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Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human

Phúc Sen09:24:10 17/05/2024
Female singer Thuy Tien just had a very tense response to an anti-fan, when an account went straight to her personal page to criticize the charity scam of the people of the Central region a few years ago. The i.nsult left netizens speechless.

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Thuy Tien suspected the show was canceled before the show due to noisy livestream sales, netizens gloated and mocked

T.P15:44:00 14/11/2023
Cong Vinh's wife - singer Thuy Tien has just caused a stir in the online community, when rumors of her show being canceled before the show due to the noise of being attacked on the sales livestream are spreading widely. Netizens looked gloating and sarcastic.

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Thuy Tien arrogantly and arrogantly responded when she was told to her face that she "did not know shame" after the charity noise

Thanh Phúc13:44:13 06/06/2023
Female singer Thuy Tien could not sit still in the face of a series of offensive comments from anti-fans, responding in a loud voice when she was bluntly criticized for being shameless, after a series of noises about stealing charity m.oney.

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Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence

Gia09:35:48 27/05/2023
After 3 years since the trip to the Central region, Thuy Tien is still controversial for disbursing 178 billion VND. Many people believe that the singer is not transparent about charity m.oney, so she often goes to her personal page to criticize and sarcastic. Recently, on her...

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Thuy Tien reported losing "treasures" obtained after the charity round, people criticized: Less coloring

Phúc Sen16:25:21 24/05/2023
Cong Vinh's wife continues to storm the internet when she directly mentions sensitive issues related to charity, which she has been criticized by people for many years. Netizens were given the opportunity to ridicule and stoned violently when they thought she was doing color...

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Quang Linh's sister responded when she was told that she was far away from Thuy Tien, the queen revealed a s.hock about the charity trip

Mộc Trà15:19:22 08/04/2023
Thuy Tien is known as the queen who regularly performs charity and social work. Recently, she continued to have the latest volunteer trip with the Africa team. In Huoi Man village, there are 21 difficult households, Thuy Tien and her team brought gifts including rice, noodles...

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Quang Linh reveals a special dream every night, Thuy Tien shows off her pinky ring after Valentine

Nắng11:52:09 16/02/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Quang Linh Vlog has just posted a funny clip with the caption: "In the morning farming, collecting goat manure in the afternoon, selling goods at night, dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur at night". In the clip, Quang Linh looks historic with an...

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Quang Linh Vlog has more and more hateful forces, Thuy Tien meets a change in Ha Giang

Nắng12:14:33 11/02/2023
Quang Linh Vlog full name Pham Quang Linh (born in 1997, hometown in Nghe An). He is almost the only Vietnamese YouTuber to "review" real life in Africa instead of a certain luxurious country. Since coming to this place to live and work, the b.oy SN 1997 is a name that has...

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Quang Linh - Thuy Tien when facing each other after many days of separation: The eyes of a lover are hard to hide!

Tin10:53:07 10/02/2023
In the past year or so, Quang Linh Vlog and Miss Thuy Tien have been constantly entangled in dating questions. Originating from working together on charity projects in Angola in July last year, the explosive "chemical reaction" between the two has made netizens enthusiastically...

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Team Africa and Thuy Tien sent emotional messages in Ha Giang, Quang Linh revealed secrets in Angola

Tiểu Yến Tử08:10:47 09/02/2023
The clips and sharing of Quang Linh Vlogs about life in Africa are still receiving a lot of attention and monitoring from netizens. Recently, the Nghe guy attracted attention with the story of buying land to build a house for Banxoa - a member of the African team. Accordingly...

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Doan Thien An competed with her "adoptive mother", Thuy Tien scored a perfect score for her beautiful gesture

Nam Phương17:14:25 08/02/2023
Although she did not achieve the expected results at Miss Grand 2022, Doan Thien An still received love from "Miss boss" Kim Dung. It is known that the female CEO sympathizes with the situation and spirit of the long-legged Long An. Recently, in a series of photos with two...

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Quang Linh Vlog - How rich is Thuy Tien when she "goes to the same house": Rich, notorious in Vietnam?

Tin17:05:45 22/01/2023
Quang Linh Vlog full name Pham Quang Linh (born in 1997 in Nghe An). He is almost the only Vietnamese YouTuber to "review" real life in Africa instead of a certain luxurious country. Currently, in addition to being the vice president of a famous domestic perfume brand, he also...

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Quang Linh was confirmed by a special g.irl with information about Vietnam to celebrate Tet, Thuy Tien released a set of photos hugging someone

Tin16:38:22 13/01/2023
Although promised to Thuy Tien about Vietnam on the livestream not long ago, recently, Quang Linh Vlog suddenly announced the sad news. Accordingly, on his personal page, an African team member shared a series of information related to bringing Loi Con back to Vietnam as...

