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When news broke that Vuong Hac De was collaborating with his ex-lover Tieu Chien, netizens strongly objected

Khánh Huyền15:29:17 30/01/2024
Just when information appeared that Vuong Hac De was preparing to work with his ex-lover Tieu Chien in a new movie, fans immediately expressed their strong opposition. Knowing the reason, everyone had to nod.

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Tieu Chien revealed evidence of his relationship with "girlfriend" Ngo Loi and was suddenly praised for one thing

Hoa Tuyết20:31:46 27/10/2023
Handsome man Tran Tinh Lenh was seen favoring this little flower more than Duong Tu, even though the two have never acted in a movie together. Notably, he was just praised by a director for being so respectful of his career.

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Lu Duc Hieu: Ngu Thu Han's "enemy" in Van Chi Vu, her outstanding beauty overshadows the female lead

Bình Minh16:56:45 26/10/2023
Luu Duc Hieu has an extremely beautiful appearance, suitable for traditional costumes, causing many female leads to be overshadowed when filming together. Recently, the little flower g.irl caused a stir when she appeared in the work Van Chi Vu.

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Tieu Chien was miserably harmed by fans, "disrupted" many hits because the idol missed a major a.ward, became an "enemy" of Cbiz

Nhật Hân11:19:27 23/10/2023
The recent actions of Tieu Chien's backyard made Chinese netizens angry. Accordingly, the top male actor is at risk of becoming Cbiz's stepchild because of his own fans.

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Tieu Chien's fans went to the post to criticize Vuong Nhat Bac for "blackmailing" the Golden Rooster ceremony, netizens: It's not fair to be angry!

Gia Linh10:43:40 19/10/2023
The fact that Vuong Nhat Bac suddenly appeared in the nomination category at the prestigious Golden Rooster Awards 2023 made Chinese netizens surprised. Accordingly, Tieu Chien's fan's foul play caused intense controversy.

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Tieu Chien caused a stir among netizens when he was photographed hugging his girlfriend in a bar. What did insiders say?

Gia Hoàng10:27:31 12/10/2023
Recently, there was a stir on Chinese social networking forums when a series of intimate photos between Tieu Chien and the g.irl in question spread at breakneck speed. Netizens stood still before the actor's statement.

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Xiao Chien proved his class when he announced this before his birthday, Wang Yibo was no less

Gia Linh16:17:32 06/10/2023
Once again, Xiao Chien proved how influential his status in Cbiz is. Besides Xiao Chien's good news, Wang Yibo was enthusiastically called by fans.

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Xiao Chien was picked up by domestic fans, encountered international netizens battered for "daring" to surpass 2 male BTS beauties

Bảo Tiên14:56:45 03/10/2023
Recently, global fans were surprised when Xiao Chien's name suddenly took the lead in the ranking of the most attractive Asian male stars in 2023. Worth mentioning, the names behind are commented to be on the peak male b.ody.

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Ngu Thu Han "escaped" the life of an internet hotgirl, turned into a star that thousands of people love, and is still controversial because of this!

Hoa Tuyết21:34:54 30/09/2023
Previously, Ngu Thu Han and Trieu Lo Tu were severely criticized by the public for their dressing style when appearing at Milan Fashion Week (Italy). However, her recent appearance has made netizens turn around.

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Tieu Chien was suddenly "touched" when he was named in a series of tax evading artists. Will his career be shaken?

Gia Hoàng07:24:16 27/09/2023
Recently, a list of artists caught up in the tax debt scandal was posted on a Chinese online forum. Notably, Tieu Chien suddenly appeared in this deity list.

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Tieu Chien lost his image because he was "angry" while filming, making the station "blush", the reason is shocking!

Nhật Hân15:40:17 21/09/2023
Tieu Chien's reaction surprised and confused many netizens because he is always a calm person and knows how to maintain his image every time he appears. Is the reason for the actor's anger worth accepting?

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Tieu Chien clearly shows his ambition to become "Trieu Le Dinh's junior", despite being gossiped about, he still tries to prove his class

Huỳnh Phúc18:44:50 17/09/2023
The information surrounding Tieu Chien's future direction surprised many netizens. Besides, the actor proves that his traffic value is always far ahead of his competitors.

