Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, "Ngoc Cot Dao" is criticized, "new love" is bricked for 1 reason

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"Ngoc Cot Dao", starring Tieu Chien and Nham Man, is one of the hottest films on the Chinese screen up to the present time. But when put on the comparison scale, it is impossible to surpass "Hoa Thien Cot".

Not long on air, Ngoc Cot Dao 's stats are all quite good, even surpassing many strong opponents such as "My World Fireworks", "Performance School" and "The Stealth Can't Hide" to rise to the top. to the top of the table. However, apart from those indicators, Ngoc Cot Dao is not appreciated. Even the Chinese media cannot deny, they think that this cooperation of Tieu Chien and Nham Man is really disappointing.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 1

Specifically, the QQ site has rated Ngoc Cot Dao as "the wrong version of Hoa Thien Cot". In many important aspects such as the script, acting and chemistry, it can't be compared to the genuine original version of Trieu Le Dinh and Huo Kien Hoa.

When the film crew uploaded a picture of Tieu Chien (as Thoi Anh), many fans expressed their interest in the style of the master. However, when the movie was officially broadcast, it was disappointing, because Time Photo was more like a disciple. Some people think that the same character stands in a high position and is respected by everyone, but Bach Tu Hoa (Huo Kien Hoa) is very respectful. In addition, Huo Jianhua at that time was not too different from the current Tieu Chien.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 2

As for the female lead, she was criticized by netizens for her beauty and appearance; They think that Nham Man even loses to the supporting female cast in the film. Moreover, the actress has a rather sad expression that is completely unsuitable for the cheerful and vivacious Chu Nhan.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 3

At this time, netizens constantly called Trieu Le Dinh's name to compare, because when taking on the role of Hoa Thien Cot, the little flower g.irl also had the same shape but brought a cuteness and mischievousness more like a disciple.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 4

One thing that leads to Ngoc Cot Dao being underestimated is because the content is not new, still revolving around the love story between the male and female leads, combining opposite circumstances similar to Hoa Thien Cot in the past; Therefore, the development of the film is said to be predictable.

Chinese moviegoers commented, this movie uses characters to lead the plot. In a word, it is to adorn the character's image completely, but the details will be based on to be written. But inadvertently the way of the scriptwriter makes the details more incoherent and patchy, thereby reducing the attraction and drama of the film.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 5

For example, the scene, Time Photo angers the royal concubine - who has a grudge against her that makes her angry.

After that, the queen decided to rush into the sword in Shiying's hand even though she was pregnant, in order to blame him. As a result, both the royal concubine and the fetus could not be kept, and Shiying was convicted by her father.

The episode made fans shake their heads because it was illogical, viewers thought that the other royal concubine's handling was too superficial, because to destroy the reputation of Time Photo, she sacrificed herself and the c.hild in her belly. While, she can completely keep her life, give birth to children to maintain the family, find other opportunities for revenge.

In addition, the details of when Time Photo was misunderstood by everyone, only Chu Nhan trusted and helped him. Because of this kindness of Chu Nhan, Dai Tu Menh - who was asked by the queen to save Thoi Anh, asked the male lead to "deal" with the female lead... This episode was ridiculed by the audience for being too unreasonable and confusing .

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 6

In contrast to Ngoc Cot Dao , Hoa Thien Cot created the plot first and then relied on it to design the characters. For this way, it will help the script rarely appear inconsistencies in details or bring a feeling of lack of coherence. Therefore, the plot of Hoa Thien Cot is very logical, complete and explained in detail, not creating a compulsion like Ngoc Cot Dao .

Talking about Tieu Chien's acting in particular, it is undeniable that he has had a lot of success in the past. But in this project, actor Tran Tinh Lenh had to admit defeat when he had to combine the wrong people.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 7

In summary, how high the temperature of Ngoc Cot Dao is, but with many minus points, the quality is below average, which is very worrisome for both the crew and the actors. Because the tastes of the audience today are increasingly strict, they are more important to the quality of the work than the flow. Movies with no appeal, too poor acting will not be able to attract the audience, in the end moviegoers may only be fans of the actor.

Tieu Chien away from Yangtze is a meeting, Ngoc Cot Dao is criticized, new love is bricked for 1 reason - Photo 8

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