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Huong Ly the Quynh Nga, Miss Universe VN organizer accused of taking advantage of Thao Nhi Le

Thảo Mai11:34:07 08/05/2024
Recently, the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced its new Country Director. In addition to being curious about the identity of Quynh Nga's replacement, viewers also expressed their displeasure when runner-up Thao Nhi Le was suddenly named by this organization.

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Viet Anh openly dated junior Quynh Kool, not afraid to show affection

Minh Ngọc15:50:43 05/04/2024
It seems that although there is no voice about the dating rumors, Viet Anh has quietly affirmed the special relationship with junior Quynh Kool through close images, not hesitating to wear romantic couples.

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Quynh Thu vomited her second c.hild even though she was pregnant with her first c.hild, netizens sarcastically said "a birthing machine?"

Nhật Duy17:24:22 18/03/2024
Since announcing her pregnancy with her first c.hild, Quynh Thu's life has received a lot of attention from the public. Her every move became the topic of discussion among netizens.

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Top 3 Miss Universe VN after 4 months: The beauty queen is "in storage", the runner-up takes a break from the show

Snow13:25:10 21/01/2024
Despite w.inning the highest position at Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, Bui Quynh Hoa almost disappeared from events and was not as active as runner-ups Huong Ly and Hong Dang.

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Quynh Nga resigned as national director of MUVN, Huong Giang - Pharmacist Tien took her place?

Bảo Nam17:18:26 19/01/2024
Recently, the official homepage of the Miss Universe Vietnam organization announced to fans that Quynh Nga left her position as National Director of Miss Universe Vietnam due to personal reasons.

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Do My Linh wore a thin dress after giving birth, "Beautiful sister" Quynh Nga also did not give up

Nguyễn Tuyết17:25:52 15/01/2024
Amid the cold weather of Hanoi in the first days of the year, Do My Linh still confidently wore a thin, body-hugging dress to attend designer Ha Duy's show. In addition to the beautiful queen, the event also gathered many famous Vbiz beauties.

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Lan Ngoc revealed the truth about Dieu Nhi's unstable dance performance, r.evealing her health concerns

Châu Anh17:17:21 15/01/2024
Recently, Dieu Nhi's ending performance in round 5 caused a lot of controversy when she gasped for breath and struggled to climb on top of the dancer. Recently, Lan Ngoc shared something about this unstable performance.

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Uyen Linh was praised for "beating" Le Quyen for showing off her voice on Sister Dep

Khánh Huyền11:03:26 15/01/2024
Uyen Linh had a vocal performance with Le Quyen and Ha Kino, thinking that it would be difficult for the Champion to compare with the Queen of the Tea Room, but Uyen Linh's performance made the audience extremely excited and was commented on as positive. the part that dominates Le Quyen.

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Huyen B.aby "copied" h.ot Kpop choreography, Dieu Nhi "didn't" make the audience lose interest?

Uyển Đình09:38:15 15/01/2024
The performance of Huyen B.aby and Dieu Nhi in the recent Performance 5 attracted special attention from the audience. While Huyen B.aby's opening performance made netizens suspicious of her familiar Kpop choreography, Dieu Nhi's ending caused controversy because of an expression.

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Lan Ngoc tore off her clothes and danced extremely hard but still lost, and was surpassed by a g.irl to win the Champion

Hoa Tuyết07:30:24 15/01/2024
Coming out of the Hoan Vu contest, Lan Ngoc and her two colleagues, Doan Trang and Dieu Nhi, had an extremely explosive and impressive performance on the stage of Dep Dap Dap The Wind Turns The Wave.

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Phuong Vy revealed the results of the show Ms. Dep, Quynh Nga was awarded the title by Le Quyen

Nguyễn Tuyết09:55:07 14/01/2024
After Luu Huong Giang left in the public performance round of 4 shows, Sister Dep Dap Gio, Phuong Vy teamed up with her seniors to form a 2-member music group, surprising people.

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Huyen B.aby made the beautiful ladies cry because they were eliminated and defeated in front of a revival ticket?

Phi Đức11:10:17 13/01/2024
Before the latest episode aired, social networks were constantly buzzing with rumors about the results of the revival and elimination. Accordingly, netizens believe that Huyen B.aby will be eliminated on the deciding contest night even though she has continuously caused fever because of her outstanding beauty.

