TayNew - OffGun "sinked" because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession

Đình NhưMay 14, 2024 at 15:42

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Recently, Asian social networks were abuzz with the unexpected moment of touching lips between two handsome men, Tay Tawan and G.un Atthaphan, right on the livestream. Many people were shocked and even thought that the two famous boylove battleships had "destroyed" after this kiss.

Accordingly, on the evening of May 10, two super h.ot boylove couples of the Golden Temple country, OffGun ( Off Jumpol - G.un Atthaphan) and TayNew (Tay Tawan - New Thitipoom), made fans extremely excited when they suddenly had a livestream together. together.

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 1

However, during the livestream, New suddenly panned the camera to the side and captured the moment G.un was kissing Tay. After that, even though he quickly panned the camera in another direction, this moment was still "caught" by fans and immediately caused an uproar on Asian social networks.

In particular, right after Tay and G.un's kiss was accidentally revealed on the livestream, netizens were extremely shocked and surprised because TayNew and OffGun are two famous boylove couples and have a strong fan base.

Many netizens also think that these two boylove ships just "broke up" because of the above kiss: "Shocked, panicked, so surprised", "Really shocked", "the room collapsed so quickly", "broken 2 there's a boat, oh my god"...

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 2

One day after the incident, Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom directly spoke up to explain the unexpected kiss in the previous livestream. Both confirmed that they and OffGun (Off Jumpol - G.un Atthaphan) have known and played together for more than 10 years. That's why that kiss was just a joke between close friends. In addition, Tay and New said that the friendship between the four people is still good and has not been affected after this incident. At the same time, they also hope that fans will not be too harsh and toxic about the quick kiss on the livestream.

Tay Tawan said: "We are both 30 years old, we are very good friends and we promise to be true to ourselves, instead of becoming what everyone else wants." Besides, Tay Tawan also affirmed the close friendship of the four people: "In the end, we all love each other and are very close to each other. We are a fun and happy group, not a drama group." .

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 3

After the above explanation, a part of fans felt relieved and believed even more in the friendship of the four people. However, others think that the above explanation is not clear and definitive enough. Many netizens even found it difficult to understand when the person who actively kissed Tay, G.un, did not speak up to explain the controversial kiss: "Oh, it's two people but only one person speaks up?" , "Why is the person who initiated the kiss so silent?", "Still a bit nervous about the explanation but hope everything is okay", "I don't know what to say anymore"...

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 4

Previously, Tay - New - Off - G.un was a close group of friends and often appeared at events and went out together.

If TayNew is the couple enthusiastically pushed by fans after Dark Blue Kiss, then OffGun is the beloved boylove battleship in the land of golden temples after the success of the masterpiece Theory Of Love.

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 5

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 6

For two consecutive years, OffGun was voted "Most Popular Couple" at the Line TV Awards.

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 7

Off Jumpol was born in 1991, while G.un Atthaphan was born in 1993. Both actors appeared in a few different movies before officially pairing up on the small screen.

The movie "Theory Of Love" made Off - G.un's name more famous. The two have held many fan meetings throughout Asia and attracted thousands of fans.

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 8

OffGun is also the MC for the popular TV show "Off - G.un Fun Night" with many guests who are also artists of GMMTV company.

Unlike other couples, Off - G.un is loved thanks to the interesting contrast between the two. If Off likes to be quiet and stay at home, G.un is a sociable person with many friends.

In addition to working as an actor, Off Jumpol also runs a food business. He received a lot of support from G.un as well as his friends and colleagues.

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 9

Sharing about his opponent, G.un Atthaphan said Off is a careful and meticulous person. Even though he doesn't say it, he always cares and helps everyone.

Off and G.un said they will limit their appearances together in the near future and will not have any joint film projects. The two young artists both hope to develop their individual careers with more diverse roles than just being remembered for their passionate acting.

TayNew - OffGun sinked because of a kiss on livestream and a confusing confession - Photo 10

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