Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is "cocky" with the station staff

Lan ChiJun 15, 2024 at 17:04

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Currently on the social network Weibo, the keyword "Chau Da - difficult face" has climbed to the Top 1 entertainment news trend. Actress Chau Da caused controversy when she had an unfriendly attitude towards TV station staff, people immediately shouted Ngo Can Ngon's name because they were identical.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 1

Specifically, in a video at the Douyin Cinema Night event posted by CCTV6, when the staff said "Hello Chau Da", the actress turned away and continued walking without responding. again. While seniors like Dang Sieu, even the director, interacted friendly through CCTV6's lens, "Li Bingbing's pet chicken" did not respond with a smile like other artists. criticized for his cold, unsympathetic face.

Not only that, Chau Da was also compared to Luu Hao Ton - the actress who scored points when she bowed in thanks while receiving the a.ward. Luu Hao Ton also smiled friendly at the reporter, contrary to Chau Da's attitude.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 2

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 3

Chinese netizens criticized Chau Da for "suffering from star disease", not long into her career but already looking down on others. Before the fierce controversy, Chau Da's fans clarified that this was not the official filming area of the organizers, so Chau Da probably thought it was c.razy fans or paparazzi.

However, CCTV6 also expressed its attitude towards Chau Da's actions. When posting videos about her, the station did not add any other captions or background music. In addition, a video of a staff member wearing a uniform and holding a phone with the channel's logo was also posted overnight to prove that Chau Da knew it was a person from CCTV6 but still turned a blind eye.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 4

Under the video, many people were dissatisfied and criticized her for being arrogant, "She has a cold face but saying hello is basic politeness", "I understand why she is never popular", "Who would single-handedly destroy her career?" mine like that". Chau Da currently also has a number of movies about to air. This can directly affect her work.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 5

Similar to the case with Chau Da, Ngo Can Ngo also had a scandal with CCTV6. In 2018, when "Dien Hy Cong Suc" became famous, Ngo Can Ngon was accused of his star attitude and did not go to the interview location as agreed. Not only that, the actress also made many "claims" to CCTV6.

Worth mentioning, Ngo Can Ngon also wanted to change the interview location and asked CCTV6 to pay the cost. After completing all procedures, the actress received another schedule and refused to be interviewed by CCTV6.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 6

Therefore, CCTV6 posted a long article to comment, saying that Ngo Can Ngon's attitude will definitely hinder his career. China Central Television requires the artist's team to work more professionally, give up their star attitude and reflect on their actions.

After being "named" by CCTV6, Ngo Can Ngon's career went downhill when he did not receive good projects. The actress became almost anonymous after "Dien Hi Cong". It wasn't until "Mac Vu Van Gian" aired that Ngo Can Ngon gradually rediscovered his glory.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 7

Following in the footsteps of her seniors, Chau Da's image has now collapsed in the eyes of public opinion. The actress' past scandals were also brought up, sparking a wave of criticism on social networks.

Chau Da is currently Li Bingbing's "favorite chicken" and is enthusiastically promoted by Chinese celebrities. The actress follows the image of cold, "pure, pure ice". She was voted the most beautiful actress in the group of little flowers born after 1995 - including Trieu Lo Tu, Tong To Nhi, Vuong So Nhien, Truong Tinh Nghi. In 2023, Chau Da entered the top 4 votes for "Thinh The Beauty" (beautiful beauty that shocked the world), along with Liu Yifei, Liu Thi Thi and Nghe Ni. However, Chau Da often causes controversy with her unfriendly expression in front of the camera when attending events, and has been criticized for lacking basic knowledge.

Comparing the two incidents, many people believe that it will take a lot of time for Li Bingbing's student to build his image and regain public sympathy.

Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is cocky with the station staff - Photo 8

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