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Ms. Dep Dap Gio reveals a big secret: The most hated beauty will do something shocking

Bình Yên14:11:36 12/01/2024
The producer shared more: Due to health reasons, beautiful lady Yen Trang cannot accompany the show in the 5th performance round. Therefore, beautiful lady Ha Kino will join 6 other beautiful ladies in the Revival round. according to voting order.

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After Le Quyen was suspected of being favored, Dap Gio was immediately criticized for irregularities and his transparency was questioned

Thanh Phúc06:32:09 27/12/2023
The show "Beautiful Girl" 2023 is facing a series of criticisms and doubts about the results when the audience recently discovered the unusual point of the show, completely different from the original, the transparency is unclear. clear.

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How strong is actress Quynh Nga that the audience "booed" when she was suddenly eliminated from Pretty G.irl?

Phương Thảo14:51:18 13/12/2023
Suddenly eliminated in the latest broadcast episode, the audience thought that the show was lacking fairness because it eliminated Quynh Nga - a contestant who always maintained her form and had a good performance in the second performance round.

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Quynh Nga received a shower of compliments even though she was eliminated in Wind Pedal, but still insisted on one thing. How does Trang Phap feel?

Phúc Sen10:29:14 12/12/2023
The beautiful lady Quynh Nga was sadly eliminated from the show. She was beautiful, making the viewers feel regretful. Some viewers even booed and criticized the results for not being worthy. A close sister, Trang Phap, admitted that she cried 9 times.

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Viet Anh received great good news in his career after being accused of bad things by his ex-wife, fans 'sobbed' proudly

Trí Nhi15:01:57 01/12/2023
Actor Viet Anh received a certificate of merit that stunned the online community, when awarded by the Ministry of Defense himself. This is a great honor of Viet Anh in his career, even though he has just been noisily accused by his ex-wife.

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Dieu Nhi caused controversy with her unflattering statement that made her seniors "spray glue", netizens shook their heads in frustration

Châu Anh13:41:20 30/11/2023
Dieu Nhi is an actress who is loved for her humorous personality. But recently, she caused controversy when she spoke unkindly to a senior. Many people think that Dieu Nhi should pay more attention to her words.

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Ngoc Hien: The female singer once had an incident that nearly broke her leg and almost ended up in a wheelchair. How is life now?

JLO17:21:55 20/11/2023
After being absent from showbiz due to an incident where she almost ended up in a wheelchair, singer Ngoc Hien focused on business activities. She has a perfect life with her husband Ngo Dinh Nam and three children.

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Diep Lam Anh reappears with 'Beautiful sister kicking the wind' after losing custody of her children, 'Tuesday' Quynh Nga is also present

Thư Kỳ14:40:53 26/09/2023
After the custody trial ended when the two children were raised and cared for by both parents, recently, the Vietnamese version officially revealed that Diep Lam Anh will join the throne. Shared house with 29 other beautiful women.

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Viet Anh reveals private moment with Quynh Nga after saying she is just a friend, fans suspect f.raud

Pinky17:38:32 09/09/2023
Actor Viet Anh and the crocodile lord Quynh Nga continue to have close moves, celebrating private birthdays together, making many people doubt the relationship between the two.

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Khanh Phuong and the unlikely life with the chairman's wife before his career fell into labor

Gia Hoàng16:09:31 09/09/2023
Before shocking with the information during this time of the chairman's wife, Khanh Phuong used to be a popular singer. He rose to fame quickly thanks to his hit The Warm Wind Scarf.

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Viet Anh announces not to marry after drama with ex-wife, strongly defends Quynh Nga not 'tuesday'

Yaya07:32:59 07/09/2023
After two marriage breakdowns as well as intense denunciations on social media, Viet Anh was tired and let go of the idea of starting a family. In parallel, the actor once clarified all ties with his co-star.

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Viet Anh speaks out about his ex-wife's bad accusations, clarifies dating Quynh Nga, there is enough evidence of innocence

Đức Trí14:33:20 06/09/2023
Actor Viet Anh has just shared officially, about the noise that has lasted for a long time, related to personal family matters. Clarifying her relationship with Quynh Nga, when she was dragged into the market, rumored to be Xiao Tam.

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