Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused

Khánh HuyềnApr 10, 2024 at 14:40

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Recently, "the ugliest male star on screen 2023" Luu Vu Ninh once revealed that he received an invitation to play Du Phuong Hanh from the female lead Trieu Le Dinh. Netizens breathed a sigh of relief when he refused that invitation.

Recently, Du Phuong Hanh is becoming a costume fever in early 2024, which makes many actors "miss their roles" regretfully. Because, before "finalizing" the couple Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan, the film crew considered many names, even being invited by the female lead but still refused. For example, Luu Vu Ninh.

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 1

According to a recent revelation on his livestream, Luu Vu Ninh said he almost participated in the blockbuster Du Phuong Hanh. Female lead Trieu Le Dinh personally invited him to join the project in 2021.

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 2

However, at that time, Luu Vu Ninh could not appear with the 8X little flower g.irl, unilaterally refused after meeting the director during a performance in Beijing. That was also the period when he was filming Nhat Niem Quan Son with Luu Thi Thi.

However, Luu Vu Ninh still has a "debt" with Du Phuong Hanh , one of the names responsible for the OST. Many viewers joked that thanks to Luu Vu Ninh's "spirit", Du Phuong Hanh had a happy ending, avoiding a tearful separation.

After hearing the news that Luu Vu Ninh almost played Yu Phuong Hanh , many netizens argued fiercely. It is worth mentioning that many audiences breathed a sigh of relief when Luu Vu Ninh "missed his appointment" for the role of Than Quan, thinking that Luu Vu Ninh's costume design had long been "under a curse".

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 3

Remember, since returning to Nhat Niem Quan Son as the male lead, Luu Vu Ninh has faced a lot of criticism, especially about his appearance. At the end of 2023, Liu Yuning topped Douban's "4 ugliest male stars on screen 2023" poll, surpassing Vuong Nhat Bac, Thanh Nghi and Dich Duong Thien Ty. He had a year with all his critically criticized roles from An Lac Truyen to Nhat Niem Quan Son .

Even his character Ninh Vien Chau in the movie Nhat Niem Quan Son was erased by netizens and replaced by someone else because he was considered too unattractive and difficult to watch.

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 4

In an interview, Luu Vu Ninh said he looked at keywords related to him and his role as Ninh Vien Chau in Nhat Niem Quan Son. He also knew that his character was changed and replaced by other handsome senior actors. The actor shared that at first, he was honestly very sad. "Even though I understand the audience doesn't necessarily respect me, in return I really feel insulted. However, if I stay stuck in this cycle of criticism, I will still be sad."

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 5

The 9X male star also shared that he was too focused on practicing acting and learning how to speak and forgot about shaping, leading to Ninh Vien Chau's appearance not being really impressive. Thanks to criticism from the audience, Luu Vu Ninh realized that appearance is as important to an actor as acting ability. However, he admitted that he did not know how to be more beautiful and solve this problem of his own. "I also try to take care of myself, persistently going to bed early and waking up early to maintain good health and skin," Luu Vu Ninh shared.

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 6

Perhaps, the most suitable person to become half of Trieu Le Dinh in Du Phuong Hanh is still Lam Canh Tan. When the movie aired, the couple immediately received a rain of compliments, not only that, they were also pushed fiercely because their "chemical reaction" was so explosive.

Trieu Le Dinh invited Luu Vu Ninh to play Du Phuong Hanh but was refused - Photo 7

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