Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry

Bảo NamMay 03, 2024 at 15:44

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Married for 18 years and having 2 children together, Quach Tan An and Au Thanh Di once made many viewers admire by their full, full marriage. Recently, however, the couple announced their separation.

Specifically, on his personal page, Quach Tan An posted the status: "We separated two years ago. After careful consideration and discussion between the two parties, we finally decided to divorce. This decision is helpless and difficult."

Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry - Photo 1

The former TVB actor thanked the years spent with Au Thanh Di, expressed gratitude that the two sacrificed for each other, worked hard for their small family, and sent his ex-wife best wishes. Au Qingyi made a similar announcement.

The news that Guo Tan An - Au Thanh Di divorced made many viewers regret. Over the years, they have been considered one of the model couples of the fragrant port entertainment industry, going through many turbulences together to preserve a happy home. According to HK01, the singer born in 1979 once praised her partner as an honest and simple husband; Good father, good at taking care of children, ten times more attentive than her. The beauty also revealed that the couple have many things in common, including religious beliefs. When problems arise, they pray together, calm down, and slowly resolve the problem.

Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry - Photo 2

According to Hong Kong media, the cause of the couple's divorce may be due to the actor's busy work schedule, which led to "separation from the heart".

The "The Story of Vuong" star and his wife once revealed that they sometimes went through a marriage crisis. The frequent disagreements and quarrels made them not talk to each other for half a year. The actor surnamed Guo revealed that in the 10th year of his marriage, he was depressed, tired of being busy filming while his wife left showbiz to focus on improving herself and reeling from her studies. The couple gradually grew apart and disagreed about their children's education.

Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry - Photo 3

Guo Tan An also admitted that in an impulsive moment, he thought about divorce but then brushed it off and tried to heal. The star shared that the couple tries to save their marriage by spending time together at least 1 time a week, without pressure on their children to become elite students. This not only alleviates tension between the couple but also makes their children more comfortable.

After the divorce, the duo remained friends, together raising their children in the best way. Currently, Au Thanh Di and her two children are overseas.

Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry - Photo 4

Guo Tan An was born in 1964, joined the entertainment industry in the mid-1980s and was once one of TVB's most expensive actors. This actor is familiar to the audience through many hit dramas: Scout Files 4, Grim Challenge, Criminal Police, Deviant Chopsticks, First Heaven, Special Investigation Team, White Color Strong ... In particular, the artist is remembered by many Vietnamese viewers for his role as the idiot Dinh Thuong Vuong in the hit movie The Story of Vuong (2005) starring Tuyen Huyen and Huynh Tong Trach. Quach Tan An is famous for his diverse and ingenious acting ability, having won the TVB Emperor 3 times. In 2016, the actor and TVB stars went to Vietnam to film The Fatal Revival.

Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry - Photo 5

Au Thanh Di was born in 1979, she joined the entertainment industry as a singer then encroached on acting and appeared in a number of TVB dramas: Journey to the West 2 (1998), Predestined Luong, Strange Courage, Worthy of the Face of the C.hild... After marriage, the beauty gradually moved away from the entertainment industry, spending time taking care of her small family and pursuing her studies.

Guo Tan An and Au Thanh Di have been in love since 1999 when they both collaborated on a travel program. Despite the large age difference, the two overcame all barriers to marriage in 2006.

Guo Tan An divorced his wife after 18 years of marriage, the reason why everyone was sorry - Photo 6

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