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Bae Jin Young: From Insecure B.oy to CIX's Most Sought-After Idol

Snow21:15:23 04/01/2024
Bae Jin Young is a famous young artist with many achievements in the field of music and acting. The guy has just had a tour in Vietnam, making fans stand still.

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"Chip Em" Yoo Seon Ho: from immature idol trainee to main role in "Suddenly W.inning a Trick"

Khánh Huyền10:30:11 21/12/2023
Although he no longer pursued his idol dream at the age of 15, Yoo Seon Ho can now be proud of his efforts after many years of being involved in acting.

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Ong Seong Woo: From idol in a cult group to the most anticipated male lead of 2023

Phương Thảo14:45:25 06/12/2023
Ong Seong Woo debuted as an idol singer with a project group from the survival show Produce 101. Although only 18 months old, at that time, want to One was considered a rival on par with BTS.

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want to One reunites in survival show after 4 years of disbandment, fans "cry badly"

Phi Đức16:03:24 05/12/2023
Recently, social media reported that three former want to One members including Lee Daehwi, Park Woojin and Bae Jinyoung are about to participate in a new survival show of Mnet.

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Park Ji Hoon: The famous "Winking Fairy" once surpassed Song Hye Kyo in terms of hotness thanks to just one role

Nguyễn Kim16:48:32 21/10/2023
Park Ji Hoon is considered a male idol with both appearance and ability. Few people know that Park Ji Hoon started out as a c.hild actor, once making a strong impression with his extremely impressive acting ability.

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V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty

Hoàng Phúc16:57:43 09/04/2022
Korean idols when they are at home are all closed and mean, but whenever they go to a foreign land, they become loose, making people surprised. Every year the Korean wave stays to welcome a new group of rookie groups. Young boys and girls all possess good looks and the...

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Jungkook (BTS) is shy when standing in front of this famous "s.exy queen" Gen 2?

Duyên Trần10:50:06 18/02/2022
The 2018 MBC Gayo Daejejeon Music Festival was a large-scale event to close the old year, bringing together the most popular idols of that time such as BTS, EXO, GOT7, TWICE, Red Velvet, Wanna One,... Unlike the quiet and closed Gen 4, the Gen 3 idol group seems to be always...

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BTS competes for No.1 with their seniors on the song chart with the most trophies, BLACKPINK has no chance with SNSD!

Hoàng Phúc15:41:27 21/01/2022
Which group has the song that has won the most trophies on weekly music shows? It can be seen that, in addition to international coverage, the heat at home is equally important for every K-pop group. The popularity, popularity and success of a song is reflected in the number of...

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BTS is excited, BLACKPINK is "envious" when reacting to Hwasa's "suffocating" s.exy stage

An Nhi14:50:08 06/01/2022
Netizens couldn't help but be delighted when looking back at the realistic reaction of Kpop idols in front of Hwasa (MAMAMOO)'s stage at GDA 2019. At a.ward ceremonies, the interactions of idols while enjoying the colleague's stage are always moments that fans have been waiting...

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Kep1er: The g.irl group that hasn't debuted is already popular because of Mnet's weird concept

Như Ý14:22:47 25/11/2021
Another group came out of Mnet's survival program. Like IOI, WANNA ONE OR IZ*ONE, KEP1ER promises to become the hottest rookie group by the end of 2021. Although not yet debuted, the group has quickly received a lot of attention from netizens for a reason. because it's so...

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Wanna One: From the dinosaur rookie that surpassed BTS to the reuniting of the shocking miracle of Kbiz

Như Ý12:56:10 25/11/2021
Coming out of the hottest Korean survival show, Wanna One has become the most successful name in Kpop. However, it was only a golden past for a while because after more than 1 year of operation, this group had to disband because of the end of the contract. This left many regrets...

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Wanna One officially reunited after 3 years of disbandment, a detail that made fans sad

Như Ý21:50:09 15/11/2021
Recently, Mnet confirmed that Wanna One and Street Woman Fighter's dance group will perform at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 (MAMA 2021). In particular, fans are extremely excited, looking forward to Wanna One's stage with the most complete reunion lineup after 3 years since...

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"Angela B.aby Boyfriend"- Lai Quan Lam "piloted a plane" to date Chau Da

Hậu Hậu08:45:36 20/08/2021
According to the Sohu site recently, the Chinese paparazzi released a series of images that raised suspicions that Lai Quan Lam (Wanna One) was dating Chau Da - beauty Son Ha Lenh. According to information, the couple dated and stayed together for 4 days. This news site also...

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Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) was accused of a.dultery, "flying around" with the female trainees

Hà Hà12:17:16 10/08/2021
Referring to Park Ji Hoon, everyone knows that the male idol is a popular "wink fairy" in Produce 101 season 2, then won a debut with Wanna One. After the group disbanded, Park Ji Hoon is currently working both solo and hard at filming. "Fairy wink" has a lovely appearance with...

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Ong Seong Woo - The pinnacle of visuals with the ability to turn anywhere into a stage

team youtuber20:30:06 20/04/2021
Ong Seong Woo is a young multi-talented artist. He can take on any role, from singing, dancing, composing, acting, modeling, MC... With his inherent strength and relentless efforts, the former WANNA ONE member is taking steps step by step. conquer the hearts of the audience. Difficult start Officially become a trainee of Lion

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Kang Daniel reveals his mother's treatment of his son and confirms his "re-appearance" date

Team Clip23:49:18 06/04/2021
Recently, the teaser of KBS's "Problem C.hild in House" with the participation of "national center" Kang Daniel was released. Here, the first interesting stories about Kang Daniel's recent life were also revealed by him. One of the things that received great attention from fans...

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Yuan Bingyan got into trouble when the bodyguard was rough with fans

team youtuber17:30:00 01/04/2021
Previously, a video of Yuan Bingyan in a fan's encirclement was posted online. After a while of struggling, she finally got on the car, a lot of fans rushed to ask for autographs, the door was packed with people and the driver didn't even close the door in time. Yuan Bingyan from an unknown actress has become

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Lai Quan Lam - Debuted with Wanna One and his private life was scandalized with constant scandals

team youtuber10:30:07 24/03/2021
Despite working very hard and constantly participating in reality TV shows, Lai Quan Lam did not receive much attention from the audience Lai Quan Lam comes from a rich family, his father is a director at a famous company in Taiwan. Born in Taiwan but Lai Guanlin used to have about

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Minhyun - The handsome male "followed by Produce 101"

team youtuber15:30:55 14/09/2020
Since debuting with Wanna One, the name Minhyun has received more attention from the audience. Thanks to that, he was free to express himself more to the fans, fulfilling his dream of standing on big stages to prove himself Fans can easily see the name Minhyun everywhere In countless praise articles

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Kang Daniel: K-pop's talented "national center"

team youtuber09:33:59 01/08/2020
In a year and a half of artistic activities, Wanna One has advanced rapidly and achieved certain achievements both in terms of reputation and commercial. And Daniel is one of the most prominent faces in the group. Kang Daniel - Korean male artist born in 1996, his main field of activity is singing, composing

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