Tran Ngoc: VTV's coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Ha's "real teacher"

Bút BiJun 12, 2024 at 15:09

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MC Tran Ngoc (born 1987) is a familiar host of Vietnam Television.

Before becoming a TV MC, Tran Ngoc was a student at the Faculty of Physics - Nuclear Technology, University of Natural Sciences. He came to television in a very "charming" way when he was accepted as a collaborator with VTV3 when he was only 19 years old.

At that time, 8X never thought he would become a professional MC. He worked as a field reporter, hosted game shows, talk shows and many small internal programs. Up to now, the MC born in 1987 has had 14 years in the profession with many happy and sad memories, not lacking in b.lood and tears.

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 1

Currently, MC Tran Ngoc leads many programs such as VTV3 Technology Startup, VTV7 Science Discovery, VTV7 No Whispers, VTV7 Teen School. In addition, he takes on the position of MC for Tet programs such as Alo Tet, Meet TV Actors, or live reporting programs such as Olympia finals.

Besides, Tran Ngoc is the producer of VTV7 channel. He also participates in speaking skills training and hosting for the MVP (Master of Voice Power) club, and manages work at his wife's wedding photo studio.

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 2

Talking about the factors to become a professional MC, Tran Ngoc said: "The first thing to do is research the nature, format of the program, and who the audience is. Then, the MC needs to agree with the director." and scriptwriter in terms of content, practice many times before filming. For live shows, MCs have to practice more carefully to avoid risks when going on air.

Sharing memorable memories, Tran Ngoc said: "I once fainted and went to the emergency room right at the studio because of working too hard for a long time. There was a time when I stayed up all night to make the Morning Coffee news with VTV3 a lot. Too bad, when I went on air to greet the audience, I bit my tongue in pain and cried. Sometimes, while leading on stage, I heard the news that my colleague had passed away. It's been 14 years, I've been through everything."

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 3

But to him, the MC is not simply a host but a friend of the audience. That's why he chose to share his feelings with viewers. Finally, the MC must maintain the best condition no matter what objectively happens.

During his career, he many times stood between the boundary between leaving and staying. At the age of 21, 8X was directed by his family to study abroad in Japan. He decided to give up and stay at the station. Many media agencies sent job offers, but Tran Ngoc did not go.

"VTV gives me everything I have now: work, opportunities, relationships, the love of the audience... MCs like us always need a platform, a place for the audience to seen and recognized, and VTV gave me that. If it weren't for VTV, I wouldn't have realized what job my abilities belonged to because I originally studied engineering."

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 4

When asked if MC is as easy to get rich as many people think, Tran Ngoc expressed: "I think not. I will say this job gives us good income, but for many people, that is not rich. For Personally, I want to enjoy the emotions on stage first. If I do that job well, other things will come naturally."

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 5

Tran Ngoc said, MC is a job that requires complete skills, talents, social knowledge, life experience and work experience, so if you are too young, you definitely cannot satisfy it all.

"I don't worry about competing with young people because the audience has a lot of tastes and preferences. Now, sometimes I do casting to recruit MCs for some shows, I also hope to have excellent young people appear, but It's really rare," he added.

Regarding marriage, Tran Ngoc's wife is Trinh Mai Phuong - a quite famous photographer among young people. The couple Tran Ngoc and Trinh Mai Phuong appear on many forums and are admired by the audience for their beautiful appearance and often give each other kind words on social networks.

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 6

For MC 8X, the fact that he and his wife work in different professions is a big advantage. Tran Ngoc and his wife have many stories to tell each other. They support each other at work and together adjust their time to take care of their families.

"Everyone has to try to spend more personal time doing housework, no matter how busy or time-consuming it is, they have to do it because my wife and I are both busy people. My wife cooks, I have to wash dishes and clean. home. Everything is shared quite happily," he said.

The MC born in 1987 added that before getting married, his wife was quite jealous, especially with someone like him who had many female fans. However, after four years of marriage, they both agree that trust is the important thing in a relationship. J.ealousy will make things tense and won't solve anything.

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 7

It is known that MC Tran Ngoc also has a famous favorite student, TikToker Dang Thu Ha. The two also had the opportunity to co-host the program When Women Take Charge on VTV3.

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 8

Talking about "her teacher", Dang Thu Ha shared: ""The special thing is that every time I lead, I have an instructor - Editor Tran Ngoc by my side. There are two problems: the teacher can scold him at any time, even while leading. But looking at the positive side, I'm always given instructions like if I say something wrong, it's immediately corrected."

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 9

In particular, MC Tran Ngoc is also the matchmaker for the Tiktoker g.irl with her current husband, Quang Dung. Dang Thu Ha herself also said that she was confused because the teacher suddenly made a match, so when she met Quang Dung, the first question she asked was "What year were you born? Were you born in 1999? That doesn't match my age." . Ngoc, don't associate anymore!". However, the two later got married and prepared to have a b.aby. Tran Ngoc is also the MC at the wedding of female Tiktoker.

Tran Ngoc: VTVs coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Has real teacher - Photo 10

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