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"Cry" Naphat reappears with a strange interface, fans still regret it

Lan Chi17:18:20 19/07/2024
After the press conference announcing Baifern's farewell that shocked the land of the golden pagoda, Nine Napat suddenly reappeared to regain his masculine form, making fans both sad and sad. Recently, Nine Naphat attended the opening ceremony of the movie Mana Man at Channel 3, Building...

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Baifern's visual glowed after the breakup, netizens breathed a sigh of relief

Bảo Yến16:36:29 11/07/2024
The new image of Baifern Pimchanok, when present at the opening ceremony of the new drama Thong Prakaisaed, has attracted great attention from audiences throughout Asia because this is the first time, Baifern has officially appeared after Nine Naphat farewell scandal.

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Trieu Lo Tu and her "husband" teamed up to take down their old love, fans enthusiastically supported

An Nhi16:05:17 26/06/2024
The movie Let Me Shine by Trieu Lo Tu in collaboration with Tran Vy Dinh began filming on June 10, attracting the attention of a large number of public opinion and the media. The film is expected to go beyond "Theft That Can't Be Concealed".

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Trieu Lo Tu's career is increasingly "promoting", Bach Loc is "overwhelmed" too miserably

Kim Lâm17:10:11 25/06/2024
Both are famous little flowers of the Chinese entertainment industry, Trieu Lo Tu and Bach Loc are always compared by netizens in terms of both career and beauty. In recent times, the space-traveling saint has become more and more powerful, far surpassing her opponents.

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Trieu Lo Tu silently "humiliated" the beauties, only one person was undefeated

Châu Anh16:30:32 24/06/2024
Trieu Lo Tu is one of Cbiz's famous little flowers. In recent years, the actress's career has increasingly flourished, receiving many remarkable achievements that other beauties of her age can hardly achieve.

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The movie with Quach Phu Thanh and Co Thien Lac was praised so much, the drama was unforgettable

Bút Bi13:30:33 20/06/2024
Kowloon Citadel: Siege of the Citadel is proof that Hong Kong is still the king of martial arts films. Veteran actors like Hong Jinbao, Co Thien Lac, and Quach Phu Thanh still have enough strength to f.ight for many more years.

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Trieu Lo Tu kissed her "husband" on the lips in a public backstreet, revealing details that made fans uneasy

Uyển Đình21:31:25 17/06/2024
Recently on social networks, Trieu Lo Tu caused a fever with a romantic moment with her on-screen husband Tran Vy Dinh right on the street. After being widely shared, many fans expressed concern about the couple's relationship because of this one point.

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The film with Liu Yifei caused controversy because of the excessively violent scene, the rating exceeded the record

Bút Bi16:50:47 10/06/2024
The details of the violent scenes in the film are reflected as too vulgar and offensive and should not be shown on national television. However, there are also many opinions that the two characters have grown up, so the expression will be more passionate.

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Trieu Le Dinh again revealed evidence of living with Lam Canh Tan, there are always photos taken with him

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:05:15 05/06/2024
After Dao Phuong Hanh ended, Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan were enthusiastically pushed by the audience. Many times, the two have also been scrutinized for evidence of moving into the same house, attracting attention from fans.

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Let Me Shine: Zhao Lu Tu "dated" Chen Yuting, the b.oy was happy to come out

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:12:42 03/06/2024
Recently, the film Let Me Shine has announced the opening time with the two main actors, Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Vy Dinh. This information has caused many mixed opinions on Chinese-language film forums.

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Trieu Lo Tu achieved achievements that no one else has achieved, Vuong Nhat Bac and Duong Tu are far behind

Kim Lâm14:39:03 20/05/2024
Trieu Lo Tu has continuously received great news over the past few days, making the actress's fans constantly proud of their idol. Not only that, the time-traveling saint also surpasses both Vuong Nhat Bac and Duong Tu.

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Trieu Le Dinh's son appeared outstanding, Phung Thieu Phong pampered him

Nguyễn Kim15:52:32 13/05/2024
Even though they divorced in 2021, the relationship between Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong is still of interest to the audience. In particular, after many years of hiding, the couple's son revealed himself to the media for the first time, causing a storm on the internet.