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Rarely, Thuy Tien shows off a newly built villa: Every corner exudes wealth, spending billions is different!

Tiểu Yến Tử16:22:48 04/01/2023
In 2021, the news that Thuy Tien built a new villa received a lot of attention. At that time, the couple Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien encountered some noise when "damning and rebuilding" their nest. Recently, the voice of Happy House attracted attention when "checking-in" a corner of...

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Thuy Tien said a "bitter" sentence at the event, suspected of being "estranged" by her colleagues after the noise?

pipi12:30:04 02/01/2023
Recently, appearing at an event Thuy Tien attracted attention when sitting alone. Explaining this, the female singer recently suddenly said a sentence that made fans feel sad. Since the noise, Thuy Tien has rarely appeared in public. On social networks, the female singer no...

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Quang Linh mentions Thuy Tien's name, announces the meaning, the queen is in danger of being 'boycotted' by the sisters

Tiểu Yến Tử09:48:30 29/12/2022
Recently, on his personal page, Quang Linh Vlog has just posted an article announcing the good news about his and Miss Thuy Tien's charity project. Specifically, the male Youtuber shared that the amount of m.oney that his 2 companies and Thuy Tien had deducted exactly 50% as...

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Quang Linh Vlog was invited to Vietnam by Thuy Tien to go "night swing", announcing a "terrible" project that caused a social storm?

N.P13:08:08 27/12/2022
Miss Grand International 2021 Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien recently announced a huge project with an unrecognizable appearance. Worth mentioning, this project was once revealed by the queen and invited Quang Linh Vlog to do it together. Despite being crowned Miss Grand 2021 for a long...

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Quang Linh 'slipped his hand' to r.eveal his love for Thuy Tien, Loi Con 'gets involved', will New Year's confession?

Nắng07:51:46 23/12/2022
Quang Linh did not hesitate to share as well as call on everyone to support Thuy Tien even though she is in Angola. Working together in sales livestreams as well as during a charity trip in Angola, Quang Linh and Miss Thuy Tien have many opportunities to meet and talk to each...

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Tien Nguyen Vlog returns to Vietnam, Quang Linh sends gifts to special people, Thuy Tien delicate '10 points'

Nắng09:19:27 22/12/2022
Recently, on his personal page, Quang Linh has just posted a clip recording the moment he gave a gift to a friend. Notably, the gift is 3 pairs of socks with colors: black, white, gray. Unable to hide his excitement, this friend immediately went to try on socks in the presence...

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Quang Linh got involved when Thuy Tien recreated the meaningful scene with "lover" in Africa

Tin15:27:20 21/12/2022
Released in the last days of 2022 with a lot of busy activities in the entertainment industry, the MV "Why not" by Truc Nhan combined with Thuy Tien still proves the hotness of a "hit maker". As soon as it was released on Truc Nhan's Youtube channel, the MV received a lot of...

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Quang Linh revealed a big plan in life, Loi Con was 'happy as a harvest' when he heard that Uncle Linh was about to return to Vietnam

TL07:12:08 20/12/2022
After the first successful trial crop, Quang Linh expanded the farm more and more. Now, his farm has been covered with a green color of Vietnamese agricultural products from corn, potatoes, sugarcane to green vegetables such as cabbage, pumpkin, radish, ... Recently, the guy...

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Quang Linh Vlog disappeared after promising to return to Vietnam, Thuy Tien immediately reminded, r.evealing suspicious details?

N.P10:32:46 16/12/2022
On the recent charity fundraising livestream, Quang Linh Vlog lost to Thuy Tien in a word match game and had to receive a penalty. However, the guy is currently "flashing" and disappearing after the promise that the queen recently had to "remind". Recently, Quang Linh Vlog and...

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Quang Linh Vlog confided that after getting married, she might go to Africa together, Thuy Tien made a shocking move

Nắng13:38:39 15/12/2022
Quang Linh Vlogs is currently one of the most popular YouTubers today. In addition to life in Africa, many fans are also looking forward to the guy's public love story. Recently, the social network suddenly appeared a clip of Quang Linh freely sharing about his wife and...

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Quang Linh Vlog throws a party on the eve of returning to Vietnam: Loi Con 'makes a fuss', doing a shocking thing

Nắng13:41:55 13/12/2022
Recently, the life of Quang Linh Vlog and the members of the African team has always received great attention from fans. Especially when recently, the internet phenomenon of Nghe has just welcomed the age of 25. Although she did not have family and relatives by her side, in...

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