New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty

Minh LợiMay 11, 2024 at 15:21

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The Miss Supranational Thailand 2024 contest officially ended with the victory of Kasama Suetrong.

This result did not come as much of a surprise because previously, Kasama Suetrong was considered by the audience to be one of the brightest candidates for the beauty queen title.

Besides the beauty queen crown, Kasama Suetrong also won other additional awards such as Best In Swimsuit, Most Popular Beauty... She also won the Swimsuit Challenge sub-competition within the framework of this year's competition.

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 1

Kasama Suetrong is not a new name in beauty contests in Thailand. Before stopping at the 3rd runner-up position at Miss Universe Thailand 2021, Kasama once reached the Top 10 finals at Miss Grand Thailand 2019.

She also won the Miss Model Thailand 2018 contest; then represented Thailand at Miss Model of the World 2018 and reached the Top 36 finals (the same year as Tharina Botes).

Previously, Kasama Suetrong also won 2nd runner-up at Miss Tourism Queen Thailand 2017.

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 2

The queen not only possesses an attractive appearance, but skills such as catwalk, behavior and English proficiency are also extremely good.

Besides, Kasama Suetrong's b.ody is admired by many audiences for its firmness and desirable measurements.

With this victory of Kasama Suetrong, she will officially become Thailand's representative at this year's Miss Supranational arena.

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 3

A few days earlier, the Japanese representative at Miss Supranational Japan 2024 - Miss Supranational was officially revealed. Accordingly, the highest position belongs to the beautiful Yuki Sonoda, representative of Kagoshima province.

It is known that Yuki Sonoda is originally from the Philippines and was the 2nd runner-up at Miss Universe Japan 2020 that year. She was chosen to go to Vietnam to participate in Miss Charm, but due to rescheduling, she took time to do her own work and projects. After 4 years of cultivating herself, Yuki Sonoda once again tried her hand at the beauty contest and won the throne with the absolute support of her hometown beauty fans.

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 4

The new Miss Supranational Japan possesses modern beauty, curvy lips and a balanced figure. It is known that she is also the contestant with the best behavioral performance at the contest. With this extensive experience and beautiful title, hopefully she will help the country of the rising sun have good results at the "mother competition".

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 5

In mid-April, the host of the Miss Supranational contest set a date for the 15th season.

Miss Supranational 2024 continues to be held in Poland. On July 6, the final night of the contest will take place, the reigning Miss Andrea Aguilera - the Ecuadorian queen - will hand over the crown to her successor.

According to that schedule, there is just over a month left for the competition to officially begin. However, up to now, the copyright holder of the Miss Supranational contest in Vietnam has not yet announced which beauty will represent at the contest. This makes many beauty fans even more curious. Will there be a national contest to select winners to send to the international contest, or will the Miss Supranational Vietnam organization continue to send a pre-selected representative to this contest?

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 6

On social networks, fans constantly have speculations. The majority of opinions believe that, with a short preparation time before the contest, the Vietnamese representative should be a beauty with experience in competing in domestic and international beauty arenas.

Previously in October 2023, Ms. Truong Ngoc Anh - General Director of TNA Entertainment officially held the copyright of the Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational contests in Vietnam. The most recent beauty to participate in this contest is Dang Thanh Ngan. She was appointed to represent Vietnam at Miss Supranational 2023 and achieved the title of 4th runner-up and the Supra Fan Vote a.ward.

New Miss Supranational Thailand revealed: MUT 3rd runner-up, top beauty - Photo 7

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