Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor?

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Thanks to being favored over other beauty queens in one special thing, Miss Thuy Tien was happily called the "boss" of the beauty contest by the audience.

Recently, Miss Thuy Tien made beauty fans "stand still" when appearing with a new version of Miss Grand International crown. Accordingly, the queen was honored to become the first g.irl to wear a new crown for the Miss International Peace 2022 contest. This design will be for Thuy Tien's successor, but unexpectedly the queen will be able to return. favor the team first to make a very beautiful set of photos.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 1

It is worth mentioning that this is the 8th crown appearing on Thuy Tien's Miss Grand journey. Since then, netizens "digged" the past to see the times when Thuy Tien shone with crowns. When counting the number of crowns that Miss Thuy Tien has worn, the audience will be startled. Because I did not expect the reigning Miss International Peace to ever o.ff her beauty with so many crowns.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 2

The first time she wore the crown was in the photo announcing Thuy Tien replacing runner-up Thuy An to participate in Miss International 2018 in Japan. However, at this time, the actual crown is grafted into Thuy Tien's hair only!

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 3

Then, when filming a self-introduction video to use in the Miss International 2018 contest, Thuy Tien was given another crown.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 4

When she was chosen to represent Vietnam to f.ight at Miss Grand International 2021, Thuy Tien was chosen by the Golden Lotus company for a rather sophisticated crown with all white colors in the set of photos introduced to the organizers.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 5

In the event of giving sash to participate in Miss Grand International 2021, Thuy Tien appeared again with a simpler, smaller crown but still very suitable for her beauty.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 6

And close to the day of going to Thailand to compete, the Golden Lotus company held a send-off event and crowned Thuy Tien. The crown this time is divided into many small branches with the focus being a blue gem.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 7

At the final night of Miss Grand International 2021, Thuy Tien was crowned and received a crown with the contest's signature green tone. Thuy Tien is also a rare queen who was honored to wear the original crown of Miss Grand International back home. It is known that due to the broken version of the crown, she was able to wear the original crown. According to a guess, this crown of Thuy Tien costs nearly 12 billion VND. Items are made of gold and emeralds and various gems. The highlight is the symbol of a woman, encrusted with precious stones.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 8

This crown follows Thuy Tien everywhere, participates in many events and has a slight breakdown at the top. Therefore, with time, Thuy Tien had to use a backup crown. At first glance, the two crowns are quite similar, must be observed very carefully to determine where they are different.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 9

So up to this point, Thuy Tien has worn up to 8 crowns with very diverse colors and designs. But surely the crown that enhances Thuy Tien's beauty the most and is most cherished by the queen is the original crown of Miss Grand International 2021.

From the day she was crowned the highest position at Miss Grand International 2021, Thuy Tien is currently the Miss who has received a lot of attention from beauty fans. Every time she appears, she gives the audience a neat, beautiful and gorgeous image. Since the day of the coronation, Thuy Tien has made fans sad many times when working continuously. It seems that the queen does not have a day off, but has to constantly fly back to other countries to perform her term at events. Besides, she is also very active in participating in activities in Vietnamese showbiz from advertising to entertainment programs.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 10

Despite being busy with intense work, Thuy Tien still r.emains positive, full of energy and friendly to everyone. Not only loved by beauty, talent, intelligence. Thuy Tien at the present time is also the most loved queen thanks to her friendly, humorous and always full of positivity. Fans constantly expressed admiration and praise for Thuy Tien's professionalism at work, but also hoped that the queen would have a more suitable time to rest.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 11

From a beauty entangled in a noisy private life, she was not supported by the public when participating in an international beauty contest. Thuy Tien at the present time has become the most loved and favored queen, even surpassing her seniors, Thuy Tien is called by the people with the title "Miss National" when she is the first beauty to bring her beauty. about the precious crown from an international beauty contest.

Thuy Tien "surpassed" the Misses, rose to the position of "boss" thanks to a point of favor? - Photo 12

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