Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanh's celebration party

Tuyết NgọcApr 18, 2024 at 13:37

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Trieu Le Dinh's return to ancient costumes in "Duc Phuong Hanh" was successful beyond expectations. According to many sources, the film crew will hold a party to celebrate this victory in the near future.

The TV series "Dying Feng Xing" by Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan ended successfully with a series of impressive achievements. The fact that the film created a big hit not only helped strengthen the reputation of the male and female lead couple, but the supporting cast also benefited a lot, especially Tan Van Lai, Ha Du or Hoang Nghe.

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 1

To celebrate the film's successful broadcast, the producer decided to hold a reception party, attracting great attention from netizens. Normally, in events like this, the main character cannot be absent, but according to some sources, the only participating actors are: Lam Canh Tan, Tan Van Lai, Ha Du and supporting actress Vuong Y Dao, and Trieu Le Dinh will likely be absent.

Speculating on the reason why the "rating queen" did not attend the party, some people believe that it is related to Lam Canh Tan's love scandal. Besides, the same person expressed their opinion that recently the little flower g.irl joined the crew of the movie "In the Human World", the filming schedule was so tight that it was difficult to arrange time to go to the celebration party.

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 2

There is another reason given by some netizens, which is related to a rude comment made by a person in the film "Dau Phuong Hanh" to Trieu Le Dinh.

Accordingly, a few days ago, in a post congratulating the achievements of "Du Phuong Hanh" on Douyin, the official account of the film crew suddenly left a comment: "Don't say much, spread your legs for everyone to see." Thank you to each audience for your support!".

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 3

Although this was just a fairly normal comment, netizens quickly realized that the film crew was secretly mocking Trieu Le Dinh. The explanation for this is because in August 2018, in response to dating and pregnancy rumors with Phung Thieu Phong, the little flower g.irl posted a post to respond to the rumors with the content: "I don't know what else to say, Let's spread our legs for everyone to see!" accompanied by a photo of the female artist posing with her legs spread apart.

Right then, "leg splits" was a h.ot search keyword on the internet. Faced with this definitive denial, fans and netizens strongly trust Trieu Le Dinh. In October 2018, she and Phung Thieu Phong announced their marriage. In March 2019, she gave birth to her first son.

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 4

At this time, netizens looked back to August 2018, the female lead Du Phuong Hanh was actually pregnant and was completely inconsistent with her actions and words at that time. From then on, "split legs" has always been associated with the beauty of the Trieu family.

The above comment has now been deleted from the Douyin platform, but netizens still seem extremely confused with this action. This is most likely the reason why Trieu Le Dinh is absent from the upcoming celebration party.

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 5

Ignoring the issue of attending parties, netizens are paying close attention to the current relationship between Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan. Right before the big ending of "Dau Phuong Hanh", the actor was suddenly exposed to the news of dating a junior nearly 1 year younger than him, causing the couple's fans to be caught off guard, "the boat has already sunk before it can set sail".

It's worth mentioning that before the news that actor Lam had a girlfriend broke out, he was the most enthusiastic person to actively "stir up a couple" with Trieu Le Dinh. This makes netizens even more mistaken that the actor has feelings for the beauty named Trieu.

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 6

When "Du Phuong Hanh" ended the journey, Lam Canh Tan politely called Trieu Le Dinh "Teacher Trieu", clearly showing his distance, different from before. As for the little flower g.irl, she still thanked the actor and the film crew as usual, and did not have any strange attitudes.

Before "Dau Phuong Hanh", Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan worked together successfully in "So Kieu Truyen". During the film's propaganda period, actor Lam always seemed friendly and attentive to his co-stars.

Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanhs celebration party - Photo 7

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