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Thuy Tien declared war on antifans, saying directly: Stealing charity is not worthy of being human

Phúc Sen09:24:10 17/05/2024
Female singer Thuy Tien just had a very tense response to an anti-fan, when an account went straight to her personal page to criticize the charity scam of the people of the Central region a few years ago. The i.nsult left netizens speechless.

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Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh were called by 'creditors' to 'interrogate', had to quickly update their social networks, say a sentence that caught the attention of fans?

Trí Nhi09:03:12 19/12/2023
Former famous football player Cong Vinh - husband of singer Thuy Tien just made a post that caused a stir when he claimed to have been called by a stranger and asked why he was hiding from social networks. Cong Vinh immediately took action that made netizens stir.

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Thuy Tien was suspected of "faking it", boasting that her husband transferred 2 billion in cash was just a scam, the evidence is clear and obvious

Châu Anh07:00:10 27/11/2023
Having just shown off that Cong Vinh's husband transferred 2 billion on her birthday, Thuy Tien was exposed to a point by netizens accusing her of just deceiving the online community. Currently, the incident is being discussed by people.

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Thuy Tien disobeyed Cong Vinh and refused to stop livestreaming, even though she was transferred 2 billion

Tuyết Ngọc15:25:10 26/11/2023
On a special occasion, Cong Vinh hot-transferred VND 2 billion to Thuy Tien along with a request to stop livestreaming sales, but received negative reactions. The female singer immediately had a response that attracted attention.

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Thuy Tien canceled the show because she was hospitalized for surgery and was upset about the noisy livestream sales

Hoa Tuyết21:46:09 14/11/2023
Thuy Tien has recently been caught up in unnecessary noise. There were even rumors that the female singer had her show canceled because of her livestream selling online goods, forcing her to speak up to clarify the issue.

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Thuy Tien suspected the show was canceled before the show due to noisy livestream sales, netizens gloated and mocked

T.P15:44:00 14/11/2023
Cong Vinh's wife - singer Thuy Tien has just caused a stir in the online community, when rumors of her show being canceled before the show due to the noise of being attacked on the sales livestream are spreading widely. Netizens looked gloating and sarcastic.

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Thuy Tien's livestream selling goods was mocked by netizens, her past statements became h.ot again

Tuyết Ngọc15:37:07 10/11/2023
After going through a lot of noise, netizens still seem to have not calmed down, so they had not very positive reactions when they saw Thuy Tien's livestream selling goods. Some people also mocked Cong Vinh's wife constantly.

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Thuy Tien, Dam Vinh Hung released evidence of being harmed by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, demanding compensation of 74 billion VND

Yang Mi15:12:51 09/09/2023
After Dam Vinh Hung and Vy Oanh demanded that they be redefined as victims rather than assisted at Nguyen Phuong Hang's trial, Thuy Tien recently released evidence proving that she was a victim of Ms. Hang.

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Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh is entangled in divorce, implied about freedom, what is true?

Chi Chu13:39:03 16/05/2023
After a long time of silence on social media, Cong Vinh's latest post made people panic and talk. Many people repeatedly called Thuy Tien's name when the former famous player expressed that he was free and implied that he did not belong to anyone. Specifically, on his personal...

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Thuy Tien received great good news related to CEO Phuong Hang after being noisy with Nathan Lee, her husband broke down

N.P15:30:55 08/09/2022
Continuously entangled in a series of marketing problems from charity to song copyright, Thuy Tien recently finally received good news that made her husband Cong Vinh burst into tears. In December 2021, Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh became the focus of criticism of the online community...

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H.ot: Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh husband and wife were accused of wrongdoing after noisy charity, had to ask for help

Nam Phương16:06:47 30/05/2022
Thuy Tien does not seem to have finished her "bad luck" when she is constantly entangled in the grove. Recently, the wife of the player Cong Vinh had to speak out against the suspicion of selling fake medicine and defrauding people. Return to work after being vindicated by the...

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New: The person suing Thuy Tien revealed that the denunciation was received by PC02 and decided to "ripe" until the end

Nam Phương19:42:40 07/10/2021
The account PN, who wrote the complaint against Thuy Tien for discovering the difference in charity m.oney, announced new details. On the sidelines of the Government's regular press conference on the afternoon of September 6, the Chief of the Office, the spokesman of the Ministry...

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Vy Oanh responds to rumors of being returned to denounce Phuong Hang

Hậu Hậu15:05:32 04/10/2021
Recently, after a rumor of her application being returned when she accused a businesswoman of slandering and defaming her honor and her family, singer Vy Oanh had an official response to the media. Specifically, Vy Oanh firmly affirmed: "There is no thing that the investigating...

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Famous lawyer asserted that Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien "suppressed charity", announced to wait for a lawsuit

Nam Phương13:24:07 18/09/2021
The famous lawyer's statement continued to stir public opinion. On the afternoon of September 17, Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh officially announced 18,000 statements in a call to support the Central region. In order to protect personal interests, the couple together with Phan Law...

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Cong Vinh also reports Thuy Tien's shopping account, officially suing the CEO for slander

Nam Phương17:06:03 17/09/2021
In the presence of the press, Cong Vinh and his lawyer said they would sue all individuals and organizations that had defamed the honor of the couple during the past time. On the afternoon of September 17, Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien's husband and wife were present at Vietcombank to...

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Vietcombank is "in a storm" again because the expiry date of September 15 has not yet seen Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien come to the statement?

Nam Phương17:28:43 15/09/2021
Coming to the end of September 15, Netizen expressed questions when the couple Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien came to the charity statement. After being repeatedly accused by Mrs. Phuong Hang of stealing and overstating the number 180 billion due to donations from donors. On the evening...

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Thuy Tien cried on the livestream, affirming that she was ready to invite Phuong Hang with her charity statement.

PP22:08:49 26/08/2021
The latest sharing of female singer Thuy Tien and her husband is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. Recently, after being officially called to ask for a full statement of charity m.oney during the past time, female singers Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh officially...

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