Trang Khan "lowered his voice" to congratulate Ho Van Cuong, fans wondered: What plot is this?

Hoàng PhúcJan 07, 2022 at 17:36

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The video of Trang Khan talking about Ho Van Cuong is receiving a lot of attention from netizens.

On January 5, the 100-day visit to Phi Nhung was held at her home. On her personal page, former model Trang Khan also posted a series of photos and videos at the visitation ceremony. It is worth mentioning that among the videos that Trang Khan posted appeared a woman who looks and dresses very much like her biological mother Ho Van Cuong.

Trang Khan "lowered his voice" to congratulate Ho Van Cuong, fans wondered: What plot is this? - Photo 1

In response to these questions, the former model recently posted a clip confirming that the woman that netizens speculated was not Ho Van Cuong's biological mother. In particular, instead of expressing the same attitude as the previous times when mentioning the late singer Phi Nhung's adopted son, this time, Trang Khan was extremely emotional, she said she wanted the audience to be happy for everything. At the same time, I also hope that Ho Van Cuong as well as Phi Nhung's children will achieve success so that the late singer can rest assured.

Trang Khan "lowered his voice" to congratulate Ho Van Cuong, fans wondered: What plot is this? - Photo 2

It is because of Trang Tran's emotional way of talking that many netizens are extremely surprised and left questions below the video. At this time, the former model insisted that he would still speak up if Ho Van Cuong ... his father lied.

Previously, at the time of the late singer Phi Nhung's d.eath, Trang Tran repeatedly expressed anger and attacked Ho Van Cuong and the male singer's biological parents. When Phi Nhung died not long ago, the former model also went to her house, forcing Ho Van Cuong to go live to answer the question of whether or not the male singer asked a certain CEO to reclaim the m.oney from Phi Nhung.

Trang Khan "lowered his voice" to congratulate Ho Van Cuong, fans wondered: What plot is this? - Photo 3

During the live stream, she repeatedly asked Ho Van Cuong, but the male singer just kept quiet and bowed his head, confused and worried.

Not stopping there, Trang Tran continued to have other livestreams, and used a series of vulgar words to talk about Ho Van Cuong. She thinks that the male singer must be kicked out of the house.

Trang Tran's actions at that time aroused many fierce controversies. The audience has 2 streams of opinion. One part supported the former model, saying that Ho Van Cuong should say a sentence to clarify m.oney matters, avoid letting his adoptive mother die and still suffer from the market. However, others think that it is not advisable for Trang Tran to criticize and attack a teenager.

After a long time of "hiding" after the incident related to Phi Nhung's adoptive mother, Ho Van Cuong recently officially returned to the stage. Notably in this comeback, the male singer appeared with singer Ngoc Son and elected Thuy.

Trang Khan "lowered his voice" to congratulate Ho Van Cuong, fans wondered: What plot is this? - Photo 4

Sharing with the media on the sidelines of an entertainment event, Ngoc Son talked about Ho Van Cuong for the first time. Specifically, Ngoc Son thinks that Ho Van Cuong is very simple and that is a very important thing: "Gentleness and popularity are very important, even me, even though I put on such a splendid suit, I still love the audience."

Talking about Ho Van Cuong, Ngoc Son said that the male singer is a very pitiful b.oy, instead of blaming, more than losing small things, Ngoc Son hopes the audience will support and give tolerance to Ho Van. Strong.

"Let's help me, I save, I can't teach this place, that place can't, then Cuong obeys immediately. I taught me that, through some training sessions, I found Ho Van Cuong very obedient, listen.

Among my students, Ho Van Cuong is my priority because he also understands the c.hild's situation. In addition to elected Thuy - my sworn brother for many years, we do not exaggerate but give our feelings to Cuong. I earnestly urge everyone who is anti to come back and support her. I promise not to disappoint everyone," Ngoc Son confided.

Besides, Ngoc Son said he felt pity when he saw the plight of the student: "Looking at Cuong's situation, me and Thuy were in tears, we could only feel compassion. Me and elected Thuy created everything. events, always side by side to support Cuong as well as many other situations".

It is known that in the near future, Ngoc Son and his close brother - elected Thuy will create all conditions to do the best things for Ho Van Cuong, in the immediate future being together on stages, the entertainment event.

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