Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didn't give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue

Bút MựcMay 29, 2024 at 14:44

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Recently, transgender H.ot TikToker Ho Anh Trinh announced her breakup with her American boyfriend (named Aaron, born in 1992). According to the sharing, the reason is that even though they have been together for such a long time, Anh Trinh's boyfriend does not consider marriage or any future for the two of them. Every time she mentions a visa to go to the US, regardless of whether it is to get married. When I often go on a trip, my boyfriend hums, giving me this and that excuse.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 1

And the c.limax that led to Anh Trinh's decision was her boyfriend's refusal to give her m.oney to buy a house: "Recently I asked for m.oney to buy a house. I said if I get married and have children in the future, every time I come back to Vietnam to play, I will A place to live. But buying a house in the countryside costs a few hundred million, which is equal to one month's salary, but that's not much. So I feel like I want to break up with someone for 7 years It's just one of their choices."

She added that after the breakup, she didn't feel sad but was happier, thinking why she didn't break up sooner. In addition, Anh Trinh also took a day off to plan and set her next goal.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 2

After listening to the transgender beauty share, many people expressed regret for the couple's love story, but there were also many opinions that agreed with this decision. Because when in love, everyone wants to have a clear future plan and cannot wait forever.

It is known that Ho Anh Trinh (28 years old, An Giang) is a H.ot TikToker with 355,000 followers. Anh Trinh's social media clips mainly revolve around sharing beauty products, b.ody care, and her trips and meals abroad.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 3

She confided that she realized her gender was different from her appearance from an early age. She likes to wear dresses, clogs, and hang out with women. Trinh's family saw but did not object to her actions.

"When I was 19-20 years old, I practiced wearing makeup, wigs, and dresses like a g.irl. People were shocked but gradually accepted my true gender. I feel very lucky to have my parents understand." , 9X expressed.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 4

After finishing high school, she passed the French Language exam at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. However, due to family conditions, in her 2nd year, Trinh switched to studying makeup.

After a few months of studying professional makeup classes, Trinh graduated and returned to her hometown to work. Thanks to her skillful hands, she is trusted by customers to "paint faces". Occasionally, Trinh filmed makeup clips and posted them on Tiktok. Unexpectedly, the videos trended. "The number of views on makeup tutorial clips is quite high, so I decided to develop my personal Tiktok channel.

When I became more known, I ventured into the field of product experience and reviews. This job helped me earn income from Tiktok and brands. In addition, I also sell self-designed fashion," Anh Trinh happily said.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 5

Anh Trinh and Aaron have known each other since 2017, through a dating app. At first, because of busy work and geographical distance, the two rarely met, mainly chatting on the phone.

About 3 - 4 months, the couple will meet each other and travel to many countries such as Thailand, Korea, Singapore, France,... By 2019, the two will officially date. Anh Trinh and Aaron also brought each other home to meet their families and both received love and support.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 6

Since we met, the boyfriend has always been the one to pay from A to Z. Both of them made this clear from the beginning. Only if the boyfriend feels like he can handle it will he agree to go on a date. However, Ho Anh Trinh also affirmed that she still earns m.oney to take care of herself and her family, has her own finances, but in love, she wants to be loved by her boyfriend and take care of everything. Currently, Anh Trinh is a KOC, specializing in reviewing cosmetics and beauty products. And Aaron has a master's degree and is working as an engineer.

Transgender TikToker broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt give her m.oney to buy a house, fans argue - Photo 7

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