After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linh's showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group?

Đình NhưDec 29, 2023 at 14:49

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In Vietnamese showbiz, there are many close groups of friends including many famous artists who hang out together closely. One of them is a "cultural family" association with famous faces.

Artists in this group of friends include Dong Nhi, Ong Cao Thang, Minh Hang, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Hoang Thuy Linh, Mai Phuong Thuy, Gil Le... They have been friends for many years and often have gatherings. Travel together and enthusiastically support each other in artistic activities. However, recently, the "cultural family" association has gradually met less and less, and each time it meets, a certain number of members are missing.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 1

Netizens recently expressed doubts about a member of the "cultural family" group of friends who quietly left the group, that is Gil Le. In the past, Gil Le very actively participated in parties with this group of close friends, but this time he was absent. In addition, Gil Le also rarely interacts with group members in individual activities. That's why many people think that Gil Le quietly disbanded the group.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 2

Gil Le was also recently discovered close to other friends such as actresses Ly Nha Ky, Phuong Lan or Puka's group, Gin Tuan Kiet.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 3

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 4

However, this information is only a matter of public suspicion. Most likely because most members of the "cultural family" group have families of their own, they are busier, along with spending time on artistic activities. In addition, on the occasion of Minh Hang giving birth to a son last August, Gil Le also sent a congratulatory gift. Proving that the relationship is not as tense as rumored, but simply has more limited gatherings than before.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 5

Gil Le was recently caught up in rumors of having a romantic relationship with actress Ly Nha Ky, however insiders quickly denied it, affirming that the two were just close colleagues.

Recently, Vbiz has also been stirred up by the sudden discord among long-time close friends. For example, the group Puka - Dieu Nhi - Kha Nhu is suspected of "crossing off" or the "seahorse chess" association of MC Tran Thanh, Quang Trung, Truc Nhan and Ali Hoang Duong no longer appears together like before.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 6

There are groups that are often rumored to disband and have conflicts, but there are also groups of close showbiz friends who are extremely powerful, secretive, and persistently close.

Thuy Tien's close friends group

Thuy Tien's close friends are full of famous figures in the Vbiz beauty world, including Miss Tieu Vy, runner-up Tuong San, runner-up Diem Trang, beauty queen Thuy Vi, and runner-up Thuy An. Just hearing the name is enough to see that the weight of this group of friends is not the average one! "Mist" is the identity of Thuy Tien's close friends, all of whom are beautiful queens who are at the top of Vietnamese showbiz. When they have free time, these beauties travel together.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 7

Tang Thanh Ha's "million dollar" friend group

One of the most famous friendship groups in Vbiz must include the close friends of "pearl lady" Tang Thanh Ha. Fans also call them the "million dollar" group of friends. This group of friends is full of famous beauties such as Tang Thanh Ha, Miss Dang Thu Thao, Phuong Khanh, actress Bang Di, Kathy Uyen,... They are all famous beauties, beautiful and successful in their careers. Karma. Every time Ha Tang shares pictures of fun and gatherings with friends, fans are overwhelmed by her wealth.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 8

Ha Tang has been accompanying and sticking with the "million dollar" group of friends for more than a decade. Among these friends, Bui Viet Ha and Than Thuy Ha were former beauty queens. They are considered by netizens to be two great beauties in Vietnamese showbiz. In the group, members call each other by extremely funny nicknames. Tang Thanh Ha is nicknamed Little Sparrow, Thuy Trang is Big Sparrow, Bui Viet Ha is called Dou and "big sister" Than Thuy Ha is Eagle.

After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linhs showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group? - Photo 9

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