Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason

GiaMay 25, 2023 at 13:59

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The image of husband and wife Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien giving charity m.oney to a difficult household is spread on social networks. Although it is not clear when the photo was taken, this moment immediately caused a lot of controversy on social networks.

Recently, a Fanpage with more than 237,000 followers suddenly posted a picture of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien doing charity work in the midst of a noisy lack of m.oney recently attracting the attention of netizens. Attached to the photo, this Fanpage wrote: "Singer Thuy Tien and her husband Cong Vinh quietly go to charity amidst the noise of counting m.oney recently".

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 1

In the photo, husband and wife Cong Vinh and Thuy Tien, dressed in white, handed over an amount of VND 50 million to a poor family. The background behind is a shackled, old brick house with no valuables. Currently, it is not clear when the photo was taken, but this moment immediately caused a lot of controversy on social networks.

Many people criticized the couple for "silently" doing charity, but the image was still leaked. Others said that Thuy Tien was not the one who posted this photo, but because of a Fanpage up, so she could not be blamed.

"People do not share, others also share themselves. Not to mention doing charity work in some places, they have to go through the local government, or ask the local to introduce people in need.

It's normal for them to need to take pictures for the media in their localities, but it's even more common for them to show up because they're famous. I've never seen so many people swearing without any proof."

"I've been following her and her husband since the beginning, they've been doing charity work and building bridges for a long time. Now they're stuck in the noise, a bit tired", ... are rare comments in favor of Thuy Tien and her husband.

As for Thuy Tien, she has not yet commented on the photo above.

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 2

Previously, on May 16, Thuy Tien spoke out explaining the lack of m.oney for many households in the 2020 charity round . "Fairy would like to share a little bit about the spread of the clip on the internet. Counting short of 6 500,000 bills into 5 million dong as follows.

That day, Tien stayed up from 4 am to give m.oney to his relatives until 8-9 pm, did not have a rest to eat, at night, he was very tired after traveling long distances... that part of giving m.oney still had to go through a big river deep inside. in. Tien is just an ordinary person, when tired or too exhausted, sometimes make mistakes for some relatives, however, those who count the missing m.oney immediately react to the local leaders, waiting for the discovery. After Tien reconfirms with local leaders and relatives, I will make up for it," Thuy Tien said.

Thuy Tien's post immediately received the attention of netizens. This is also the first time the singer has spoken out about the "5 million dong but only 6 500 thousand dong" controversy that has been smoldering for many years. However, besides the opinions supporting the female singer, there are still many conflicting arguments.

Many viewers commented that Thuy Tien waited until 3 years, after the charity scandal broke out, to explain why it was not reasonable. Besides, the cause of "fatigue, overexertion" given by Thuy Tien is also unconvincing. The audience thinks that going to charity is commendable, but this is a difficult job, needs accuracy, transparency, there is no room for confusion and feelings like the negligence of 8X vocalist.

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 3

In addition, netizens also questioned whether all the people who received the shortfall were waiting to receive more m.oney or only a few. Some online comments: "If you make a mistake if you count a few million dong, how do you deal with 178 billion dong in a charity account?"; "If you've done it, make it right, if it's not, don't do it"; "It's better to be tired of being wrong 1 or 2 times and not say it, but make a lot of mistakes. Take the responsibility of holding the sponsor's m.oney to help your relatives but have the heart to miss it?"; "Watching the video, you will see that this person has been broadcast and is pushed out for others to receive. So many people in such a short time, how many people will receive m.oney and know that they are undercounted and then stay and wait? "...

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 4

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 5

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 6

Earlier in October 2020, Thuy Tien had a charity trip in the Central region to support people affected by floods. At that time, she called for 178 billion VND from domestic and foreign benefactors. This action helped the female singer receive many compliments but also caused a lot of controversy about the transparency in the disbursement process.

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 7

In September 2021, Thuy Tien and her husband - player Cong Vinh - went to the bank to make an account statement when the case of being accused of stealing m.oney from charity exploded violently on social networks. Despite a detailed statement and determined by the Criminal Police Department "not to appropriate charity m.oney, no signs of crime", the controversy about the female singer's charity case has not stopped so far.

In the past years, Thuy Tien has almost retreated to "hidden", less public appearance and few artistic activities.

Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh silently gave m.oney to charity, netizens sarcastically for a reason - Photo 8

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