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Thuy Tien rarely lets her daughter appear on air, admitting that she is only a "surrogate" for her husband

Hương Duy15:12:13 11/03/2024
The moment when Thuy Tien's daughter was broadcast by her mother is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. The female singer also attracted attention when she shared about being a surrogate for Cong Vinh.

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Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh were called by 'creditors' to 'interrogate', had to quickly update their social networks, say a sentence that caught the attention of fans?

Trí Nhi09:03:12 19/12/2023
Former famous football player Cong Vinh - husband of singer Thuy Tien just made a post that caused a stir when he claimed to have been called by a stranger and asked why he was hiding from social networks. Cong Vinh immediately took action that made netizens stir.

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Le Khanh Chi: Cong Vinh's younger sister once made a fuss over the "little tam" incident in Singapore, returned home to change her life, and live luxuriously

Uyển Đình16:07:59 15/12/2023
Le Khanh Chi is best known to the public as the younger sister of famous football player Le Cong Vinh. Once a famous h.ot g.irl at Hanoi University of Culture, Le Khanh Chi always received a lot of attention from netizens.

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Thuy Tien was suspected of "faking it", boasting that her husband transferred 2 billion in cash was just a scam, the evidence is clear and obvious

Châu Anh07:00:10 27/11/2023
Having just shown off that Cong Vinh's husband transferred 2 billion on her birthday, Thuy Tien was exposed to a point by netizens accusing her of just deceiving the online community. Currently, the incident is being discussed by people.

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Thuy Tien disobeyed Cong Vinh and refused to stop livestreaming, even though she was transferred 2 billion

Tuyết Ngọc15:25:10 26/11/2023
On a special occasion, Cong Vinh hot-transferred VND 2 billion to Thuy Tien along with a request to stop livestreaming sales, but received negative reactions. The female singer immediately had a response that attracted attention.

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Thuy Tien confesses about canceling the show, accidentally r.evealing the story of IVF to get pregnant, Dr. Thinh's name is called out?

Minh Lợi16:23:27 15/11/2023
The news that Thuy Tien sought in vitro fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant with her second c.hild caused a stir among people. Many people also realized that the doctor who helped the female singer was a familiar name.

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Thuy Tien canceled the show because she was hospitalized for surgery and was upset about the noisy livestream sales

Hoa Tuyết21:46:09 14/11/2023
Thuy Tien has recently been caught up in unnecessary noise. There were even rumors that the female singer had her show canceled because of her livestream selling online goods, forcing her to speak up to clarify the issue.

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Thuy Tien suspected the show was canceled before the show due to noisy livestream sales, netizens gloated and mocked

T.P15:44:00 14/11/2023
Cong Vinh's wife - singer Thuy Tien has just caused a stir in the online community, when rumors of her show being canceled before the show due to the noise of being attacked on the sales livestream are spreading widely. Netizens looked gloating and sarcastic.

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Thuy Tien's livestream selling goods was mocked by netizens, her past statements became h.ot again

Tuyết Ngọc15:37:07 10/11/2023
After going through a lot of noise, netizens still seem to have not calmed down, so they had not very positive reactions when they saw Thuy Tien's livestream selling goods. Some people also mocked Cong Vinh's wife constantly.

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Thuy Tien questioned the Communist Party, their attitude of declaring war in the face of attacks is that they are evil people but can live in peace

Pinky07:16:07 26/09/2023
Female singer Thuy Tien continued to make remarkable statements, retaliating with anti fans when she was attacked as a c.ruel person, living leisurely in society while good people like Ms. Phuong Hang had to go to jail. .

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Thuy Tien continued to face difficulties after the trial of Ms. Phuong Hang, the whole community turned away, destroying the new product

T.P07:33:54 23/09/2023
Female singer Thuy Tien's life is not over yet, as recently she continued to be crushed by the entire online community, severely criticizing her new music product. Notably because she released the MV right on the day of Ms. Phuong Hang's trial.

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Thuy Tien's biological mother: If her water breaks, she still has to read all the sutras before giving birth, "catch" her daughter to send m.oney every 1-2 days.

JLO16:54:09 10/06/2023
Few people know, in order to have a famous Thuy Tien like today, her biological mother - Mrs. Ngo Thi Thu Minh had to go through the bitterness alone. Her husband died early from tuberculosis, she and her daughter faced many hardships without anyone to help.

