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Trang Tran "teaches life" to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: "The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars"

Nam Phương12:46:57 07/04/2022
Trang Tran once again stirred up the internet with a shocking statement on livestream

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While being treated for Covid-19, Trang Tran wrote a letter to apologize to her daughter, telling stories about being pregnant and still going to charity

Nam Phương13:43:58 15/09/2021
Trang Tran shared, after having negative Covid-19 treatment results, she will return home with her daughter. Complete the motherhood, be the wife of a woman that I have been lacking for a long time Recently, the epidemic situation in the city. Ho Chi Minh has had unpredictable...

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