Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a "chan king", rich thanks to his wife

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Tieu Chinh Nam is a talented actor of the TVB small screen. Entering the profession since 2002, he has worked diversely in the fields of singer, MC and made his mark as an actor. However, just because of one sentence, his career was in trouble.

It can be said that Tieu Chinh Nam is one of the most unbelievable "coming to life" cases on the Chinese screen ever. First of all, Tieu Chinh Nam was originally born from a poor family, living right next to the prison. Because of his family's difficult financial situation, he had to leave the world early to work to make a living. When he was 17 years old, his father unfortunately contracted carcinoma and needed urgent treatment. At that time, Tieu Chinh Nam was f.orced to find a job with fast and high income, so he eventually became a part-time model.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 1

Lucky to have a tall, bright appearance, Tieu Chinh Nam received many advertising s.hooting contracts. Later, he "encroached" on music and won many awards, w.inning many large and small singing competitions. He was noticed and helped develop by a person in the entertainment industry named Ly Tan. Tieu Chinh Nam did not expect that in a short time, he would have the opportunity to collaborate with many big stars such as Chau Tinh Tri, Mai Diem Phuong... Thanks to these opportunities, he was recruited by TVB to be an actor in 2019. 2003.

Tieu Chinh Nam had the opportunity to play many different large and small roles, scoring points in projects such as Monster Hiep Nhat Chi Mai, Palace of Tam Ke, Dai Eunuch, Decoding Nhan Tam 2... Having success in all 3 areas In acting, singing and modeling, Tieu Chinh Nam is considered a bright talent of the Chinese market in the 2000s.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 2

Unfortunately, the more he appeared, the more the audience discovered that Tieu Chinh Nam could not play the main character. His acting skills are still poor, he can play a supporting role, but if he plays the main character, he can easily be "overwhelmed".

Perhaps that's why, from being excited when he was chosen to be the new Tieu Sinh, the audience gradually became bored when they saw him appear. However, he is still trusted to participate in most of the station's h.ot movies.

In addition, at the time when his career was developing, an unfortunate incident happened that caused the 7X male star to struggle and decline. At that time, Tieu Chinh Nam had many competitors. One of them is Mach Tuan Long. Pressure from opponents puts Tieu Chinh Nam under pressure. At an awards ceremony, Tieu Chinh Nam said: "Evil cannot defeat justice" as a reference to Mach Tuan Long. This makes male star Mach extremely angry. With his relationship, Mach Tuan Long plotted to harm Tieu Chinh Nam, causing him to leave the company and "freeze" his entire career. Tieu Chinh Nam spent a long time away from the screen, looking for a peaceful place.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 3

Almost losing his career, Tieu Chinh Nam had to leave his homeland and go to the mainland to find another path.

Tieu Chinh Nam spent 4 years wandering around the entertainment world, unable to find a role that suited him. Struggling on the mainland, he had to return to TVB. Returning to the land of Port Thom, the actor once again made his mark on the audience. TVB was determined to "carry" Tieu Chinh Nam, he won many main roles and had the opportunity to cooperate with big names such as Ho Hanh Nhi, Le Dieu Tuong.

But when one door closes, another door opens. Tieu Chinh Nam did not change his life through acting, but changed his life through... getting married. Tieu Chinh Nam made a spectacular comeback, attracting public attention when he publicly married actress Hoang Thuy Nhu. The two previously worked together in the movie Madam, then dated secretly.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 4

Tieu Chinh Nam's warmth and sweetness touched the rich g.irl's heart.

It is worth mentioning that while Tieu Chinh Nam is a famous "poor guy", Huynh Thuy Nhu is a rich man. Her father is the director of a large company, leaving his daughter an inheritance of up to 10.2 billion yuan (equivalent to more than 34,000 billion dong). By becoming the Huynh family's son-in-law, Tieu Chinh Nam and his wife automatically "shared" the fortune.

It is known that the two's wedding took place secretly with a limited number of guests attending. The actor also chose the location as an isolated resort to avoid reporters' lenses.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 5

In contrast to the sensitive love stories in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, the couple received support from both the audience and colleagues. At the 2018 TVB annual awards ceremony, Tieu Chinh Nam suddenly publicly called Huynh Thuy Nhu "Mrs. Tieu" on stage with the blessings of the station's leaders and artists.

Previously, actor Tieu Chinh Nam released a series of wedding photos of himself with his wife Huynh Thuy Nhu on Bali island (Indonesia). "I like to see you smile. Always smile happily and walk with me for the rest of your life. If you don't mind, in the next life, let's meet again, gently touch each other's forehead, to remember forever." about each other," he wrote.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 6

According to Huynh Thuy Nhu, the special thing about her husband that she appreciates is because he is a person who doesn't have many thoughts and lives very simply: "He is a person who doesn't have too many thoughts, just likes to laugh foolishly and wave." walking with my lover. I said I like simple beautiful things, he said you do too."

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 7

In addition, thanks to a fairy-tale love affair with Hoang Thuy Nhu, Tieu Chinh Nam gradually regained his career. His wife was the one who helped him connect and return to the TVB screen with many unique projects. At the 2023 TVB awards ceremony, he was nominated for Thi Thi thanks to the project Breaking Poison Cuong Nhan. At the current age of nearly 50, Tieu Chinh Nam is still youthful, loves life and is satisfied with life.

Tieu Chinh Nam: Was m.urdered because of a joke, became a chan king, rich thanks to his wife - Photo 8

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