Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the "toy boss", Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named

Minh LợiFeb 19, 2024 at 10:04

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In the afternoon of February 18, on the Tik Tok platform, Miss Mekong Delta continued to livestream, determined to "open" a series of secrets of Vietnamese artists. In particular, people pay special attention to accusing 1 "pearl girl" of Vbiz as a "toy player" boss.

Specifically, while inviting Que Van to duet the song "Not Forgotten Ex", Nam Em suddenly said: "Ready to have a commenter named Ngoc Nu, to tell this story, there is 1 Jade Nu who plays with terrible toys!" "It's so stupid that, I've heard about it, it's so stupid that now I give 2 garlic, just ** eat 2 lumps for 2 garlic," Nam Em said. Hearing this, Gui Yun had to shout: "Terrified, so scared."

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 1

Her statement reminds people of a leading actress today, which is likened to the successor of the once-popular "screen jewel" Tang Thanh Ha. However, until now, this actress has always been associated with a clean image, saying no to scandals, working hard in art and trying to bring positive energy to the audience. Therefore, many people are skeptical about the authenticity of the story that Nam Em tells.

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 2

Some comments of Vietnamese netizen:

"Speak carefully, lest they sue you, and then call you sick here and there. It is not clear right from wrong that dares to spread on the livestream.

- Turns out to be irrelevant, touching and dragging people out. I don't even know if it's true or not, but this Nan Em cheek is blatantly wrong.

- Talk vaguely without evidence that some people believe. Speak and then one day suffer the consequences, don't cry.

-Tired of this. Tell people to play with things you played with first. More and more arrogant.

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 3

And yet, in the livestream, Gui Yun also accused an A-list star who was very close to her but then ungrateful.

Specifically, Que Van said that she used to support a male star named S.T (abbreviated) to do teeth, but when she opened the business, she only wanted this brother to know what to send flowers to make the atmosphere more happy, but the guy ignored it. She brought up the issue with her partner's girlfriend but the couple later remained silent.

In addition to S.T., Que Van talked about playing with some big artists in Vietnamese showbiz, however, then someone changed their heart and quit playing.

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 4

As soon as Gui Yun mentioned this story, Nam Em immediately mentioned the name of an S-list star in showbiz.

Instead of mentioning his name entirely, Nam Em only read the first letters of his name as "HNH". Next, the beauty Tien Jiang immediately asked netizens to guess the identity of the character she just mentioned. When she heard Nam Em mention this person's name, Gui Yun stopped the beauty and said that she should not speak anymore to avoid "karma".

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 5

Under the comment section, most netizens speculated, the character that Nam Em is referring to is Ho Ngoc Ha.

During the livestream, Nam Em and Que Van only released information without giving any concrete evidence, causing many viewers to be outraged. However, many artists were immediately called into the markets, which significantly affected their reputation. Answering about this issue, lawyer Nguyen Quoc Cuong - Director of INFINITY Vietnam Law Firm - commented: "In this case, the law is very difficult to intervene because these people only talk idly and do not name names. However, in cases where such insinuations make it possible for everyone to understand who the character mentioned in the story is, it can still be handled. Those directly affected have the right to sue and demand that such information be withdrawn on social media and publicly apologized."

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 6

The lawyer added: "In case this online information disturbs society, the authorities can intervene and impose administrative sanctions. If these acts are repeated repeated, those who spread false information risk criminal prosecution, as in the case of Ms. Fang Hang before."

Nam Em, Que Van To 1 female pearl is the toy boss, Son Tung - Ha Ho is also named - Photo 7

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