Taylor Swift's boyfriend "transformed" at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry

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Married to the most successful pop star today - Taylor Swift, male rugby player Travis Kelce attracted a lot of public attention. The male footballer's fashion sense is also a topic of great public interest.

Travis Kelce is known as an American football star, currently playing as a tailback for the Kansas City Chiefs football team. Since the beginning of their romance with "pop superstar" - Taylor Swift, the couple has always received a lot of support from the audience. Many people commented that Travis is the most comprehensive boyfriend the Love Story singer has ever dated.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 1

It is known that Travis Kelce has a successful career no less than his girlfriend. He was with the team that won the Super Bowl twice.

The male player was born and raised in Ohio, USA. Travis was born into a family with a tradition of sports, so he started participating in competitions since he was in high school. At this time, "Taylor Swift's boyfriend" often wears comfortable and simple sportswear. Even so, Travis still impresses the public with his youthful appearance and dynamic personality.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 2

When he entered the period of becoming a famous rugby superstar, Travis Kelce began to pay more attention to his dressing style. At events, male players often appear wearing luxurious suits. He does not hesitate to experiment with unique and eye-catching vest designs, creating a unique impression. Thanks to that, the Chiefs' tail midfielder is also considered by fashion experts to be increasingly masculine and elegant when changing to a new style.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 3

According to Instyle, Travis Kelce is considered one of the most fashionable players in rugby. The magazine also commented that whether he goes to the dressing room, walks around the street or goes to an event, he still coordinates his outfits carefully, neatly and attractively. In 2021, Travis shared with Complex about dressing up every time he goes on the field: "I think the world of sports and fashion are intertwined. My playing days are 18 weeks a year. Every week is like that." It's no different from being on the red carpet."

Recently, Travis Kelce's style is not only simply beautiful, but also shows creativity in testing new fashion trends. Currently, when people mention Travis Kelce, they will remember a handsome rugby player with masculine, attractive and confident facial features.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 4

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 5

It is known that the relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift was created in July 2023 when Travis Kelce attended Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour in Kansas City, Missouri (USA). Afterwards, Travis expressed his love for the female singer's performance. He even wanted to give the Blank Space singer a bracelet with his phone number on it, but the plan failed. Later, Taylor Swift heard what Travis Kelce shared on social networks and decided to contact him.

Around September of the same year, some sports sites reported that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were secretly dating. This romantic rumor became even more controversial when people saw the owner of the hit "Shake it off" attending a Kansas City Chiefs match in the stands with this sports star's mother - Donna.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 6

It wasn't until December 2023, when Time magazine honored it as Person of the Year, that Taylor Swift first publicly commented on her love affair with the Kansas City Chiefs star. "When you say a relationship is public, it means you get to see him do what he likes, we show up for each other, other people are there and we don't care . The opposite of that is that you have to make every effort to make sure no one knows that you're meeting someone. And we're very proud of each other," she shared.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 7

Currently, the couple's love story is receiving a lot of love from the public. Many of Taylor Swift's fans hope that she will have a happy ending with this worthy boyfriend.

Taylor Swifts boyfriend transformed at the age of 34: Fashion star of the rugby industry - Photo 8

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