Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the "wet jackfruit" broke up with his girlfriend

Châu AnhApr 07, 2024 at 10:22

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In the midst of the "sprinting" of the final episodes, Lin Jingjin and Zhao Liying made fans extremely happy when they heard the announcement of the big good news. Currently, the film receives extremely high discussion on forums.

According to Chinese media, after the movie "Honey Like Mist", "Data Phoenix" is considered a film adaptation close to the original. Although it is an S-level project (a large-budget project), at the time of airing, the film still encountered certain controversies in terms of post-production, character shaping and acting.

However, with Zhao Liying's charisma, she and the film crew also achieved certain achievements. Although it is approaching the final episodes (for VIP accounts, viewers have already watched the ending), the ratings as well as the average temperature of the drama are stable.

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 1

As of April 2, Data Phuong Hanh has officially surpassed 100 million views on both big data platforms in China, Cat Van and Van Hop, with views of 109 million and 101 million views respectively. Fans of the film as well as fans of the actors are excitedly celebrating this achievement of the work.

In addition to views, the character, media, and influence indicators of the film are also relatively positive, even when facing serious opponents such as Wang Yibo and Li Shen's Zifeng Fake or Hua Gian Commander played by Cuc Jing-Liu Xueyi.

On the first day of airing, Data Phuong Hanh registered in Tencent history, when it took just over two hours to break the 28,000-point heat mark, and the real-time rating of Cat Van EYE also reached 0.632%, leading the films in the same time slot (excluding CCTV), an ideal start.

After nearly 1 month on the air, the drama is close to reaching the final episodes with the details increasingly pushed to the c.limax. In particular, the film has always attracted the attention of the audience with a high level of search and discussion on social networks.

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 2

Recently, the producer released a behind-the-scenes clip of the filming of the film Data Phoenix that caught the attention of the online community. In it, the main actors Lam Jingjin - Zhao Liying received flowers and applause from the crew and colleagues after completing the final scene of the film.

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 3

However, while Zhao Liying happily accepted the flowers and thanked everyone, Lin Jingjin was filled with tears in his eyes. The actor's rare "wet jackfruit" expression made both Zhao Liying and other colleagues constantly laugh and tease.

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 4

After "parachuting" aired the final episodes for VIP accounts on the Tencent platform, the outcome of the Phoenix Data was revealed. If in Chu Qiao's story, the main couple starring Lin Jingjin - Zhao Liying had an unsatisfactory ending, this time, the Hengzhi - Shen Li couple in Chu Qiao was happy together.

The beautiful ending like the original made the Chinese online community wave. Keywords related to the drama and behind-the-scenes footage are constantly leading the hotsearch (the most searched keyword on Weibo) with an extremely high number of people discussing.

According to many viewers, the ending of the movie "Data Phoenix" shows that the film crew will not continue to make part 2.

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 5

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 6

However, it must be said again and again, not all viewers are satisfied with Data Fengheng, there are still many controversial opinions about Lin Jingxin's appearance, Zhao Liying's acting or the cinematography...

Data Feng Heng is adapted from the novel The King Here by famous author Jiu Lou Feixiang, about the grim relationship of the Shang King of the Demon Realm Shen Li (Zhao Liying) and the Divine Army of the Three Realms - Hengzhi/Hengyun.

Lin Jingjin welcomed the good news with Zhao Liying, and the wet jackfruit broke up with his girlfriend - Photo 7

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