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Rumor has it that Selena Gomez is dating the niece of the former US President and is promised to enter the White House?

Hoàng Phúc18:11:44 14/04/2024
After her noisy relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was caught up in many love rumors. One of them is the rumor that the female singer is dating Jack Schlossberg - the grandson of former US President John F. Kennedy.

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Taylor Swift is supported by a billionaire to be President of the United States, the reason is surprising

Đình Như17:28:56 09/03/2024
Participating in the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Singapore, billionaire speculator Ray Dalio suddenly half-jokingly and half-seriously explained why this star should become the future president of the United States.

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Nostradamus prophesied 2024, coinciding with chilling warnings

Khánh Huyền16:31:37 03/03/2024
Nostradamus, a French astrologer, once predicted that the world in 2024 would see plagues and famines, naval wars, the new pope and the new king. He had many chillingly accurate predictions for 2023.

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"Miss Pig", Miss Universe 1996, is still as beautiful as a dream after many years of being ridiculed by Trump

Phi Đức17:07:16 11/01/2024
Possesses a radiant and beautiful b.ody, face and charisma. But the former Miss Universe was once called a pig by Donald Trump just because she gained weight during her term.

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Miss Universe 2014 was accused of "hypocrisy" by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years?

Phương Thảo16:22:48 06/01/2024
Although she was the last queen under Donald Trump, the beauty from Colombia was considered a hypocrite by the owner of the pageant. Paulina Vega was also not to be outdone when she strongly condemned the former US president's statements.

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Pham Ngoc Ha My: F.emale s.tudent gave flowers to President Donald Trump, married a millionaire, is now a CEO

Nguyễn Kim09:48:18 27/12/2023
Pham Ngoc Ha My was once famous as the Vietnamese f.emale s.tudent who had the honor of giving flowers to President Donald Trump. After 6 years, she is a millionaire in technology, with a fulfilling and happy family life that many people dream of.

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Taylor Swift was in trouble and was criticized by Donald Trump for not being willing to let her surpass her

Snow15:33:46 22/12/2023
After Taylor Swift was honored by Time magazine as Person of the Year 2023, former US President Donald Trump felt dissatisfied with this result and hinted at something about the singer's love story.

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Arabella Kushner: 12-year-old niece of former President Donald Trump is "perfectly talented"

Tuyết Ngọc21:57:35 12/12/2023
During puberty, Arabella Kushner had a height of 1m70 and a delicate beauty that increasingly resembled a beauty. From an early age, she was a famous rich kid known to many people.

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Taylor Swift surpassed former President Donald Trump, Twitter owner immediately made a move to attract attention

Tuyết Ngọc21:34:57 08/12/2023
Right after Taylor Swift was honored by Time magazine, technology billionaire Elon Musk made a statement that was considered unattractive; His wishes quickly became a h.ot topic on social networks.

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Jackie Kennedy: Witnessing the President's husband being m.urdered before her eyes and a series of tragic days after remarrying

Đình Như14:59:11 26/11/2023
Although she came from an average background, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis later became one of the most famous women in America, holding positions from First Lady to billionaire's wife. Not only that, this woman is also a symbol of...

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Miss Universe Thailand was praised by the US President's wife, is the Miss Universe crown firmly in her hands?

Hoàng Phúc11:52:17 25/09/2023
On September 21, beauty site Sash Factor published an article saying that Jill Biden - the first lady of the US President - praised the reigning Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Anntonia Porsild.

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The youngest daughter of the Obama family lived a carefree life after leaving the White House, people shook their heads in dismay for this reason!

Bình Minh15:27:16 22/09/2023
Shaking off the image of the innocent, lovely g.irl she once was, Sasha Obama completely transformed and showed a different image at the age of 22. Her different, free-spirited dressing style became the center of attention.

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The youngest Obama daughter, dressed in underclothing that caused "eye soreness", was caught red-handed for an act in the middle of the street

Nguyễn Kim10:57:10 07/09/2023
Dismissing the title of former first lady of the White House, Sasha Obama - the youngest daughter of former President Obama since entering adulthood often attracts attention with her liberal lifestyle, r.evealing dress sense, even controversial on social networks.