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Thuy Tien arrogantly and arrogantly responded when she was told to her face that she "did not know shame" after the charity noise

Thanh Phúc13:44:13 06/06/2023
Female singer Thuy Tien could not sit still in the face of a series of offensive comments from anti-fans, responding in a loud voice when she was bluntly criticized for being shameless, after a series of noises about stealing charity m.oney.

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Thuy Tien reported losing "treasures" obtained after the charity round, people criticized: Less coloring

Phúc Sen16:25:21 24/05/2023
Cong Vinh's wife continues to storm the internet when she directly mentions sensitive issues related to charity, which she has been criticized by people for many years. Netizens were given the opportunity to ridicule and stoned violently when they thought she was doing color...

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Thuy Tien announced that she would stop doing charity work, affirming that she is immune to "criticism" and is no longer afraid of criticism

Pinky13:40:05 21/05/2023
Singer Thuy Tien just made a new move, appearing in a clip with Designer Do Long, implicitly mentioning charity work and being criticized by netizens during the past time.

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Thuy Tien revealed a contradiction in the Phuong Hang case: Giving up 14 billion in compensation but now demanding an inventory of assets

Thanh Phúc07:21:28 27/04/2023
The case between singer Thuy Tien and Nguyen Phuong Hang continues to heat up on social networks, when the singer has just made a move to request the distraint of Ms. Hang's property to ensure the e.xecution of the sentence. The conflict between Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang and singer...

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Phuong Hang has just been detained, Thuy Tien immediately proposed to distrain the female CEO's assets, shocking reasons

JLO15:52:00 26/04/2023
Recently, Thuy Tien's lawyer said that the singer made an application to freeze her account, distraint 2 land use rights and land-attached assets in District 1, District 3 and shares in Joint Stock Company. Dai Nam is owned by Mrs. Hang. Accordingly, on April 25, the People's...

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Thuy Tien gradually regained the love of the people: Not afraid of difficulties, returned to her husband's hometown for charity

Minh Hà07:33:46 13/10/2022
Thuy Tien has personally returned to Nghe An to do charity work to help people affected by flash floods. The singer and her friends spent 360 million to build 6 houses. "With less and more heart, I hope that you can overcome this difficult period," Thuy Tien expressed. Recently...

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Thuy Tien shows off her achievements to help people in the Central region despite being mocked by netizens for "coloring" charity

Minh Hà15:04:42 04/10/2022
In the past time, despite receiving many criticisms for "blocking" charity in the Central region, Cong Vinh's wife still actively helps people. Recently, Thuy Tien donated 20 rescue boats to people in Nghe An, 10 more boats than the amount in the fund, but still insisted that...

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Thuy Tien waded into the water, the rain team went to support the people in the Central region who were affected by the storm, netizens "turned the car" because of this action.

Minh Hà07:45:26 03/10/2022
Thuy Tien was happy when local leaders said that the 20 lifeboats that the singer and the others gave in the previous round were useful for the current flood. During this trip, she wore a raincoat, waded, soaked in the rain with the delegation to each household, inquired about...

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Thuy Tien made a move to "slap" antifans after typhoon NORU, confidently affirming that she did not steal charity

Nam Phương18:41:23 01/10/2022
Singer Thuy Tien is happy to announce that her past efforts have helped the Central region. Thereby showing one thing that I am completely clean and transparent about charity m.oney. In the past few days, due to the influence of Super Typhoon Noru, continuous rain has caused many...

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Thuy Tien acted "extremely harsh" when people asked: "Are you going to support charity in the Central region?"

Minh Hà07:57:58 29/09/2022
Drama singer Thuy Tien was accused of stealing m.oney from charity in Central Vietnam in 2020, causing a stir in the online community. Recently, Cong Vinh's wife was once again "hooked" by netizens on the issue of "charity" in the Central region after the recent Noru storm. Thuy...

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Thuy Tien was exposed to a serious "degradation" at the age of U40, the audience shook their heads "criticized" because it was so bad?

N.P16:51:02 26/09/2022
Over 15 years of singing, Thuy Tien suddenly caused controversy with her severely "degraded" voice. Most of the listeners were "uh" because after the clip ended, they still didn't know what song Thuy Tien was singing. For many years of artistic activities, singer Thuy Tien was...

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Thuy Tien continued to be called out by Nathan Lee, who pointed out the mistake and revealed the apology phone call

N.P12:16:37 14/09/2022
In his livestream, Nathan Lee shared about the song copyright controversy with Thuy Tien, in which the male singer revealed Thuy Tien's apology phone call and pointed out the mistake of his wife Cong Vinh. . Recently, in a livestream chatting with the audience, Nathan Lee shared...

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