Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human

Phúc SenMay 17, 2024 at 09:24

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Female singer Thuy Tien just had a very tense response to an anti-fan, when an account went straight to her personal page to criticize the charity scam of the people of the Central region a few years ago. The i.nsult left netizens speechless.

After a period of hiding on social networks, singer Thuy Tien recently officially returned. Accordingly, Cong Vinh's wife shared a series of photos of the living space around the house. Besides compliments for Thuy Tien's house filled with flowers and plants, some antifans still flooded into the singer's latest post to attack and sarcasm about charity.

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 1

In response to comments like "There's a part of the bad guys in here" or "Waiting for the flood to come back, I'll laugh haha, when all the flood comes, I'll build another house!" , Thuy Tien suddenly responded. Accordingly, Thuy Tien decided to invite antifan to transact. She replied: "Or let's trade... If I take a single penny of charity for personal use, I pray that God will harm me and take all my assets, I will have to live in poverty for the rest of my life or leave immediately." immediately because such a person does not deserve to live and be human.

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 2

And if I haven't done anything wrong but you guys keep spreading resentment and causing bad karma for me, can I just ask for all the blessings and virtues that you have achieved in this life?".

Besides her strong affirmation in the face of charity noise, Thuy Tien also did not hesitate to post relevant documents proving that she is completely transparent in calling for charity in the Central region.

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 3

This is not the first time Thuy Tien has responded like the above. Previously in June 2023, a netizen criticized Thuy Tien after noise about charity issues or this singer's inconsistent statements. In response to this i.nsult, singer Thuy Tien responded with the argument that she did not do anything wrong, so she was not humiliated.

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 4

Specifically, singer Thuy Tien said: "Scolding people is due to your lack of cultural behavior. You scold people even though there is no evidence or law to prove you are right, so you are harsh. I don't feel embarrassed or humiliated all the time. Why do I have to h.umiliate you? I didn't do anything wrong to be humiliated by the law, no matter how much you scold me Just hold your head high and live happily."

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 5

After publicly disclosing documents related to charity calls, Thuy Tien chose to live a private life, rarely participating in entertainment events like before. Instead, occasionally, Cong Vinh's wife releases musical products, but the effect is not as good as before.

Previously, Thuy Tien caused curiosity when she did not update social networks for nearly two months. On the fanpage, the last post was on March 26, about relief for people in the West. Since then, she has absolutely not shared any new information related to work or life.

Meanwhile, on YouTube and TikTok channels, which are places where Thuy Tien often shares about music projects, the performance stage has also been "frozen" for many months. The disappearance of the female singer caused fans to stir and raise questions.

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 6

In 2020, Thuy Tien received many compliments when calling for voluntary donations for people in the Central region affected by floods. However, in 2021, the female singer suddenly became the center of attention when she was "called out" for the "statement storm", consuming a lot of ink from the media. Not long after that, Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh made a statement and invited a lawyer to help them regain their honor.

Sharing about the time under pressure as well as the "attack" from netizens, singer Thuy Tien said: "At that time I found everyone so negative, everything was so terrible. I was so confused. Work Ours is almost gone."

Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human - Photo 7

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