Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hach's new love, feuding with ancient shapes

Tuyết NgọcMar 03, 2024 at 16:34

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Zhao was loved by the audience for his student roles in school garden youth films. In response to that sentiment, she is working hard and improving herself day by day.

Zhao was born on September 29, 2002 in Shenyang City, Liaoning, China. At the age of 6, she was exposed to acting through a children's performance class in Shenyang, under the guidance of teacher Huo Limin. Thanks to her outstanding performance in the class, Kim received several opportunities to perform on stage.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 1

Possessing rustic beauty, the Zhao family flower easily makes the audience love at first sight. Soon entering the entertainment world, participating hard in both film and television, Gen Z actresses are increasingly proving their competence in the new generation of actors of the Chinese screen.

Graduating from the Central Academy of Drama plus her acting background from a young age has set the stage for Kim Circuit to have a steadier step than some other non-professional faces. However, the l.ittle g.irl still has difficulties when associated with the image of "national daughter" and limited beauty.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 2

In 2010, when he was only 8 years old, Trieu Kim Circuit first participated in the family drama "Can't Be Without a Mother" directed by Hoang Painting Vy, starring Ha Lam and Vuong Vy Tri. After that, she continued to participate in the film "When the Human Heart Meets Compassion" (a.k.a. Huong Muc Tiger).

In these two projects, Trieu's footage is relatively few, but it is still a good opportunity for her to gain experience on set and a stepping stone for her journey to conquer future roles.

Since 2015, Kim Circuit has continuously received the opportunity to star in traditional family romance genres and school gardens. Most of the roles contain the image of a g.irl full of depth and touch the viewer's heart. Netizens even fondly called her the nickname "daughter of the nation".

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 3

2019 marked a "bumper" milestone on the acting path of the Zhao family. Earlier that year, her movie "Liu Lang Earth" was released during the New Year, earning a huge revenue of 4.7 billion yuan, becoming the fifth highest-grossing film in Chinese film history.

Despite causing a certain controversy about acting, Zhao still made a big splash through this project. The Gen Z actress will also return in "Liu Lang Earth 3" which is scheduled to premiere in 2027.

In the summer of the same year, the film "Young Sect" continued to help Kim Circuit create many good impressions in the hearts of the audience. Once again played the role of the daughter of actor Zhang Jiaiyi, portraying the character of Lin Yaoyao - a l.ittle g.irl who is entering a rebellious age with a curious personality, likes to explore new things.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 4

The two works "Liu Lang Earth" and "Young Sect" have contributed to increasing Zhao Jincircuit's identity, so that she has more opportunities to play the main role.

Not long after, the role of Xia Miaomiao in the school garden youth drama "Innocent First Love" continued to "burnish" Jin Circuit's name. In the film, the actress took on the role of a student who could not be more ordinary and faded from appearance to academic achievements, nor many friends.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 5

Xia Miaomiao's world gradually changed when he got to know his brother Liang Xiuyan. The natural acting, creating the timid and shy feeling of an insecure Kim Circuit and the fluttering emotions of first love completely captured the hearts of movie nerds.

After signing an artist contract with Dong Dac Van Van Company and establishing an office, Trieu Kim Circuit began to transform his image to remove the label of a c.hild star.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 6

In 2020, the "nation's daughter" tried her hand at many different drama genres such as "Chongzong" on the topic of investigating sensational crimes or the fantasy historical genre in "Linh Lung", urban romance in "Countless Ways to Love".

Unfortunately, these roles did not make many noticeable marks due to many objective reasons about the script, character setting, not only Zhao Jincircuit himself.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 7

In early 2022, the film "Khai Doan" (The Beginning) of the fantasy theme of time rotation starring her and Bach Kinh Dinh has successfully created a fever. As a result, the Gen Z actress is even more noticed by her acting ability as well as serious attitude in each of her roles.

On February 2, 2024, the love film adaptation "In the middle of the snowstorm" starring Zhao Jincircuit and Wu Lei has officially released to the audience. With more than 2 million bookings on the Tencent Video platform before, it is enough to see the attraction and expectations of the audience for this project.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 8

The height of 1m65 can be considered relatively prominent in the Cbiz world, but because of the small physique, it inadvertently creates a limitation on Zhao Jincircuit's shape. In the historical drama "Linh Lung", also due in part to the visual part of the Gen Z actress, Without an ancient temperament, it was impossible to attract an audience.

In addition, Trieu Kim Circuit also many times made netizens wonder if she had ever been guilty of stylists, leading to magazine photo shoots or attending big events and especially fashion shapes that made them "run out of words". Meanwhile, the little flower is beautiful in a very unique way, the charisma and temperament are not too inferior to the stars of her age.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 9

However, similar to other "flowers" of Cbiz, Trieu Kim Circuit is also trying to change and become more perfect in the eyes of the audience. For example, in the historical project "Do Hoa Nien", in collaboration with Truong Ling Hach, her princess image initially received countless compliments from the audience.

Zhao Jincircuit: Zhang Ling Hachs new love, feuding with ancient shapes - Photo 10

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