Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince"

Hoàng PhúcDec 15, 2022 at 14:24

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Trang Khan is a name that many people pay attention to, especially due to shocking statements on social networks and noise with a few individuals. On the evening of December 14, Trang Khan suddenly revealed a s.hock about the late artist Phi Nhung in a livestream.

Specifically, in her sales livestream, Trang Khan mentioned that artists were slandered and insulted by anti-fans with comments on social networks. The former model is quite upset when it comes to this issue, she thinks that many netizens have gone too far by being harsh and insulting the late artist Phi Nhung.

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 1

In it, Trang Khan also revealed the cost of the late artist's treatment for Covid-19 for the first time. "The entire payment for Ms. Nhung's Covid treatment is 3.2 billion. Nhung is not free," the former model revealed.

At the same time, when referring to the mother-child relationship between Ho Van Cuong and the late artist Phi Nhung, Trang Khan also revealed for the first time that the late artist had repeatedly defended and defended Ho Van Cuong.

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 2

Trang Khan said that she had advised Phi Nhung many times to let Ho Van Cuong's family go out to live alone and independently because the b.oy did not listen, and at home did not help Phi Nhung and the children with housework. However, the late artist defended Ho Van Cuong and replied: "My son let me teach, you don't interfere. I can take care of my child".

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 3

Previously, at the time of the late artist Phi Nhung's d.eath, the former model had repeatedly expressed frustration about Ho Van Cuong and the male singer's family. Trang Khan also went to his own house to meet Ho Van Cuong, livestream asked the 18-year-old vocalist about asking or hiring someone to ask for m.oney to help him? However, the male singer only bowed his head silently, confused and worried.

The former model has also been criticized many times for regularly livestreaming about Ho Van Cuong and the late artist Phi Nhung.

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 4

After the above incident, Ho Van Cuong's career became precarious and precarious. In the midst of this time, the help of singer Ngoc Son helped adopted son Phi Nhung step by step on the path to success. Former C.hild Music Idols can sing on shows big and small, hone their singing skills as well as increase their own income.

Recently, Ho Van Cuong also received great news that made fans happy, boldly claiming the name "prince" for his adopted son Phi Nhung. Accordingly, most of Ho Van Cuong's shows are sold out and filled with audiences, which makes fans choose the title "box office prince" to congratulate and acknowledge what he has done. .

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 5

"Calling him 'box office prince' might be a bit of an exaggeration but at least at this stage it's absolutely true. Since all the shows he's been on as a guest or minishow combined, All are empty seats.

I once heard someone say that selling 100 tea room tickets in this Ho Chi Minh city is not an easy thing, especially when everything in life after the pandemic is difficult. People are always worried about overcoming the economic consequences, few are still eager to enjoy. And he appeared, as a phenomenon of the name guaranteed to bomb every box office, "hard fan Ho Van Cuong shared.

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 6

It can be seen that, under the guidance of singer Ngoc Son, Ho Van Cuong, after more than a year of trouble and noise, has had a brilliant and successful career. Recently, at a show, Ho Van Cuong also made many people admire when he was gifted with valuable items such as flower bouquets with m.oney, even gold. Regarding these special gifts, Ngoc Son said that Ho Van Cuong is completely the owner, the male singer only receives support, teaches singing and connects shows for Ho Van Cuong.

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 7

Ngoc Son also added that all the m.oney as well as gifts that the audience gave to Ho Van Cuong were held by the male singer and had his own plan, the singer Ngoc Son confirmed that he did not keep any m.oney. by Ho Van Cuong.

Trang Khan "unveiled" Phi Nhung's secret, calling out Ho Van Cuong's name when the male singer was called "Prince" - Photo 8

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