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Hoai Linh returned to movies, fans immediately preempted the 14 billion story, did not let go

Đức Trí06:49:35 02/05/2024
Hoai Linh has just made waves in the online community when he made a move to return to movies, in collaboration with actor Tuan Tran. People immediately did not leave the artist alone, when he called about the noisy suspicion of blocking 14 billion charity m.oney i.n the past.

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Zhao Liying's new movie, which hasn't been released yet, is already receiving favor, with fans jumping on board with the male lead

Mẫn Nhi11:52:17 26/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh's new movie, which has not been released yet, has already received favor from the giants and is predicted to be another blockbuster. Just revealing a photo with her co-star behind the scenes immediately made fans jump on the boat.

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Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point

Châu Anh11:22:51 15/03/2024
After a period of bombardment in the film industry, Vuong Nhat Bac has returned to the small screen race with the project Truong Phong Pha Lang in collaboration with Ly Tham. Recently, the two announced good news that made fans look forward to it.

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Choi Sung Eun: Song Joong Ki's new love, possessing the same beauty as Kbiz

Vân Anh14:50:53 05/03/2024
Choi Sung Eun is new to the Korean film market since 2019. She was born on 17/06/1996 and is currently one of the potential actresses sought after by many management companies.

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New film Song Joong Ki: criticized by Korean media still climbs to top 1 in Vietnam

Mẫn Nhi22:20:00 04/03/2024
My name is Loh Kiwan of Song Joong Ki with good achievements in some countries, including Vietnam. However, Korean media did not appreciate this new work of the actor.

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"Fairy sister" Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40

Nhật Duy15:08:25 24/02/2024
Despite having an extremely outstanding and progressive acting career, Liu Yifei's personal life is quite quiet. Worried that her daughter would be single her whole life, the actress's mother urged her to get married soon before the age of 40.

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Chae Soo Bin: the on-screen girlfriend of a series of male idols, has everything but lacks resilience

Phương Thảo15:00:25 27/01/2024
Chae Soo Bin, an actress who is both beautiful and talented, has played many leading roles alongside a series of famous male idols. Although she possesses many advantages in her profession, her name has not really shined so far.

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Jung Hae In is officially out of love with Jisoo, the reason why fans are satisfied

Nắng14:19:03 05/01/2024
At the end of 2023, actor Jung Hae In's career is turbulent, as he is rumored to be taking banned substances. In addition, the male lead Snowdrop was also accused of having an affair with the owner of a karaoke bar related to the late actor Lee Sun Kyun.

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Park Min Young's new movie is criticized for destroying the original, her beauty after weight loss attracts attention

Châu Anh17:14:01 22/12/2023
Returning to the film race, Park Min Young attracted attention when her attempt to lose weight to only 37kg in Marry My Husband made many viewers sad. Despite her extremely respectful attitude, her new film still causes controversy because it violates the original work.

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Trieu Lo Tu's Than An disappoints with "3 cents" effects, beauty and acting not as expected

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:06:18 18/12/2023
Hidden Than with the participation of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu is a film that has been expected since the filming information was released. However, after airing, not only the script but also the main cast also caused a lot of controversy and disappointment for viewers.

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Kim Yoo Jung was indifferent to Song Kang's "exposed" abs, but behind the camera showed an unexpected attitude.

Châu Anh22:31:21 13/12/2023
Recently, Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang are causing a storm on social networks when starring in the movie My Demon. As time goes on, the movie's plot gradually becomes more intense, and at the same time, the relationship of the two main characters also reaches a new turning point.

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Trieu Lo Tu "resumed their old love" with Tran Triet Vien, suddenly reunited after breaking up, making fans very happy

Uyển Đình10:32:15 12/12/2023
The perfect coordination and explosive chemistry in the love story Accidental Theft Can't Hide helped Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien receive enthusiastic support from the audience. Recently, the couple unexpectedly reunited, making fans extremely happy.

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