Taylor Swift's boyfriend confides his love story, mentioning the singer's breakup

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn had a beautiful relationship but broke up after 6 years. The couple's love story has been "dissected" by public opinion for a long time. Recently, Joe Alwyn suddenly dug up old stories by sharing in an interview.

The romance between Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift began in 2017. After 6 years together, they thought the two would have a beautiful ending like the wedding of the century. However, they suddenly broke up in March 2023.

During the process of their passionate love, Taylor wrote nearly 20 songs dedicated to her boyfriend who is 2 years younger, with many sweet words. In particular, the album Lover (2019) most clearly shows the passion that the blonde beauty has for Joe. The most typical are Lover, London B.oy, Paper King... It can be said that in the group of ex-lovers, Joe Alwyn received the most love from Taylor, and at the same time gave her the most inspiration for writing.

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After a long period of silence, Joe Alwyn attracted attention when sharing about his breakup with the "Lover" singer through a recent interview. The actor hopes the audience can sympathize with the "difficulties" he faces and respect his decision not to speak out about the relationship.

In an interview with The Sunday Times Style published on June 15, the Kinds of Kindness actor (33 years old) said his time with pop star Taylor Swift (34 years old) was "long, full of love." ".

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When asked if Alwyn had listened to Taylor Swift's latest album The Tortured Poets Department, which fans believe may have been inspired by the couple's breakup, Alwyn replied: "I hope that everyone is can sympathize and understand the difficulties that come with ending a long, loving and fulfilling relationship of over six and a half years."

Joe Alwyn added: "It was a difficult relationship to say goodbye to." Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn decided to break up in April 2023 after more than 6 years of dating, at the same time the pop superstar started The Eras Tour. A source at the time said the split was largely due to "personality differences" that made it "more difficult for the two to understand each other."

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Reflecting more on his breakup, the actor told the Times: "What's unusual about this situation is that, a week later, our love story suddenly became public and anyone on the outside could comment. It feels like something very real is suddenly thrown into an unrealistic space through the lens of media, social networks... where love is dissected, speculated, and distorted to the point of unrecognizable. There is always a gap between what is known and what is said. However, I have found peace."

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Alwyn further revealed that he and Taylor Swift mutually decided to "keep the more private details of their relationship private". "Because romance has never been something that can be considered a commodity, and I see no reason to change that," Alwyn said.

Previously, in February, Daily Mail's own source said Joe had no intention of speaking out about his old love story with Taylor and the reason came from respect for the female singer.

According to insiders, Joe hopes Taylor's new album is not aimed at him, but only reflects on the time the two of them spent together. In case Taylor actually attacked him, Joe was said to be shocked because he never mentioned it. According to Page Six, in April 2023, Taylor and Joe broke up peacefully, without anything dramatic or noisy.

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Currently, Alwyn said he is doing well: "I feel lucky to be in a really great phase both professionally and personally."

After breaking up with Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift dated football player Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs team.

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