Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the "good news", determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei

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Actor Xiao Chien and a beauty familiar with the Chinese-language entertainment industry have just made a new move, said to be related to a much-anticipated super product.

2023 is really a "busy" year for Xiao Chien as the actor has successive works premiered on screen. After the success of the movie "The Sea of Dreams", the actor will continue to entertain the Chinese-language fan community with the historical project "Jade Essence Dao" has come to an end and "Sunshine With Me" is on the air.

The emotional urban project "Sunshine with Me" starring Xiao Chien and Bach Bach Ha, which opened on September 28, 2022 and finished filming in February this year, is currently expected to be "released" in the near future. In addition to the Chien-Ha sisters, the supporting actors of the film are also familiar names to the audience such as: Zhou Zhou, Huong Ham Chi, Wang Lin, Theory Tian Yu.

Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the good news, determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei - Photo 1

Accordingly, in response to the expectations of fans, recently, on social media suddenly spread the information that "Sunshine with Me" is expected to premiere in October on CCTV and broadcast in parallel at Dong Phuong Radio. Thus, after "Jade Essence Knife", Xiao Chien is likely to have another drama aired this year.

Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the good news, determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei - Photo 2

At the time when the film was not filming, many viewers were concerned about the age difference between Bai Baekhe and Xiao Chien. The reason is because Bach Bach Ha was born in 1984, 7 years older than the male lead Tran Tinh Command. But in return, the actress's small stature when standing next to her handsome male co-star still helps the two get sweet interactions.

Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the good news, determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei - Photo 3

"Sunshine Is With Me" is adapted from Gu Man's novel of the same name, which revolves around the famous female director Xia Bing. once, by chance, Xue Bing "bumped into" Sheng Yang (Xiao Chien) at a restaurant. Sheng Yang was a person who lost faith in love, and without thinking about it, decided to marry Sheng Bing.

When the two get together, Sheng Bing has just ended a failed marriage and Sheng Yang's love helps her regain confidence in her work. Meanwhile, under the guidance and encouragement of Sheng Bing, Sheng Yang also gradually matured. He went from being a recklessly naïve teenager to becoming more steadfast, mature.

The two grow up together, overcome the prejudices of family and society together, become better versions of themselves. Thereby, creating a meaningful and warm love story.

Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the good news, determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei - Photo 4

Audiences who love the film adaptation must be no stranger to Gu Man. She is the author of many stories that have been adapted into films such as: Together for Life, Vi Vi Nhat Xuan Thanh, You are my pride ...

Unlike love triangles, amnesia or accidents, Gu Man's stories are loved because the charm of the main couple is always warm and sweet. Actor Xiao Chien also shared in an interview that the role of Sheng Yang made him a warmer person.

Although Xiao Chien became famous after acting in historical films, when participating in works with a modern context, he is still highly appreciated. Typically, recently, the movie "That Dream Sea" that he starred in with Li Shen achieved excellent ratings. For "Sunshine with Me", some people said that Xiao Chien's combination with co-star Bai Baekhe – one of the stars with acting power, will make the work receive more positive reactions.

Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the good news, determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei - Photo 5

However, in order for "Sunshine with Me" to continue to be a successful project of Xiao Chien, it is necessary to achieve the achievements that previous films have achieved such as, reaching the top of the temperature index charts, achieving high media discussion and hottest characters. Take for example the drama "You Are My Pride" played by Yang Yang and Zhu Li Heatbo, which used to be so h.ot that it crashed the WeTV platform when too many people accessed simultaneously to watch the movie. Will Xiao Chien and Bai Baixia's on-screen grace have the same effect?

Xiao Chien and his older lover announce the good news, determined not to give in to Yang Zi and Deng Wei - Photo 6

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