Jack "crashed" in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it?

Tuyết NgọcJan 04, 2024 at 13:44

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The love noise with actor Thuy Ngan has just subsided, Jack became the focus of public discussion when r.evealing an image related to a black-and-red game homepage, sparking many speculations.

On the evening of January 3, social networks suddenly spread information that Jack advertised for the b.etting site. Specifically, netizens shared an image of the singer wearing a shirt printed with the name of a black and red app. This image was quickly brought up by the people as a h.ot topic of discussion.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 1

Through research, the image of Jack wearing a black and red white shirt was taken during the singer's recent trip abroad and shared on cyberspace.

However, when accessing this page, no images or videos related to the original singer Ben Tre appeared. The reporter has also reached out to the guy for clarification but has not received a response.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 2

Jack was born in 1997, became known to a large number of young people after debuting with K-ICM. "The duo of songs" has had many hits that stormed the Vietnamese music market for a long time.

However, through many events, Jack and K-ICM decided to strongly develop. Firefly vocalist received a lot of support from the audience when working as a solo artist. The other guy seems to be struggling, despite his steady efforts to release music.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 3

In August 2021, an affair between Jack and his co-star suddenly broke out, causing a stir on social media. At that time, the singer was accused of catching fish with 2 hands, even helping his girlfriend when she was pregnant and gave birth.

In the face of a wave of public outrage, the guy apologized to the audience affected by the personal scandal. Since the letter, Jack has not mentioned this affair and chooses to stay hidden for a while.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 4

Until recently, the original singer Ben Tre made a big comeback with a series of new products but still received a wave of criticism because of scandals. Most notably, the MV features the appearance of Argentine superstar - Lionel Messi.

In terms of personal life, the 9X singer became the focus when he was named having dated actor Thuy Ngan for 2 years. Despite being released many secret evidence back and forth with the opponent, the guy insisted not to speak up, but only shared about personal music products.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 5

The rumor that Jack and Thuy Ngan are secretly dating comes from the fact that the actress was scrutinized "Darling Husband" in the phone book with an avatar similar to Jack's photo. While the boys remained silent, Thuy Ngan hurriedly posted: "Open your eyes in the morning and hear the news of the tremor, leave me alone. Stop kidding, it's fun. I'm gone."

She later refused to answer questions related to love affairs and marriage. It is noteworthy that recently, the actress attracted attention when she actively mentioned getting married while swinging the "prophetic" trend.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 6

Specifically, when turning into the prediction box "At the end of the wedding year", Thuy Ngan had a surprised expression and laughed shyly, and shared: "It's just passed the new year and it's so unexpected." However, this is just a response to the happy movement of the Glutinous Rice star, but she herself has not revealed her plans to get married in 2024.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 7

Previously, Thuy Ngan shared that she was urged by her family, especially her father, to get married early. "I would love to listen to my father and get married. But what worries me the most is whether or not to marry. I'm 30 now, not young, I want to listen to my family and get married.

But obviously, my career is just beginning, I can't stop now. It took me 10 years to roll in this profession, until now to get a little bit of fame, success, such a stable job," the actress said.

Jack crashed in the middle of Thuy Ngan launching hint to get married, how real is it? - Photo 8

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