Pham Thoai got angry, "scolded and slapped" fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun

Nguyễn KimApr 02, 2024 at 21:32

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After Pham Thoai's fake April Fool's Day wedding, many people expressed outrage because they thought that getting married was a lifelong thing that could not be joked about. Receiving a "storm of criticism" from fans, Pham Thoai went on an extremely intense "combat" livestream.

On March 28, Pham Thoai made headlines when he suddenly announced his marriage. The wedding took place at his home in Hai Phong. Even this information was so sudden that when sending wedding invitations, many friends and colleagues did not believe and could not arrange to attend. Just 1 day later, photos of weddings, wedding theaters, brides and grooms, guests appeared rampant on social media.

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 1

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 2

Although famous for playing, the wedding that Pham Thoai set up was considered "perfect", the dress the bride wore was peeled off as a poor quality imitation, the guests of the two families gathered only more than two dozen people, the bride's parents did not appear.

"The only wedding in the whole country no one believes", this is the love phrase for Pham Thoai's hometown wedding.

Suddenly on the morning of April 1, Pham Thoai reposted the recap clip of this wedding and attached the status: "Bumper wedding day. Sorry to the whole family," he added: "Happy April Fools, everyone."

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 3

Under the comment section, someone wondered why the wedding was a joke and then his own mother appeared on stage, to which Pham Thoai replied: "No, this my mother doesn't know."

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 4

In the face of netizen's criticism, this guy Pham Thoai went on the livestream to get angry. Pham Thoai said that netizens could not blame him for not sending cards, only sending them to close friends via private messages.

Pham Thoai corrected that he did not post any information about his fake wedding before April Fool's Day, so it cannot be said that he deceived the audience. He said that the viral clips before April 1 were inherently information from passersby filming and uploading tiktok before April 1, not information from Pham Thoai himself.

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 5

"I tell you guys, it's better that video I posted another day to say I can, but if I posted it on April 1, I don't have the right to blame me. I organized before April 1st, sent cards but did not send them to the online community, there was none. Sending on messenger is private. On April Fool's Day, people jokingly turned to scold. This day to trick but not happy" - Pham Thoai shared.

Not stopping there, he also accused his close friends of leaking the news that Pham Thoai invited him to the wedding despite being told to keep it a secret. Pham Thoai added that he posted the video on April Fool's Day, the day when he was allowed to lie happily, so he expected people to be happy and positive, not angry.

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 6

Although I know April Fools can joke with each other, bringing something as big as a wedding to make fun of is probably only thought of by Pham Thoai. Many expressed their dismay at the arguments Pham Thoai shared.

- Lifetime dirty content flop. I don't know how the artist was able to get along or not.

- Make the color too skyy.

"I'm starting to distrust him.

Noticed after a series of livestreams pretending to be saleswomen and talking style "scolding or singing", Pham Thoai's name (Norin Pham, SN: 1996, Hai Phong) gradually became known to many people. In the "Golden Age", there were sales livestreams of this guy that attracted hundreds of thousands of views, sometimes even reaching 1.3 million followers.

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 7

Despite having high engagement, Pham Thoai also has a pretty powerful antifan force. The proof of every post about him on social media is that antifans rush to disparage and criticize.

Pham Thoai got angry, scolded and slapped fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun - Photo 8

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