Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name

Nguyễn KimFeb 19, 2024 at 16:37

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Recently, Truong Giang became a name noticed by people after Nam Em's livestream series "peel and accuse". From here, netizens began to dig up the noisy situation with many "pink balls" in the comedian's showbiz before marrying Nha Phuong.


In early 2016, Nha Fang and Truong Giang officially confirmed dating. However, the news that had just been announced fell into a spiral when Gui Yun suddenly criticized the male comedian for being a gambler.

Gui Yun also did not hesitate to publish the photos and series of love messages of the two on social media. "When he fell in love with me, Changjiang didn't hide anything. Jiang was very interested, went to the street holding hands, sat down to eat and also held hands, cooked a lot of dishes by himself and called me to eat. The way Changjiang always openly told my friends made me think that Su Fang didn't exist in this affair."

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 1

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 2

Besides, the model also had a letter sent to Truong Giang the day he received the memorable Golden Mai A.ward: "Remember when I was happy and happy, and then I was silent for 3 days without giving you a reason? I hurt, I bear. I was determined I wouldn't see it again. On a hunch, 2 days later, I turned on the TV and suddenly saw him and her holding hands to receive the Golden Plum A.ward. At that time I took her hand, did you feel ashamed and ashamed of me? Why don't you tell me a word in advance so that you can relieve your pain. I'm in tears for you."

Male Junior

It is thought that surely "Gui Yun" has made the famous comedian digging flowers of showbiz stunned, the new turbulence has really emerged, turning into a storm that still has no end when Nam Em recounted his love story to Truong Giang.

According to Miss Mekong Delta, she and Truong Giang had "30 days of love" but this piece of love made her unforgettable. The take-away, push-back story gets fans heard from drama to drama.

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 3

After going public about his affair with comedian Changjiang, Nam Em also shocked when he revealed that Changjiang was still on her birthday even though he proposed to Nha Fang the next day on live television.

Changjiang immediately after that did not hesitate to speak up against Nam Em, replying that he only used to like her, not love. Changjiang also warned Nan Em not to touch Yanfang.

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 4

After exposing the once-feverish romance, social media again appeared images of Nam Em emaciated in the hospital. At the time, her manager confirmed that Nam Em was suffering from bipolar disorder due to the s.hock of his romance. Not long after, she admitted that she was mentally ill, not mentally ill as people had assumed.

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 5

Khanh My

After the story of Nam Em shocked the public because of the information that he used to date Truong Giang for 1 month, next, the public was confused with the information that " Ten Difficult " used to flirt and saw Cam Khanh My right at the time when he was dating Nha Phuong.

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 6

According to Khanh My, Truong Giang often comes to the house to meet and eat with Khanh My's brothers and sisters. She found out that Changjiang was arguing with Su Fang at that time, so she refused because she didn't want to be the third person. Khanh My said that Truong Giang did not hesitate to flirt with him and let go of many other pink shades in showbiz.

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 7

"Mr. Jiang texted me back and forth while I was dating Nha Fang, but I refused directly, because I didn't allow myself to be the 3rd person. In any case, it shouldn't be. Since then, Mr. Giang has always admitted to everyone that he likes Khanh My. I asked Mr. Jiang, "I see your picture with Fang is very happy, you two are getting married." I asked him that directly, but he still texted him," the beauty revealed to the press.

Changjiang and 3 beauties passing by life: 2 silver accusers, 1 little-known name - Photo 8

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