Cbiz's Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi

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In Tet to Spring, the Cbiz stars all sent the media thank-you gifts, creating great attention from the public. And every so moment, fans have the opportunity to compare the level of famous names.

Every Lunar New Year, Chinese artists send Tet gifts that they have painstakingly prepared to the press. Like every year, the media and netizens open the "unboxing" and "super scrutinizing" sections of Cbiz stars' gift boxes to see what they prepare, anything special compared to other houses.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 1

In these gift boxes, there will often be high-end products, famous brand cosmetics, electronics, fashion accessories and many other luxury items, making a strong impression from the recipient.

Every detail in the gift box is carefully prepared, from greeting cards to skincare products, all of which reflect the hard work and professionalism of the person sending the gift.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 2

According to Sohu, most of the items in the gift box are artist-represented. Therefore, through Tet gift boxes, public opinion can see their status in the world, as well as their commercial value or level of spending.

This year, Yang Mi, Zhao Luxu, Bai Loc, Yangtze, Xiao Chien, Gong Jun... all have gift boxes that make a beautiful impression on the media and the public. Besides, there are also stars with disappointing gifts, typically Liu Shishi.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 3

According to QQ, Yang Mi, Ni Ni, and Xiao Chien are the A-list stars with the most classy and luxurious gift boxes. In particular, male beauty Tran Tinh Order "played big" when sending the media gift boxes with a total value of 7,000 yuan (24 million VND). The other pair of miniature flowers are not inferior when giving high-end cosmetics, electronics and accessories, priced at 4,000-5,000 yuan (13-17 million VND).

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 4

In the new generation, Zhao Luxu, Bai Loc, and Yangtze also have gift boxes full, which are beautifully appreciated and practical. In this group, the gift box of the "Saint through space" is most noticed.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 5

Accordingly, she has prepared a gift set from 10 different brands that she represents the image. From the gift box, it can be seen her leading position and commercial value among beauties born after 1995.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 6

In addition, the list of artists with impressive gift boxes also names Gong Tuan, Mao Xiaodong and Wang Jingyue. "Old love" Li Heatbo and Little Flower surnamed Mao are the 2 actors with the most gifts sent to the media, with 12 productions.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 7

This shows the love of brands with the famous star pair. And the emerging god Wang Jingyue surprised with a gift box showing his high popularity. Because, this guy is currently the representative of 7 brands after only 1 year of name promotion.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 8

Among the A-list star group, the one with the most "boring" and disappointing gift box is Liu Shishi. The gift box of actress Nhat Conception Quan Son has 7 items but does not have 1 high-end brand. Her gifts, although judged to be in quantity, are not "quality", and have not invested properly in the top flower status of 85.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 9

In addition, the donation of all popular items also shows the declining commercial value of Ngo Ky Long's wife. According to QQ, the actress's gift set is far behind the young juniors in the world such as Zhao Luxu, Yangtze, Bai Loc ...

In addition to Liu Shishi, Wang Yuan and Liu Hao Nhien are also 2 artists who are classified as stars with cheap gift boxes and lack of investment in Chinese showbiz. Specifically, the Best Thing actor gave the media 1 calendar, 1 cloth bag and 1 bottle of mid-priced wine.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 10

The former TFBoy member gave away up to 7 products in the gift box, but all were not of high value such as thermos, portable electric fans, masks or game sets.

Cbizs Tet gift: Xiao Chien plays big, Zhao Lu Tu surpasses Liu Shi Shi - Photo 11

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