Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence

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After 3 years since the trip to the Central region, Thuy Tien is still controversial for disbursing 178 billion VND. Many people believe that the singer is not transparent about charity m.oney, so she often goes to her personal page to criticize and sarcastic.

Recently, on her personal page, Thuy Tien shared memories of the conical hat - a companion on charity trips 3 years ago.

"My commemorative conical hat going to the drought-stricken West, the Central region for relief. Thanks to it, it protected me when the sun was shining, it was raining for many years and I still kept it as a treasure, thanks to the grandmother who made my hair to hold it in. When she took pictures, her hairdresser said: 'Oh, I thought you picked up the hats of the tree-cutting girls in the resort, so I threw them under the grass and someone stole the pepper'", Thuy Tien wrote and shared with a clip of her using the device. Conical hat to attend the show of designer Do Long.

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 1

Under the comments section, the audience divided into two factions: One side is supportive and the other is antifan - attacking the singer about charity in 2020. Notably, the comment with the cute icon of Le Khanh Chi. - Thuy Tien's brother-in-law. Although Khanh Chi only sent a cute heart-shaped icon, it was enough for fans to understand that she was secretly supporting her sister-in-law.

However, the post of Cong Vinh's wife received many sarcastic comments, criticizing her for giving m.oney to charity. "That's the way the hat is lost", "Miss Tien is only suitable for water", "This hat is probably 170 billion sisters", "It's a tam-ear hat again", "Good at bottle face and coloring",. .. are comments criticizing the female singer.

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 2

Out of thousands of comments, Thuy Tien only replied to an antifan comment because, according to her, this person had pulled the "King of the Dead" into the comment. Specifically, this clause reads: "Going to the sun, reading the entire Tripitaka is the end of Miss Tien's sunshine".

In response to this person, Thuy Tien swore to prove her innocence: "If I'm wrong, God and Buddha will not leave me alone. As for you and I don't know each other, believe me or not, I don't care. important, but should not use the canonical name to sarcastically make fun of such a blessing."

Before that, female singer Thuy Tien was caught in a series of noises when she went to aid and charity. Despite the detailed and clear statement, up to now, the online community is still arguing about the female singer's charity work.

Not long ago, the owner of the song "Dream of White Snow" spoke up explaining the counting of "6 bills of 500,000 VND into 5 million VND". She asserted that she was unjustly edited because the clips were edited to make others think that she was stealing from charity.

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 3

Thuy Tien is also upset that despite having a clear livestream, many people intentionally cut and removed the following paragraph to spread the truth. This caused her to be criticized for stealing m.oney. "Fairy knows that saying it out now won't change anything, if you don't believe it, they won't believe it, but Tien thinks that those who are following Tien will feel more relieved when they hear the truth about the shared story. from the Tien" - the female singer explained.

Thuy Tien's post then received the attention of netizens. This is also the first time the singer has spoken out about the "5 million dong but only 6 500 thousand dong" controversy that has been smoldering for many years. However, besides the opinions supporting the female singer, there are still many conflicting arguments.

Many viewers commented that Thuy Tien waited until 3 years, after the charity scandal broke out, to explain why it was not reasonable. Besides, the cause of "fatigue, overexertion" given by Thuy Tien is also unconvincing.

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 4

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 5

Earlier in October 2020, Thuy Tien had a charity trip in the Central region to support people affected by floods. At that time, she called for 178 billion VND from domestic and foreign benefactors. This action helped the female singer receive many compliments but also caused a lot of controversy about the transparency in the disbursement process.

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 6

In September 2021, Thuy Tien and her husband - player Cong Vinh - went to the bank to make an account statement when the case of being accused of stealing m.oney from charity exploded violently on social networks. Despite a detailed statement and determined by the Criminal Police Department "not to appropriate charity m.oney, no signs of crime", the controversy about the female singer's charity case has not stopped so far.

In the past years, Thuy Tien has almost retreated to "hidden", less public appearance and few artistic activities.

Thuy Tien was "angry" again when she was mocked to intercept charity m.oney, swearing to prove her innocence - Photo 7

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