Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior

Minh LợiMar 07, 2024 at 16:03

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On the evening of March 6, singers Ho Ngoc Ha and Le Duong Bao Lam continued to livestream together. Notable among them is the PK act to choose the winner from the amount of audience interaction.

In this part, Nam Em's appearance surprises the people. She constantly gives gifts on livestreams, even becoming the biggest contributor.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 1

People talk a lot about Nam Em, not long ago, this beauty also went on the livestream of Nha Phuong and Phat La to give "huge" gifts to attract attention.

And yet, before that, Nam Em also used to publicly with Que Van publicly called A-list star seniors with the initials H.N.H. as not playing beautifully. Therefore, the fact that Miss Hua helped Yang Lin p.lay c.ards against He Hu caused the people to stir.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 2

It is known that the final result of Legion Bao Lam is the winner of the PK stage, the condition he gave is that Ho Ngoc Ha must return to sing for free at his smoothie shop in Dong Nai. The actor also announced that the date Ho Ngoc Ha will come to perform for his shop is April 7, urging the audience to come and watch. Fans are waiting to see what the "queen of entertainment" will be like when she goes to sing on the water bar stage.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 3

As for Nam Em, after finishing PK, Yang Lin suddenly thanked the junior.

Le Duong Bao Lin said: "Oh my God, Brother Lin thank you Nam Em, forever love, I haven't seen you for a long time, thank you. Not having a b.aby Nam Em is a bud, Nam Em is not saving is a bud... Thank you again, Mr. Lin, thank you Nam Em."

Besides, during the livetream, Bao Lam Legion also shared old memories with Nam Em during the filming together. It is known that Bao Lam Legion and Nam Em have had many opportunities to cooperate with each other.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 4

He shared: "Nam Em in the old days when Lin saved Nam Em, people asked Nam Em. Every time he went to shoot, he collapsed, Lin saved Nam Em. Lam called Nam Em's salvage, when the drowning actor was Lam, and now Nam Em is salvaging Lam. Oh, this must be called a 'sweet fruit.'"

Previously, when participating in 1 TV show, Nam Em accidentally "mouthed" to criticize the wife of Bao Lam Legion. Nam Em once criticized Bao Lam's wife Quynh Quynh for being sloppy. To Nam Em's disparagement, Legion Bao Lam countered: "Brother, it's simple, people are for their husbands for their children, they sell cakes."

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 5

After hearing Legion Bao Lam's words, Nam Em replied that it was Quynh Quynh who was not worried about herself because of her husband and children. Legion Baolin continued: "The simple with sloppy it is different. Sloppy is just someone with messy hair and torn clothes, and my wife smells good, just a slightly old suit. I bought new things but my wife wouldn't wear them."

Recently, Bao Lam Legion regularly invites singers to sing at his smoothie shop. Many famous names have performed on this special stage such as: Song Luan, Anh Tu, Ha Nhi, Hieuthuhai ,... Many people joked that Le Duong Bao Lam is the new "show" of Vietnamese showbiz when constantly inviting artists to the theater.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 6

Le Duong Bao Lam was born in 1989, is a popular comedian. He has acted in several films as well as reality and entertainment TV shows. In 2017, he married his wife Quynh Quynh with a stalking wedding. Currently, the couple has 3 children together including 2 girls and 1 b.oy.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 7

Legion Bao Lam attracted attention with humor, animation but also had a lot of noise. Besides entertainment, the actor also actively runs an online business with his wife with various items. On social media platforms, Bao Lam Legion regularly posts videos documenting daily life or livestreams chatting with the public.

Nam Em livestreamed Ha Ho, deliberately harmed the seniors, still thanked by 1 senior - Photo 8

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