Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans?

Hoàng PhúcDec 19, 2022 at 19:54

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Miss Thuy Tien recently delighted fans when she took 15 adopted children to visit Dam Sen. Looking at the reigning Miss Peace - Isabella Menin that bored. The Brazilian queen was mocked more and more like President Mr. Nawat because he is busy making m.oney from fans.

After Miss Grand International 2022 closed, the noise surrounding the contest made the public gradually lose faith in beauty contests, because the value that the organization wants to convey always goes against the inherent beauty of a beauty pageant. True beauty queen.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 1

Since the coronation, the Brazilian queen - Isabella Menin has always been controversial because of a tenure that only knows how to dance, sing and then livestream sales, go on vacation, and enjoy herself. Up to now, she is not interested in charity projects and the number of countries she has visited cannot be counted in one hand.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 2

Maybe the culture of the land of the Golden Temple is inherently open, but the fact that a beauty dress up and dances is offensive to entertain guests is too degrading in image, going against the values that so many beauty queens want to build in public. them, a worm makes the soup pot.

Before that, Miss International Peace 2022 also affirmed that she was satisfied with the term that the organization arranged and was grateful for those ridiculous things.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 3

Although she holds the title of Miss Grand International, Thuy Tien is different. For her, the mission of a Miss is to maintain for a lifetime, it is not a temporary title or only valid for one term. Returning to Vietnam, the beauty born in 1998 is even busier with tight schedules, implementing plans that have been cherished for a long time and actively participating in volunteering trips to far and wide places. economic conditions and facilities are not yet met. Worth mentioning is the queen's recent practical fundraising project to build a school for upland children.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 4

Recently, Miss Thuy Tien made fans proud when she adopted 15 children in difficult circumstances after the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting them to raise them until the age of 18. A beautiful gesture that a beauty queen spreads to the community, erasing the beauty stereotype, the giants, all day long, will wear their clothes like a "mobile vase". She also and her team take the children to Dam Sen, where the childhood of many generations is kept. When traveling with adopted children, "mother" Thuy Tien is unusually simple, very close and lovely.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 5

"Due to the busy schedule of work, Tien did not have much contact with the children, today had the opportunity to take the children to Dam Sen to play, to return to their true childhood, and above all to listen to them. Listening to the emotional sharing of the children and their parents, Believing that being able to take them out like this will help the children's spirit to love life and be more optimistic, Tien will try her best to have more children. more occasions like this" - Miss Grand International 2021 shared after a trip with 15 adopted children.

It can be said that the mission of a beauty queen is not only encapsulated in a short term, or simply a title to advance. Such a simple thing but not all beautiful people can understand and be aware of.

Thuy Tien's real name is Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, born in 1998 and is one of the famous models and beauty representatives in Vietnam. In 2021, Thuy Tien competed at Miss Grand International and excellently became the recipient of the crown. After returning home, Thuy Tien's career flourished with a packed schedule that made everyone admire.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 6

Recently, the queen also set a new record despite the end of her term. Specifically, on the social networking platform Tiktok, the hashtag of the queen's name has officially reached 6.6 billion views. This is a record number when many famous stars at Vbiz have not yet achieved this achievement.

Thuy Tien was praised for adopting 15 children, Tan MGI was like Mr. Nawat, just love making m.oney from fans? - Photo 7

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