Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search

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The TVB annual awards ceremony was held in Hong Kong on the evening of January 14 to honor outstanding artists and works in 2023. Charmaine Sheh became the center of attention on the awards night when she won three gold trophies.

The most prominent of which is the resounding victory in the category of Best Actress (The Queen Mother). The moment Lam Phong and Duong Di (Duong Thien Nghieu) announced their names, the 49-year-old star could not hide his happiness. She shared her joy with her co-stars before going on stage to receive the prestigious a.ward.

Also on the night, Charmaine Sheh was also named in two other important categories: Most Popular Actress in Malaysia and Most Popular Actress in the Greater Bay Area (including Hong Kong - Macau - Guangdong).

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 1

The famous artist took proud moments on stage to thank the film crew, his collaborators, his biological mother, TVB leaders and the audience who voted for him. The star expressed her happiness and honor to work with talented actors: Ma Quoc Minh, Ly Thi Hoa, Cao Hai Ninh, Ha Quang Bai... and was grateful to receive so much love. . The former TVB star's spectacular victory also became the focus of attention on all news sites and social networks from Hong Kong to the mainland.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 2

Charmaine Sheh won all three awards above thanks to her role as Van Tue Tam in the movie News Queen, which caused a fever at the end of last year. This result is not too surprising because from the time the work debuted until the star entered the nomination list, the media and TV audience predicted she was the top candidate for TVB Queen this year. when there is a performance that stands out more than the other names in the nomination. The TVB Queen A.ward of the actress born in 1975 at this year's awards ceremony also marked the third time she conquered this a.ward after w.inning for her roles in Phung Hoang Lau (2006) and Apostle Practitioner (2014). She is also the first person to be crowned Queen 3 times at TVB.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 3

Not only Charmaine Sheh won big on the night, the movie News Queen in which she starred also "sweeped" the awards night, becoming the work that won the most categories with 8 gold trophies. In addition to the 3 wins belonging to the female lead, the Queen of News also won additional awards: Best TV Drama, Most Popular TVB Movie in the Greater Bay Area, Most Popular TVB Actor in Malaysia , Best Supporting Actress, Best Soundtrack.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 4

In addition to Charmaine Sheh's spectacular victory, this year's TVB Awards also honored many other outstanding artists and works.

The Best Actor A.ward (Thi De) named Tran Hao for his role as Van Hoa in Destroying Strong Poison. The 52-year-old actor is currently one of TVB's main actors, participating in many important projects of the station. Last year, he also made his mark with the movies Romeo and Chuc Anh Dai starring with his wife - Tran Nhan My.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 5

Ma Guoming received the a.ward for Most Popular TVB Actor in Malaysia for his role as Tony Leung in News Queen.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 6

Huynh Tong Trach of the movie "Integrity" won the a.ward for Most Popular TVB Actor in the Greater Bay Area.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 7

The TVB annual awards ceremony is the prestigious event most anticipated by audiences in Hong Kong entertainment. Because in the past, there were many big-name stars who were recognized and loved such as: Thai Thieu Phan, Charmaine Sheh, Le Tu, Quach Kha Doanh, Ly Nhuoc Dong, Truong Kha Di, Chau Hai My, Quan Vinh Ha, Tuyen Huyen, Dang Tuy Van, Uyen Minh Thuyen, Tiet Gia Yen, Quach Thien Ni, Duong Di, Ho Dinh Han, Ho Hanh Nhi,... were all honored at this a.ward.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 8

After many seasons of TVB being "stoned" for awarding awards to undeserving actors, causing TVB's disappointed audience to come out and call for a boycott, this year's a.ward ceremony is considered a saving grace for the station. regain credibility in the hearts of fans.

Xa Thi Man broke records, won TVB Queen 3 times, climbed straight to top 1 h.ot search - Photo 9

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