Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely

Hoàng AnhOct 20, 2022 at 10:25

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In addition to Ngoc Cot Dao, Tieu Chien has another film that has been filmed for a long time and is waiting to be broadcast, which is the Sea of Dream. However, recently, the actor's film was suddenly "frozen" indefinitely, for legal reasons.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 1

Specifically, producer Tran Tinh Lenh, who is also the crew of the Sea of Dreams, was sued by the company that owns the copyright, demanding compensation of 6.3 million yuan. Toan was interrupted by the crew's activities and had to stop completely.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 2

This is the fault of the producer, has nothing to do with the cast, but netizens still have to complain because it affects Tieu Chien and Ly Tham too much. Currently, the film is being screened indefinitely and has no broadcast schedule.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 3

The Sea of Dreams is the fifth collaboration between Tieu Chien and Ly Tham. Because the interaction between the two is stable, the film is very much anticipated by netizens. The film tells the story of a group of young Beijingers in the 1970s who are full of enthusiasm to f.ight and pursue their dreams. This is a rare film marking the clear transformation of Tieu Chien.

It can be said that Tieu Chien's collaborations with Ly Tham have faced many difficulties. It can be mentioned that Douluo Mainland - one of Tieu Chien's first works, was also screened for 4-5 years before it was broadcast.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 4

Besides the Sea of Dreams, the current audience is focusing their attention on Ngoc Cot Dao.

"Ngoc bone knife" has the participation of Tieu Chien and Nham Man. Although the film has not yet aired, the film has officially reached the milestone of 4 million pre-orders, becoming one of the works with the greatest interest to date.

This is considered a huge number for a Chinese-language drama. Having this, largely thanks to the name of Tieu Chien.

The film is adapted and adapted from the novel Chu Nhan by writer Cang Nguyet. The content tells about the turbulent love story of Crown Prince Khong Tang - Thoi Anh (Tieu Chien) and the district lord Xich Toc - Chu Nhan (Nham Man).

Crown Prince Thoi Anh is a cool, calm person with a noble identity, while the princess Chu Nhan is enthusiastic and loyal. It is Chu Nhan's pure heart that makes a rigid Time Photo become perfect and more vivid. She once broke all limits to become many "firsts" of Time Photo, and eventually became the love that is deeply cherished and cherished for the whole life of that high-ranking mandarin.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 5

Despite great investment in production and content, Ngoc Cot Dao cannot avoid having consecutive bad luck.

Specifically, before it was announced that "Bright Han" had ended, Tencent would broadcast a new film project of Tieu Chien and Nham Man. From the movie that seemed to have fallen into oblivion, the name was suddenly mentioned, making the audience look forward to it. However, after that, the film crew "Ngoc Cac Dao" officially denied the above rumors, saying that the film will air when everything is ready.

This made many viewers disappointed because it has been more than a year since the film closed, but the project is still motionless.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 6

When the noisy showtime has not cooled down, the main actor of "Pearl of the bone knife" is Nham Man, causing controversy. Specifically, she was criticized for "running many film crews at the same time. It is known that in August this year, Nham Man had a filming schedule for "Happiness" with "Dong Tu Kien." However, during this time, she still join "Dealer Tu Thieu Khanh Du".

What is controversial is that when "Dai Tu Thieu Khanh Du" is performing, the actress participates in "Sparkling stars". Thus, she is likened to having to "clone" to run many movies at the same time. This makes many viewers angry and thinks that the actress is too greedy, it will be difficult to follow the quantity to ensure the quality for each movie she participates in.

The controversy of the female lead word of "Ngoc Bone Dao" caused the film to be affected. Thus, although not yet aired, Tieu Chien's work is facing some difficulties.

Tieu Chien had bad luck when a new movie with Ly Tham was screened indefinitely - Photo 7

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