S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his "younger brother" Ho Ngoc Ha

Phi ĐứcDec 01, 2023 at 18:06

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Recently, on social media platforms, there is information that S.T Son Thach is dating Ho Ngoc Ha's "younger brother" - CEO Lam Thanh Kim. The two often appear in many events and daily life together.

The source of the rumor comes from the fact that the singer wears a duel bracelet with the businessman. Not only that, people also found many suspicious details such as: This former member of the band 365 and CEO was present at the birthday party of 1 friend. Or at the Born Pink concert in Hanoi that took place at the end of July this year, S.T Son Thach and Lam Thanh Kim were also seen queuing up together to go to the show.

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 1

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 2

Immediately, the above information is receiving great attention from netizens. However, at present, S.T. Son Thach and Lin Chengjin have not officially spoken out about the speculation from the "cyber detectives".

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 3

The common point is that they both play very close to Thuy Ngan, so many times the actress was 'named' in the question of dating both S.T. Son Thach and Lam Thanh Kim.

Having shared about the relationship between himself and S.T Son Thach, Thuy Ngan said that the two are just close brothers, and joked that the singer was a "front" for the love story between himself and Lan Ngoc. However, after this question broke out, the audience silently confirmed that Thuy Ngan was actually a "front" for the relationship between the youngest brother of group 365 and "younger brother" Ho Ngoc Ha.

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 4

Before Thuy Ngan, S.T was constantly involved in the question of love with Ning Duong Lan Ngoc. Before a series of consecutive rumors, S.T Son Thach officially spoke out to avoid the incident going away. Specifically, backstage filming the program "Vietnamese Family Home" with actor Van Trang, the singer answered about love rumors for a long time. S.T once denied all romance rumors related to himself, claiming that they were all just colleagues and close brothers. S.T. Son Thach feels happy to have good relationships and is loved by the audience, but he hopes people will focus on his career rather than personal matters.

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 5

Lam Thanh Kim is a young entrepreneur who runs a cosmetics company called M.O.I Cosmetic Vietnam Co., Ltd. His latest startup just launched with 30,000 lipsticks sold out in just one day. He has the ambition to build a professional makeup cosmetic brand of Vietnam, exclusively for Vietnamese people, with quality, right trend and reasonable price.

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 6

It is known that before becoming the CEO of the current cosmetic brand, Lam Thanh Kim used to have an artistic activity. Besides, he used to establish an event planning company, worked as a creative director for many A-list stars. Therefore, CEO Lam Thanh Kim has a close relationship with many artists such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Dam Vinh Hung, ST Son Thach,...

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 7

As soon as this rumor hit social media sites, viewers left a lot of comments smelling like "neighbor lady" such as:

"Lin Chengjin and S.T. Shanshi are in love. Going to the airport to meet 2 lovers who cheeked each other."

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 8

Although neither side has made any moves on this question, fans of both are hoping their idols will find a happy berth. Both S.T. Son Thach and CEO Lam Kim Thanh have good looks, brilliant careers, and extremely good relationships with colleagues. So the audience thinks that the two are indeed very beautiful couples.

S.T Son Thach became entangled in love rumors with his younger brother Ho Ngoc Ha - Photo 9

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