Miss Universe 2014 was accused of "hypocrisy" by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years?

Phương ThảoJan 06, 2024 at 16:22

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Although she was the last queen under Donald Trump, the beauty from Colombia was considered a hypocrite by the owner of the pageant. Paulina Vega was also not to be outdone when she strongly condemned the former US president's statements.

Paulina Vega is known as Miss Universe 2014, her final year under former president Donald Trump. She was favorably named the most perfect queen in Miss Universe history. Paulina Vega was born in 1993, the beauty from the powerhouse of Colombian beauty pageants.

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 1

Paulina was crowned at the age of 21. At that time, the beauty possessed an extremely beautiful face with a perfect physique when she had a height of 1.79 m and a standard 3-ring measurement of 90-60-95. To this day, the figure of Miss Universe 2014 is still a legend in this pageant. She not only has outstanding beauty, but also possesses extremely intelligent, sensible and extremely brave intellect. Many viewers assumed that Paulina's charisma was indeed to come here to see who was the runner-up.

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 2

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 3

Although she is the "youngest daughter" of Donald Trump, the noise between the two makes beauty fans unforgettable after 10 years of being crowned.

Specifically, the incident began to be started when during his US presidential campaign, Donald Trump made discriminatory words towards Mexicans. The beauty pageant mogul said Mexican immigrants brought d.rugs and criminals to the United States. A wave of protests against Donald took place. Colombian Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega was among them.

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 4

Paulina said Donald Trump's comments hurt and insulted the Latino community. She spoke out as a Colombian citizen and a Miss Universe expressing support and sharing with her community.

In Latina magazine, Paulina Vega went on to express her feelings when speaking out against Donald Trump: "I am really worried not only as a Miss Universe but also as a Colombian citizen and a human being, as the injustice continues. I feel the need to take action because this case directly concerns me in many ways: law, work, and my feelings about Latino remarks."

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 5

At that time, she revealed that she also faced pressure to give up the crown from friends and relatives. However, Paulina Vega decided not to give the title back because she still sees the good benefits and community value that the Miss Universe organization brings.

Shortly after these words of the reigning Miss Universe 2014, billionaire Donald Trump expressed his anger on his personal page: "Miss Universe Paulina Vega criticized me for telling the truth about immigrants but she did not give up the crown. What a hypocrite."

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 6

The "war of words" between the two sides was extremely intense at that time. But instead of feeling that this young woman is a "hypocrite", fans admire the strength and courage of the Colombian beauty, this issue is extremely sensitive but she is completely brave enough to face and is not afraid to f.ight 1 on 1 with the great force Donald Trump.

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 7

It is this noise that makes the audience even more impressed with the last queen of the Trump era. After 10 years of being crowned, Paulina Vega still maintains a beautiful youthful beauty. On her social media profile, the queen often shares everyday images, although she has little lipstick, her face at the age of 31 is still extremely fresh and radiant. Paulina proved to be a lover of exploration, she often traveled, climbed, and relaxed around the world. In addition, Miss Universe 2014 also shared many photos of training to maintain fitness, read books and take care of health. Although it has been 10 years since changing hands, Paulina Vega is still like a wall of beauty that no beauty has been able to knock down.

Miss Universe 2014 was accused of hypocrisy by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years? - Photo 8

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