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Jack wrote a letter of apology after the rumors of dating Thuy Ngan, the female star immediately spoke the truth and posted it at night

Phúc Sen06:30:34 15/12/2023
The dating rumors between Jack and Thuy Ngan once caused a stir in the Vietnamese media. After a period of silence, Jack recently suddenly made a move to write a letter of apology to FC. Immediately, Thuy Ngan's attitude was exposed.

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Thuy Ngan made a strange move to question Jack on a date, encouraging herself amid the turmoil

Phượng Vũ11:05:36 29/11/2023
After being rumored to be secretly dating Jack, Thuy Ngan continued to make moves to attract attention on her personal page. This detail makes the public even more suspicious of the relationship between her and the original singer of Ben Tre.

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Thuy Ngan became increasingly "weak" after being suspected of dating Jack, posting on social media to admit something worrying

An Nhi10:19:19 21/11/2023
The suspicion of Thuy Ngan dating Jack recently received special attention from the online community. After denying it, the actress continuously revealed her worrying health condition on her personal page.

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Thuy Ngan revealed unusual signs amid rumors of dating Jack, panicked fans quickly reminded her of this

An Nhi14:32:09 14/11/2023
The suspicion of Thuy Ngan dating a junior 6 years younger is still a h.ot topic discussed on social networks. After denying it, the actress just made a new move. However, fans were worried when they saw Thuy Ngan showing signs of declining health.

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ST Son Thach sent a message to Thuy Ngan amid rumors of dating Jack, saying one sentence was enough to understand how they felt

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:47:12 13/11/2023
Thuy Ngan was caught up in dating rumors with Jack, surprising fans recently. In the midst of the controversy, ST Son Thach posted a status line that was said to be a word of encouragement to Thuy Ngan.

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Thien An revealed her actions amid the noise of Jack dating Thuy Ngan, what actions made people confused?

Pinky06:27:46 13/11/2023
Actor Thien An - Jack's ex-lover, also the mother of Sol, their common daughter, was scrutinized by netizens amid the noise of the male singer's dating rumors with actor Thuy Ngan. What action made people stir?

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Lan Ngoc was once caught up in rumors of dating Jack and her response was extremely tense, clearly showing her unwillingness to get involved

Uyển Đình09:32:38 11/11/2023
Recently, rumors that Thuy Ngan and Jack had a relationship that lasted 2 years and has now ended have made the audience confused. Before Thuy Ngan, her close sister Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc also had a hard time when her name was called because of this male singer.

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Thuy Ngan suddenly posted a clip of Jack's bodyguard looking down on her, her boyfriend's reaction was beyond imagination

Pinky06:35:22 11/11/2023
In recent days, the information that Thuy Ngan once dated Jack has caused a stir on the internet. Accordingly, one after another, moments during the time of love between the two were suddenly dug up.

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Thuy Ngan suspected that Jack was controlling her while they were dating. She was not allowed to leave the house and had to live alone?

Snow13:48:05 10/11/2023
Although her relationship is secretive, Thuy Ngan still has people around her r.eveal a lot of information about her love life. Recently, the actress was said to have had an intimate relationship with a young singer.

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Thuy Ngan officially responded to the rumors of dating Jack, directly sending fans: 'Leave me alone, I'm lonely'

Thanh Phúc15:52:30 09/11/2023
Actress Thuy Ngan has just officially spoken out about the dating scandal with male singer Jack. She directly denied all rumors, directly told netizens to leave her alone and confirmed that she was single.

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Thuy Ngan has been rumored to have been secretly dating Jack for 2 years now, fans have revealed a series of hard-to-deny evidence.

Phúc Sen11:52:06 09/11/2023
Actress Thuy Ngan was suddenly rumored to be in love with male singer Jack, secretly dating for 2 years. The online community was bewildered and shocked by the series of evidence that was revealed, all of them simultaneously protested against this love story.

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