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Xiao Chien's new film has just been praised by fans who flooded into "destruction", causing netizens to be outraged

Gia Hoàng09:55:32 07/09/2023
Xiao Chien's career since Super Typhoon Chen Jingying has attracted fans in a short time. Xiao Chien and Yi Un's fans also emerged from here. However, the couple's over-the-top mania made netizens bored.

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Xiao Chien "closed the date" to publicly date his girlfriend in the same industry, fans eagerly awaited the day to become a couple

Uyển Đình10:36:24 30/08/2023
Xiao Chien's career after the Chen Tinh Command project can be compared to the noonday sun, rising like a kite to the wind. Rising to the top position in the Chinese-language entertainment industry, the actor has many opportunities to be charmed with many famous beauties.

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Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the "good news", determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei

Hướng Dương11:27:39 22/08/2023
Actor Xiao Chien and a beauty familiar with the Chinese-language entertainment industry have just made a new move, said to be related to a much-anticipated super product.

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Xiao Chien was again compared to Wang Yibo: "Also beautiful but not equal"

Bảo Tiên18:34:46 13/08/2023
Although used to be a duo with boat propulsion in the top of Chinese fans. However, the fact that Xiao Chien was always brought out to weigh and measure with Wang Yibo showed no signs of stopping.

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Student Xiao Chien had a crush on his brother Yang Zi, and he almost didn't recognize her because he was so different

Hướng Dương08:12:19 12/08/2023
Recently, people were stirred when they witnessed the moment when Yang Zi's brother and student Xiao Chien interacted sweetly in the movie Jin Xiu Anning.

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Xiao Chien "should be charmed" with Zhao Liying, what is his current position that he is confident in?

Hoa Tuyết07:33:52 07/08/2023
Recently, it was revealed that Xiao Chien's side is discussing cooperating with ratings queen Zhao Liying in a new film project, which makes people can't help but look forward to it.

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Yangtze's new movie just aired broke the record, far ahead of Xiao Zhan in this point

Hướng Dương13:02:35 25/07/2023
As rumored, Truong Tuong Tu, starring Duong Tu, was broadcast on July 24. Not long after, the film has gained many admirable achievements, surpassing even Tieu Chien's Ngoc Cot Dao.

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Tieu Chien has just reached the peak of the "stage segment", then turned to clean up his relationship with Vuong Nhat Bo

Nhật Hân14:44:47 23/07/2023
The year 2023 can be called a big victory for Tieu Chien - the new peak of the Chinese entertainment industry when he surpassed many heavyweights at the same time to prove himself. But recently, Tieu Chien has acted to stir up public opinion.

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Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, "Ngoc Cot Dao" is criticized, "new love" is bricked for 1 reason

Snow20:26:35 19/07/2023
Ngoc Cot Dao, played by Tieu Chien and Nham Man, is one of the hottest films on the Chinese screen up to the present time. But when put on the comparison scale, it is impossible to surpass Hoa Thien Cot.

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Tieu Chien closes the deal for 2 upcoming movies, ready to bomb the screen after a long time of being held back

Hoàng Anh11:24:57 01/04/2023
From the beginning of 2023 until now, it can be said that Tieu Chien has appeared densely in major events in China and internationally, and the level of coverage on social networks has also increased. Predictably, this is the best time for the actor's return to the screen, and...

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Tieu Chien suddenly opened Instagram, ready to f.ight with Vuong Nhat Bac in the international market?

Hoàng Anh11:45:48 06/03/2023
The fact that the famous Chinese actor - Tieu Chien opened an Instagram account made many viewers wonder. Many questions related to this issue have been raised and become one of the topics of great interest to netizens. As is known, although Chinese artists are very famous in...

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Tieu Chien is about to introduce "new love" to the audience, the "g.irl side" is praised more beautiful than Duong Tu

Hoàng Anh14:33:20 19/12/2022
Recently, on Weibo, a blogger revealed that the film of Tieu Chien and Ly Tham is about to be released to the audience in the first quarter of next year. On film discussion forums, in addition to showing an expectant attitude towards the new project of handsome man Tran Tinh...

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