Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional

Thảo MaiMay 01, 2024 at 15:10

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Thanh Bui and a series of Vietnamese stars were pained to see their children suffering from illness, but instead of being sad, they were optimistic, even accompanying the children to overcome the illness to lead a good life in the future.

Musician Thanh Bui: Find a specialist with your c.hild to treat language disorders

Thanh Bui (SN 1983) is a singer and songwriter who has achieved many successes in art, known to the audience through the songs: Where is love, Silent love...

The singer got married in 2013, and in 2018 welcomed the twins Kien An - Khai An. Since then, Thanh Bui has rarely let her children appear in public. In recent years, the male artist has been absent from the stage and mainly focuses on educational projects.

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 1

Only one event in 2023, Thanh Bui once revealed that his twins were once diagnosed with autism: "My two children are 2 years old but I can't say anything, I'm very worried. Then one day I saw a documentary about autistic children, and I saw pictures of my children in them. So I immediately took him to see the best doctors. Within 45 minutes, both doctors diagnosed my c.hild with autism and wanted to give them special medication."

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 2

Thanh Bui said when he received the information, he was devastated and uncomfortable that the conclusion came so quickly. As a father and interlocutor with children with autism, he continues to seek out other professionals.

"Fortunately, a specialist came to meet and accompany my children for 3 months, finally concluding that they do not have autism but have a language disorder. Just like that, we went step by step to solve the problem. Now, my children are 6 years old and developing very well, some things even grow faster than their age," Thanh Bui shared.

During an interaction with parents and students at the Youth Culture House, Thanh Bui rarely mentioned his son.

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 3

He said, "After one lesson, Jian An came home with a sad face. The reason is because the c.hild was commented by the teacher as "drawing pictures the wrong way". When I asked him more about the painting, he said he painted the sun black while the teacher thought yellow was correct. From everyone's perspective you can see that my son is confused, but no, he explained to me that he painted the sun black because he wanted to depict it being obscured by dark clouds when it rains."

From her c.hild's story, Thanh Bui tells parents: "Let me be creative according to my own feelings and observations." He said that is also the reason that motivated him to establish the Vietnam Academy of Contemporary Visual Arts with the desire to create an environment for children to expand their creative thinking.

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 4

The artist makes a point about educating children: "I want them to have access to many different languages. This is not English, Vietnamese or Chinese but the language of art or any other field. As long as they can find their passion from those languages."

Thanh Bui said that as a father, he always creates conditions for his children to know "what they like and dislike". The artist wants his children to find their passion through "their perspective" and not from "their parents' perspective."

Singer Ngoc Hien: Quitting all work to accompany my c.hild to treat autism

Withdrawing from showbiz for 9 years, singer Ngoc Hien no longer participates in artistic activities but switches to business in the field of beauty. Her home became more and more filled with laughter when 3 children were born one after another. Although their married life is very happy, the couple is always heartbroken every time they talk about their second son because he has autism.

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 5

Ngoc Hien and his wife found out their son Kaka (Tuan Kiet) had autism when he was 18 months old but refused to speak. After many visits to the doctor, the two were like "lightning strikes across their ears" at the doctor's diagnosis. In order to treat her c.hild, her husband Ngoc Hien quit his job to accompany her in special lessons. So far, after more than 3 years of perseverance, the couple's son has recovered by 80%.

The singer smiled happily and said: "In the test a month ago, I passed spectacularly. At 18 months old, your c.hild's thinking and perception are only equal to that of a 6-month-old b.aby. As for the recent clinical test, his thinking has reached the same level as his peers.

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 6

Although I have not learned to match letters, my parents and teachers have not taught me, but I have read and spelled all the alphabets by myself. When I gave a piece of text to check, I read 80% correctly, even difficult words like "clog", "pearl" or "heavy rain". As for English, I know a lot of nouns about vegetables."

Thanh Bui and the stars helped me overcome the illness, making everyone emotional - Photo 7

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