Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue

Gia NhiJun 18, 2024 at 11:38

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"Saint of closing orders" Pham Thoai has shared his experiences about the livestream sales industry. As the leading name in this work, Pham Thoai said reality is not what people think. He revealed that he had to be given water after each live because he lost strength.

Among the content creators active in Vietnam, Pham Thoai is a name that attracts a lot of attention. He is considered a trend leader in the livestream sales industry, his order placement rate in each live session is extremely huge. Pham Thoai's name is also considered a guarantee for huge sales, billions of dong to tens of billions. Because each of his livestream sessions attracts tens of thousands of viewers.

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 1

Becoming a mentor in the reality TV show looking for livestream talent, Closing Star, Pham Thoai proved his position by taking two contestants from his team, Yen Dan and Marko Nguyen, to be crowned Champion. and 2nd runner-up. After the program, having the opportunity to meet the media, Pham Thoai had remarkable shares about the truth of this profession.

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 2

People were extremely shocked to learn that the job of sitting and talking in front of a camera to sell products is really not what people think. When asked about revenue numbers, it caused controversy recently when a few creators claimed the livestream reached 100 billion or 150 billion. Being accused of being a virtual number, "raising chickens", Pham Thoai commented: "I work in the livestream industry, so I understand that the revenue at the end of the live session and the actual revenue are very different. Because there is still a ratio. The refund rate is because customers buy products based on their emotions but then they don't receive the goods. I only know that there is such a difference in revenue, but I don't know about the story people talk about fake sales.

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 3

"People keep saying they raise chickens and open sales classes, people also ask questions about how to sell like that. Actually, I don't have such numbers so I don't know. I haven't done it yet. With such high sales, they don't know anything. Nowadays, the audience is very smart, they're not bad. Looking at it, the audience knows what's virtual and what's not, how can the audience not know?"

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 4

When asked about his dream of reaching a hundred billion in revenue, Pham Thoai frankly confided: "Well, I can't breathe. I can achieve the number of 100 billion VND, but my health doesn't allow it. If everyone Trying to live for 24 hours will feel very tiring. It's not just a sales story. Every time I finish a live stream, I have to drink water and take supplements. I feel very scared. I've never lived for 40 hours before. I have only done a 24-hour livestream once. At this time, the revenue was 2 million USD (about 50 billion). I think that's okay, my health is not guaranteed to do it It can't be done in 24 consecutive hours. After the live, there are many other things to do, sometimes you have to keep staying awake, you can't go to sleep.

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 5

If this condition lasts long, giving fluids or taking medication is inevitable. I just do it. But now I'm so tired that even if I breathe oxygen, I'll tell everyone about it. That's the story behind the scenes. Customers don't believe the numbers because they haven't seen them directly. Any brand that has directly worked with KOLs - KOCs and then livestreamed orders will know right away. As for virtual numbers, there are many factors that influence it."

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 6

Pham Thoai also said that the costs of building an image and investing in filming clips to supplement his livestream work are not small, all from his own pocket, without sponsors. "I spend a lot of m.oney on teaser clips to introduce the livestream session. I invest in entertainment clips on TikTok. I don't think anyone on social networks spends as much m.oney on these parts as I do. There are clips that I leave out." up to 400 - 500 million VND. This is my own m.oney, there is no sponsor," Pham Thoai shared.

Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue - Photo 7

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