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Two shockingly rebellious former President Obama's daughters, dressed in exposed "flesh" outfits for all-night partying

Nguyễn Kim10:49:16 26/08/2023
Appearing at a star-studded nightclub night hosted by rapper Drake, Malia Ann and Sasha Obama, former US President Obama's 2 daughters attracted attention with their r.evealing style.

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Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold"

An Nhi11:25:51 20/09/2022
Although not born at the same time, the predictions of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga have amazing similarities. This is what has shocked many people. Nostradamus and Baba Vanga are the most famous and followed prophets of modern times. Every year, their predictions over the course...

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Hoang Zitao - Cbiz's son who refuses to grow up, curses even US President Donald Trump

Hoàng Anh12:56:29 09/09/2022
Once the most hated male idol in China, but his relentless efforts, along with a straightforward personality, and a kind heart, Hoang Zitao gradually became one of the male idols that caused a lot of sympathy. Best Cbiz. Recalling the process of his career activities, many...

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Joe Biden - US President rises above "family tragedies"

Hoàng Anh14:50:06 13/08/2022
When he takes office in January 2020 at the age of 78, Biden will become the oldest President in US history. Although compared to his time as Vice President, his figure has become thinner and his smooth white hair is much thinner, Joe Biden is still confirmed by doctors as "a...

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Ivana Trump - Donald Trump's first wife died, the cause of d.eath was shocking

Hoàng Phúc13:53:03 15/07/2022
Ivana Trump, businessman and first wife of the former US President, died at her home in New York. She is not only the mother of Trump's three oldest children, but also the woman who helped him build the "Donald Trump" empire. Late on July 14, the New York Police Department said...

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BTS is treated unfairly, is it difficult to be exempt from military service?

Hoàng Phúc09:18:50 12/07/2022
According to Osen, BTS in particular and the Korean mass entertainment industry in general are suffering injustice in the matter of serving mandatory military service. Osen emphasized that in the land of kimchi, popular art, including idol groups, is still considered inferior to...

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BTS showed off their superb visuals at the White House, and taught US President Joe Biden to "shoot hearts"

Rosé08:19:59 02/06/2022
Crowds of fans gathered around the White House fence. The White House live stream, which usually doesn't receive large audiences, drew more than 230,000 viewers before the event began. On May 31 local time, BTS met with President Biden in honor of AANHPI (Asian American and...

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Beyoncé and world stars spend millions of dollars to protect themselves

Hoàng Phúc15:18:13 03/03/2022
According to SCMP, when appearing in public, celebrities are often accompanied by many other people. This is also considered one of the factors that help them attract attention and stand out in the crowd. If you pay close attention, fans will realize that around celebrities are...

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Khoa Pug revealed the conspiracy of many people to take advantage of him to "save" m.oney, implying Vuong Pham?

Hoàng Phúc07:46:27 18/01/2022
Faculty Pug continues to have interesting sharing. Khoa Pug said, many people said he was arrogant when he decided not to cooperate with anyone anymore. But this H.ot Youtuber revealed, everything has a reason for it. Specifically, a few hours ago, Khoa Pug released the next...

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Khoa Pug recovered his spirit after the drama, went to Donald Trump's 15 million/night resort to enjoy luxury

Hoàng Phúc07:35:01 14/01/2022
Khoa Pug's spirit was happy again. He continued the expensive, genuine reviews as before. After a noisy time with his regal friends, from diamond tycoon Johnny Dang to young millionaire Vuong Pham, Khoa Pug announced that he would not be involved with those people anymore and...

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Prince Harry compared Covid-19 to HIV, involving Princess Diana, causing public outrage

Như Ý17:18:04 02/12/2021
Recently, Prince Harry appeared in a video shared on Youtube, on the occasion of World Epidemic Prevention Day. In the clip, the Duke of Sussex claimed to have many similarities between the Covid-19 pandemic and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The video also features a quote from the...

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