Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce?

Bảo NamFeb 21, 2024 at 17:28

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Cung Tu An was a familiar face on the small screen in the 1990s. Whenever she was mentioned, fans fondly called her the "screen lover" of "Trien Chieu" (Ha Gia Kinh).

Born in 1963, Cung Tu An's real name is Cung Thi Tay. In 1984, she participated in the acting course of TVB television station.

She started acting in her first film titled Thu Can alongside Uong Minh Thuyen, Ta Hien, Luu Giang and Nham Dat Hoa,...

Since the 80s, Cung Tu An has been a famous name alongside veteran actors, she appeared simultaneously in famous TVB works at that time: Duong Gia Tuong, Ky Mon Quy Coc, ..

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 1

At the time of playing Duong Gia Tuong, the actress was rumored to be in love with Huynh Nhat Hoa. After that, they reunited again in another project, further raising suspicions of a "fake love movie".

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 2

At this time, Huynh Nhat Hoa had a girlfriend, so the actress was criticized by the Hong Kong press as "little tam". At that time, the actor revealed that he and his girlfriend had broken up, but this still somewhat affected Cung Tu An's image in the eyes of the public.

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 3

In 1990, after completing the film Thuc Son Ky Trung, she left TVB to join ATV.

Here, she had the classic role of Nhiep Tieu Phung in the movie Snow Flower Magic Sword, which "stormed" Asian screens at that time.

Cung Tu An's powerful acting brought out a love-filled Niece Tieu Phung who took advantage of both biological daughters to take revenge on his lover. It can be said that this is the actress's most memorable role on the small screen.

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 4

But not only does she work in ATV, she also collaborates regularly with stations in China or TVB. The works she participated in later also left many impressions such as Journey to the West, Snow Mountain Flying Fox or Bao Bao. Thanh Thien 1993.

Her reputation in China is also widely mentioned with 3 roles in the famous TV series Bao Thanh Thien 1993. They are the cheerful and adorable Truong Di Phan in Yin and Yang Fortune Telling, and Nie Tieu Hong's high martial arts skills. strong in Thanh Long Chau and Lien Thai Van blinded by hatred in Huyet Van Phan.

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 5

Among them, the movie B.lood Van Phan was extremely enjoyed by many viewers when they witnessed the tearful love story of Trien Chieu (Ha Gia Kinh) and Lien Thai Van. Every time Cung Tu An is mentioned, fans fondly call her Trien Chieu's "screen lover".

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 6

B.lood Van Phien is a film about a strange flag in the Wanderer, specializing in attacking anyone who bleeds on the way.

Wherever the flag goes, someone must die and if attacked by it, that person will have their b.lood drained until they become a dry c.orpse. That's why there is a saying: "Use b.lood to lure B.lood Cloud Phien".

By chance, Lien Thai Van saved Trien Trieu's life when he was attacked by Huyet Van Phien. From then on, the two fell in love and went through many hardships together. But Thai Van was the one who stole B.lood Cloud Fan from Kaifeng Palace to save his adopted younger brother Lien Hao Dan.

After discovering that the enemy who harmed her parents was her adoptive father Lien Con, she continued to use B.lood Cloud Phien to commit a series of crimes to punish him. On the day he was captured, Thai Van chose to end his life with Trien Chieu's own sword instead of being executed by Cau Dau.

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 7

The moment Thai Van passed away in the hands of Trien Dai Hiep made many people emotional and considered this the saddest love story in Bao Thanh Thien.

Later, while filming Tuyet Son Phi Ho, she fell in love and married Lam Vy. The two had a son and a daughter together. During that time, she temporarily stopped her artistic activities to take care of her family.

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 8

Only when the children grew up did Trien Chieu's on-screen lover return to movies. At the age of U60, Cung Tu An surprised many people with her youthful, loving, and salty beauty.

However, at the end of 2019, she and her husband filed for separation, the reason is said to be that her husband had another woman. In addition, actor Tuyet Son Phi Ho said that although they have not officially divorced, both families soon knew about it.

The actor just wants to resolve everything quietly, not wanting to make it public in the press. Lam Vy also affirmed: "If I had to return to that house every day, I would go c.razy."

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 9

The actor decided not to dispute the shared house in Hong Kong with Cung Tu An. The couple has long been financially independent. On his personal page, Cung Tu An also wished Lam Vy happiness.

The couple's daughter, Lam Khai Linh, also joined the entertainment industry. Khai Linh inherited her mother's beauty and was dubbed "Hong Kong version of Ngo Boi Tu". Lam Trac Nghi's son is 21 years old and 1.8 m tall.

Even though she now only takes on supporting roles, the actress is always satisfied with what she has: "After giving birth, I still did not give up work, every time I act in a movie I watch it as a gift." a vacation in itself. Taking care of children for a long time is very tiring, going out to film is not work but rest."

Cung Tu An: The most pitiful beauty, Bao Thanh Thien, how is she living after the divorce? - Photo 10

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