Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness

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Recently, Joe Alwyn suddenly shared about his love story with Taylor Swift in the Sunday Times (UK) after more than a year of separation. In the interview, the actor born in 1991 declared that he was completely serious in his relationship with the pop superstar who is 2 years older than him and like other couples, the decision to break up was not easy.

In addition to criticizing the "keyboard warriors" who harassed and mistreated him, Joe also intended to blame Taylor for spreading private matters in public and "commercializing" it.

Joe's sharing received a lot of attention from a global audience. Many people wondered why the British actor spoke up after a long time of choosing silence to deal with the noise.

Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness - Photo 1

In response to this question, Daily Mail's own source explained that Joe Alwyn agreed to an interview with the Sunday Times because he hoped people would let go of the more than 6-year relationship between him and Taylor Swift.

"Joe wanted to settle this once and for all so he could move on with his life and career. He never wanted to say anything and hoped it would all go away, but it didn't. Taylor cashed in on their breakup by creating an album around it, while he was cast as Taylor's own ex," the insider said.

Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness - Photo 2

The source added that although there is no bad b.lood with the Fortnight singer, Joe wants his ex-girlfriend to understand that her lyrics had a serious impact on him.

"He wishes her no ill will, but also needs her to know that making veiled references to their relationship without confirming who she's singing about could have a lasting and hurtful effect on others." everyone/men involved," the source emphasized.

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Although he tries to avoid discussing his failed relationship with the "Princess of Country Music," Joe Alwyn feels it's the only topic people want to ask him about during his promotional tour for his new movie, Kinds of Kindness. According to insiders, the actor wanted to be asked about his work, not about his past relationship, but no one let him go. In fact, it caused Joe to become depressed and emotionally exhausted.

Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness - Photo 4

People familiar with the matter point out that Joe and Taylor have shared little in their more than 6 years of love. Besides the external factor of the Covid-19 pandemic, it's mainly because they like it that way. Joe Alwyn longs to return to his former quiet lifestyle once the problem is resolved.

"He doesn't want to discuss it anymore, but he knows that if he doesn't say anything, it will continue indefinitely. Swifties (Taylor fans) never let anything die." , the source concluded.

Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness - Photo 5

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn started dating in 2016, they quickly became the target of the media and attracted great attention from the public. However, the couple keeps their private life private, trying to keep their love story away from the curiosity of the crowd.

The two have been entangled in engagement rumors many times, but the British actor denied it in an interview. "If I got a pound for every time I was told I was engaged, I'd have a lot of m.oney," he told the WSJ, ignoring a question about his plans for a long-term relationship with the famous star. American crowd. Male stars born in 1991 also repeatedly refused to share about their love story.

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During their 6 years together, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn silently supported and accompanied each other in work and life. The couple collaborated to create music on two albums Folklore and Evermore. The famous female singer's famous songs such as Gorgeous, Call It What You Want, Delicate seem to be inspired by their love story. In April 2023, the couple officially broke up, surprising fans.

Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness - Photo 7

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