not going out because she was ashamed of herself.

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Huong Giang got mad and declared war on netizens when a series of old photos were dug up

Ning Jing20:22:15 11/10/2023
For some reason, a series of old photos of Huong Giang were suddenly dug up by the online community and caused a storm on social networks. Before the incident, Huong Giang was angry and responded harshly.

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My Tam 'conflicts' with Huy Tuan, declaring that she does not seek happiness with a wedding

Juni Nguyễn20:16:24 02/10/2023
As judges of the show Searching for Music Talent - Vietnam Idol 2023, My Tam and Huy Tuan had a heated debate in the h.ot seat that made many people excited. In another development, when asked about getting married, My Tam frankly stated clearly.

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Van Mai Huong exposes all the 'hidden corners' of a series of 'big stars' in showbiz

Juni Nguyễn18:44:23 27/09/2023
In her new music product, Van Mai Huong has replaced a series of artists, expressing the hidden corners of a series of great lovers who have to endure that not everyone can see behind the halo.

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Hoang Thuy Linh spoke up about the cancellation of the Vietnam Idol show because of her condescending attitude: She took the initiative to cancel

Yang Mi10:14:41 26/09/2023
Faced with the news that Hoang Thuy Linh was canceled by the Vietnam Idol program and replaced by Hoa Minzy just because she was involved in a recent condescending speech that caused a stir in public opinion, the female singer has made a new move.

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Rumor has it that Hoang Thuy Linh had her show canceled by organizers of Vietnam Idol because she was afraid that like Jack, she would have to replace Hoa Minzy?

JLO15:11:09 25/09/2023
After the 3rd live show of Vietnam Idol 2023, social networks spread rumors that Hoang Thuy Linh was the original guest of the show, not Hoa Minzy. However, she was eliminated by the organizers at the last minute because of a gossip scandal.

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My Tam suddenly revealed her plans to get married, making fans excited

Yaya07:33:47 25/09/2023
Taking on the role of judge of Vietnam Idol 2023, in a recent live show, brown-haired actress My Tam caused a stir when she revealed about getting married and having children.

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