Liu Yifei's U40 beauty was 'scanned' beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time?

Vân AnhNov 17, 2023 at 15:05

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At the BVLGARI event in Shanghai (China) on the evening of November 16, the "four great beauties" - Liu Yifei attracted the attention of the online community. Many times, she was mercilessly drowned by oranges, revealing all the flaws in her face and b.ody.

Every time she appears, Liu Yifei always becomes the center of attention not only because of her name in the profession but also because of her 'once in a thousand years' beauty. At the BVLGARI event held on the evening of November 16, she once again made the online community talk a lot.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 1

Specifically, for the event, Liu Yifei chose for herself a flowing, off-the-shoulder Haute Couture dress design. The dress is handcrafted with feathers and sequins, creating a romantic, flirty style, accented with an extremely impressive falling flower effect, helping the beauty o.ff her seductive collarbones and glowing white skin. It is known that this design is part of the Elie Saab Fall 2023 Couture collection.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 2

Besides, the beauty also attracted all eyes when wearing sparkling, luxurious jewelry from BVLGARI. According to Sohu, the jewelry set that Liu Yifei wears weighs 66.88 carats and is made from turquoise, originating from Sri Lanka. The highlight is the gemstone in the necklace, dark blue. It took artisans 1,650 hours to craft the necklace.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 3

Liu Yifei's appearance at the event became a top trending topic on Weibo, attracting more than 160 million views. The beauty received a "rain of compliments" for her outfit and demeanor at the event. Many viewers left comments: "Yifei is like a princess", "She no longer looks as pure as before but is attractive thanks to her luxurious charisma".

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 4

Liu Yifei also chose a light, clear makeup tone combined with a bun hairstyle to highlight her pure facial features as well as highlight her jewelry. In particular, through the regular cam photos at the event, the actress is still radiant and sharp, making it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off. It can be seen that, even though she is in her 40s, the "billionaire fairy" is still extremely young and fresh.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 5

Liu Yifei was appointed as BVLGARI's global brand ambassador on March 23, 2023 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Serpenti collection, at The Bvlgari Serpenti 75 Years Of Infinite Tales exhibition in Shanghai.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 6

According to BVLGARI, Liu Yifei is one of the leading actresses of the Chinese screen, she is the embodiment of contemporary femininity and is the right choice to represent an Italian jewelry empire.

At the time BVLGARI appointed the beauty born in 1987 as a global ambassador, in China there were only national brand ambassadors, regional ambassadors or representatives of a specific campaign. It can be seen that this high-end gemstone fashion accessory brand from Italy extremely favors and loves Liu Yifei, so it gave her this privilege.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 7

In 2023, Liu Yifei will be active again in the fields of film and fashion. The movie "Go Where the Wind Comes" paired with male god Ly Hien was extremely successful, marking the beauty's extremely high-quality comeback in early 2023. Or just last week, the beauty just completed filming of the TV series "Rose Story" in collaboration with many famous faces of Cbiz. In addition, the actress also stars in commercials and is a global ambassador for a number of jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics brands. Trang Sina commented that Yifei maintains her appeal thanks to her progressive acting and elegant temperament, after 20 years in the film industry.

Even though she is in her 40s, Liu Yifei seems to have been forgotten by time as she doesn't look much 'older' than when she played Tieu Long Nu in The Condor Heroes (2006). As expected of the "Four Great Beauties", after nearly 2 decades, the name Liu Yifei still maintains her form and is still a beauty sought after by generations of audiences every time she appears.

Liu Yifeis U40 beauty was scanned beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time? - Photo 8

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